Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother’s Day 365!!!!!

As I reflect on this past week Mother’s Day… I have come to grips with the fact that it’s underlie overrated because “MOTHERS” should be celebrated each and every day of the year!!!! Not just one day in May and NOT just because I am a Mother but, simply because Motherhood is such a wonderful blessing from GOD!!!! God trusted Mothers enough to allow us to bear children and our gift back to him is to nurture them and prepare them for life.
I am VERY thankful for Motherhood daily because it’s a simple JOY to wake up to my two (2) daughters smiling faces but I am also most grateful for my MOM!!!! She’s my best friend and everything that a child could ask for in a MOM. As for family & friends that has lost their Mother… my heart goes out to them as I couldn’t imagine life without mine. I can say truly say that I enjoyed Facebook on this particular day... just being able to witness over half my FB friends change their profile pics to their beautiful Mothers just made my heart skip a beat. With that being said, In honor of Motherhood... I would like to share pictures of my Mom & I, My girls & I, and a few of my FB Celebrities that are among my friend list with their undeniably fashionable Mothers and/or child(ren):

The reason why my heart beat... My MOM & I
My daughters Kanesha (L) & Lakeeta "Kee-Kee" (R) and of course yours truly in the CENTER

Celebrating 3 generations w/ Celeb Friend Lisa (Far Right), Mom (C) & Sisters (L) & (R)

Celebrating 3 generations w/ Celeb Friend NickiPep (L), Daughter Morgan (R) & Mom (C)

Celebrity Friend Rhonda w/ her Future Pro Football Player Son DeMarcus

Celebrity Friend Lady Cha-Cha & her Crew... this is why she grind so HARD!

Celebrity Friend Yolanda w/ her beautiful children Toyia & Lil Bro
Women of God... Celebrity Friend Val & her beautiful Mom

Celebrity Friend & cousin Tara & Mom

Celebrating 3 generations w/ Celebrity Friend Nakita, Daughter Imani & Mom
Celebrity Sisters Keba & Neke with their beautiful Mom

Celebrity Friend & Cousin Joy w/ daughters Savannah & Rene

Celebrity Friend & Cousin Kim w/ daughter Monie & Son Mikey
Celebrity Friend Tangela & Mom

Celebrity Friend Kari aka SUNFLOWER w/ her adorable girls

Ok, this one was just recently posted by my celebrity friend Lisa...
Welcome Baby Madison into the WORLD!!!!

~All of my friends that are MOTHERS & the ones who are not but still support MOTHERHOOD are truly celebrities in my eyes as they are SUPERSTARS... It takes a real STAR to shine in the WORLD with children.
 May God continue to strengthen and bless all the MOTHERS of the Universe!!!!
If no one has told you and even if they have I would like to take this opportunity to say
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY 365 Days a year!!!!


  1. Hey! Cuz!!! This is a very nice blog u have her.I like how you post all the wonderful Mother's out there and there beautiful kids.

    Efie! Keep doing what u do....cause the world is LOVIN IT!!!!

    Much Love always!

  2. Thanks Tara!!!! That means a LA LOT!!!! :)
    Love ya...

  3. Love the picture of you and your mom. Family and friends are truly precious and such a blessing!

  4. Katie Mac, So True!!!! Can't take those blessings for granted! Thanks.

  5. Thanks so much for your comment :)
    The little sketch is so cute :)
    It's so nice of you to post something for all the mothers out there!
    Great <3 xoxo

  6. @TCOT, thanks for stopping by... Without MOMS there will be NO US! lol
    Also, I will be in touch bcuz I would love to have a sketch of myself done! *Thanks*