Friday, August 12, 2011

I can have my CAKE and EAT it too...

Ol' Happy Happy Happy Friday lovelies... today is a VERY special day in history!!!!! As today, marks my 38th BORN Day!!!! I'm NOT one of those women who's afraid to say her age... I'm BLESSED & extremely happy to say I'm 38 & feel GREAT!!!! "\(^_^)/"

My day will consist of spending time with the "loves of my life" which includes... My Mom, My Hubby & My Girls... But before I do ANYTHING I have to 1st head to the DMV to get my license renewed... that's my 1st Birthday surprise (pun intended)!!!!

However, my official BORN Day celebration with my family & friends will take place tomorrow... Saturday 13th at JMac's Bar & Grill as I will be celebrating my Birthday & my Business.

It's a celebration of BIRTH & LYFE... My LYFE!!!!

 I wanted to share with my blog buddies my PAR-TAY invitation as well as a few pic's from my photoshoot. All of the pictures will be featured on the official LA Lynn's webpage. (coming soon)...

Inspiration behind my LOGO



AKA Love...

I'm NOT new to this... I'm TRUE to this! lol

I see you lookin'...

Put a RING on it!
 There were TONS of photo's taken... these are just a few pic's from the photo shoot that I wanted to share

All accessories worn in the photo shoot are currently sold at my Accessory Shoppe: LA Lynn's

Photo's were taken by my High School Classmate who is the owner of LITTLE FOOTPRINTS PHOTOGRAPHY - If you are in need of a photogropher and you are in the area please be sure to look her up... You won't be disappointed!

  I am always SUPER excited on my BORN day because this is the one day that is totally dedicated to me. It is my personal holiday: so if I want to laugh, sing, talk loud, cry, dance, or have my CAKE & EAT it too... it's ok as long as I don't make a MESS!!!! ^_^

Wishing you ALL a wonderful weekend! Until next time...
Live, Laugh, & Love!!!!


  1. Happy BDAY!!!!

    These pics are absolutely gorgeous! And those accessories are hot! I can't believe you're 38 wow, girl you look amazing! GO Girl, enjoy your bday! I have to check out your shoppe!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my cyber-friend! You look so beautiful in all of the photos and you look more like 28 than 38 girl! YOU GO GIRL (in my Martin to Gina voice)!! haha Kiah

  3. Happy Happy Birthday to you!!! By the way you look fabulous!!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy your special day to the fullest :)

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait did you say 38?? all this time I thought I was reading 28.... My God, God has blessed you!! You look fab!!! Love those feather earrings!!!

  5. Happy birthday and Have a great birthday weekend

  6. Happy Birthday!! and I love your blog! Following you now!

    Your photos are gorgeous. Have a wonderful day and weekend.

  8. Hi sweetie, first of all I want to wish you a fabulous bday! May God bless you on this day and always. Also thank you so much for your sweet comment about my interview at being featured as the "Global Style" of this week. Thanks to her just gained another blogger friend ;)!

  9. Happy birthday and hope your launch party turns out amazing!

  10. Happiest Born day to you!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday! I love those earrings. You look fab on your birthday. I am now following.



  12. Awwww.....I hope you had a fabulous bday! You look GAWGEOUS woman!!!

  13. Happy Birthday! Love the pics and have a great time at your celebration!!

  14. Skeeeeee Weeeeee (with my pinky in the air)
    Happy Happy Birthday my fellow leo and soror. You look beautiful and those accessories...OH those accessories are HOT!


  15. Love the photos!! Great look! And thank you for your sweet post on my blog!
    xoxo asiahlynn

  16. Happy Birthday Doll!

    I love love love all of your photos. You look so gorgeous. I would definitely attend your soiree if I lived out there:-) I hope your day is amazing!

  17. happy bday and those photos are lovely

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  18. Happy Birthday my fellow Leo sister.. you look so beautiful.. Stay Blessed and Congrats on the business..

  19. love the feathers!

    xo Ashleigh

  20. HAPPY BIRHDAY! And WOW!!!! I love these pictures and your jewelry! This is so fab! Go LA Lynn!

    7eventh Letter

  21. Happy Belated!!! I love the pics from the photoshoot -- you look amazing! Congrats on the official launch, hope you had a good time at your party! Please send me those long feathered earrings!! I luv them and I need em... lol!

  22. You look sooooooooooooo lovely.

  23. Happy belated Born Day….You are rockin these pictures…too fabulous! You look so pretty and I love the accessories….the earrings are fierce!

  24. happy bday my fellow leo :) can't believe you are 38. you could easily pass for 10 yrs younger...

  25. Thank you ALL for all the BORN DAY wishes!!!! I LOVE my BLOG Community!!!! U ALL ARE THE BESTEST!!!! *MUAH*

  26. Happy belated Birthday Lynn.. You look very cute and this is also a cute post.. WOW at 38,, Never guess b/c you look so young but giiirl you are looking good so WERK!

    **Thank you again for all of your kind words on my site.. It means so much to me & I am thankful for having such a great "blogger family" around whenever I need to vent.. Besides Lynn is thee BEST!


    PS_ I don;t know why I am not seeing your post on my dashboard.. I gotta fix that :(

  27. Congratulations girlie!! I love that ad for your party!! Have a great time
    Shasie of Live Life in Style