Monday, November 7, 2011

And, the WINNERS are…

Hope everyone week has started off to a great start! I’m not sure if you all know how hard it was to choose a winner for my 1st giveaway… I soooo wish I could’ve been like my girl Lady O (Oprah) & just been like: you get a car, you get car, & you get a car! Nonetheless, that’s NOT the case… I don’t have OWN $$$$  

So, without further ado I would like to share the WINNERS of my 1st giveaway:



Winner of the FLY Feathers Earrings... Laura of Artfully Artista  
Winner of the $25 B&BW Gift Card... Rebecca of Local Celeb 

But, hmmm… y’all already know I am a girl who ALWAYS go against the RULES!!!! So, I threw in a twist and decided to choose a 3rd winner! I mean she is a LAKERS FAN after all and if ANYBODY knows me know that I AM a RIDE or DIE HARD LAKERS FAN!!!!

So, with that being said… the 3rd Winner is none other than: G of What's More Important than Fashion!!!! She is the winner of these lovely Purple Feather Earrings!!!! LA ALL DAY BABBBBY…

P.S. There is a small disclaimer for being a winner of my giveaway & that is to do a blog post on how you ROCKED the earrings & spent the GC! I look forward to reading & seeing your post.

A HUGE Thank you to all who participated!!! 
This giveaway was so much fun that I’m thinking about doing another small giveaway next month... especially, since Christmas is slowly but surely approaching!

Oh and let me not forget... I launched my online shoppe:
Please feel free to check it out, Chat about it, Tweet about it, Share it & Shop It!
Also, please be sure to check the site often as items will be added weekly!

Speaking of Christmas; has anyone started Christmas Shopping yet???!!!

Phipps Plaza Mall Christmas Decor

I was in the Mall over the weekend & notice that the Christmas Décor is already up!!!! I had to take a pic... (above)

I’m getting X-CITED as this is my absolutely favorite time of the year!!!! I think I just may pull my Christmas Tree out the attic & sip on some eggnog for good measure! J

Thanks again to all my new & old Blog Buddies... you all are greatly appreciated!
~Chat with you bloggies later~

Peace, Love, & Giveaways



  1. Thanx for dropping by my blog I am now following u as well!!! LOVE the giveaway congrats to the winners!!!

  2. Awww.. Lynn.. *wiping tears* know you just warmed my heart! THANK YOU! I'm so excited! don't forget to watch me tomorrow night.. I'll send you a reminder just in case.. You just made my night!

  3. Those lucky duckies!!! I made 200 followers today and thinking of doing a give-away!!! Girl, every year I say Im gonna Christmas shop early and never get around to it. I've bought a few things. I was just mentioning on my blog how anxious I am to see my family for the holidays!

  4. Hey Lynn I have a question how did you set up your store on blogger? How did you do it? I would love if you walked me through it. I want to set one up tonight.

  5. Congrats ladies...can't wait to see your post on how you rocked those fab earrings.

  6. WOW It's like I won the lottery I have wanted those earrings(they are AMAZING!) ever since I saw them!!!!!! I hoped and prayed and WOW!!!! Congrats to the other winners and thank you soooo much for hosting this give away!!!!

  7. p.s. I’ll be rocking those earrings as soon as I get them!

  8. Congrats to the winners....but danggit, I'm mad I missed this. LOVE the earrings!

  9. Love it all. Please take some time to check out

  10. Ohhhh Weeeeeeee!!!! I won! I won!!! Girl, I am so excited!!! Can't wait to sport these babies!!! Thanks so much Lynn!!!! Whoo Hoooo!!!

    7eventh Letter