Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Essence Fest 2013 Recap

~ I attended the Essence Festival ~

I know this post is a little late but considering my recent circumstances I’m sure you all won’t hold that against me!

It was my 1st time going and for the most part I can say that I had a fair share of FUN. Also, this was my 1st BUS TRIP which I travel for these many hours... My legs were supa sore! If I ever "BUS" it anywhere it won't be more than 2-4 hrs.

~ WARNING: Picture HEAVY ~

My folks: Shun, Mari & I

I just wanted to give you all a recap of the Essence Festival and share the GOOD, BAD, and UGLY.   

It was definitely GOOD to hang out with genuine girlfriends!

Keisha, Tweety, Moi, & Mari
I got a chance to meet up with my cousin "Tweety" from Macon which was pretty amazing being that we mainly stay in touch via Facebook, Twitter, and IG

GOOD: One word: BEYONCE!!!!! Forget what you heard… This chick dominates a slays on stage!!!! I came for her and she gave me EVERYTHING I could have ask for in her performance. Bey is BADDDDD!!!! I’m talkin’ Michael Jackson BADDDDD!!!! No doubt she is in fact our modern day Michael Jackson!!!! It’s no denying that she is definitely Queen B!

Charlie Wilson performance was A+ - that man is a TRUE performer and is in great shape for his AGE!
Kudos Uncle Charlie

BAD: The CROWD – I don’t do good in crowded spaces… I mean like you can hardly walk down Bourbon Street it was just that crowded and then the crowd was our younger generation. I felt like a cougar amongst a pack of sheep’s and wolves. I’m just not with that type of environment most definitely if I

UGLY: This was my 2nd time going to NOLA and I knew that it had a smell a few years ago when I went but The SMELL seems to be from HELL (literally)!!!!! New Orleans is going to have to most definitely do something about that smell… I mean it’s almost unbearable but then if you are a heavy drinker than I’m guessing the smell doesn’t bother you as much but it smells like the sewage mist with sweat and alcohol.

Janelle Mona was on stage and the crowd wasn’t really there for her… everybody ok, almost everybody was walking, talking, texting, Instagramming, Facebooking, Tweetin’ and paying bills on their cellphone. Overall the crowd response was horrible.  

Hanging out in the streetz of NOLA

Guess who was off the on their New Orleans thorne! "Momma Dee"

Blair Underwood

G Garvin & Rashod Ali

 The crowd was THICK!

Some things you just may see while visting NOLA!

Lastly, here is what I wore on the concert nights: 

I only let my hair down for Beyonce! *Teehee*

NOTE TO YOU: As with every life event & moment... I live, learn, and cherish each moment I just have grown to realize that everything ain't for everybody. I would  most def plan ahead and do things a little different.

If you plan on going to the Essence Festival 2014 – Plan ahead and be sure to stay at The W (this is where most of the celebrity reside at) or The Hilton but whatever you do “DO NOT” stay on Bourbon Street unless you are into drunken stinky spaces.

~Until Next Time

Peace, Love, Fashion, & Essence


  1. You look fabulous!! Glad you had a great time!!

  2. What an awesome time and event. Also I love every single one of your looks. Fabulous!

  3. awesome pix babe

  4. I'm loving that last outfit. And yes, you will see all kinds of sights in New Orleans. However, I think they make up for the smell and craziness with the food. The food down there is like no other. It's soul food meeting French cruisine.

  5. Bey is the TRUTH honey. I love those heels that you wore to her show. Seems like such a fun experience. Each year I say I'm gonna save money for the Essence Fest but something else always comes up! tsk tsk

  6. keep it moving....MY TYPE OF GIRL!!!! :)

  7. omg i love this post lynn...very nice!


  8. Girl you look like a teenager in these pics, which I LOVE and means in my world you're looking HAWT! I haven't been to the festival but you're making me NOT want to go thinking about that smell! LOL

  9. So super jealous of y'all. I'm so there next year with Simona and the rest of my peeps.