Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday... Super Bowl Party Photo Recap!

This ice storm has me on edge... YES! I know, I know... to make the best of it and I was doing just that  as my girls made me breakfast in bed. 

Breakfast in bed... Thanks to my babies! 

But once trees started falling and my lights went out I was DONE! My lights just recently came back on and 1st thing I did was ran downstairs and cooked! I've been snacking all day but I wanted us to have a decent home cook meal.  Since the lights are still shining and while I STILL have time I'm going to share a REALLY quick post for “Wordless Wednesday” as the "procrastinator" in me never shared our Super Bowl Party that my Hubs & I hosted at our home on Super Bowl Sunday.

Yours Truly cheesed up for the game and those Super Bowl Nails!

If you have been following me for a while then you already know we provide socks for all o our guest when invited into our home. Yes, we are those country folks who tell you to remove your shoes at the front door but I MUST say: Our carpet is SO FRESH & SO CLEAN! lol

Team Display for Photo Booth 

Super Bowl Water for our guest
Candy Dish filled w/ Hershey Kisses

Food Table

Cupcakes made by MOI 

Water Bottles for all of our guest

Gift Bags for Winners
Movie Gift Basket Giveaway 

My Friend Tess was the winner of the Movie Gift Basket as she guessed the closest score! 

The ladies of the PARTY....
Although, I'm NOT a Football Fan and just a FAN of Super Bowl... I MUST say: WOMEN who watch FOOTBALL & Understands it TOTALLY ROCKS! 

As you already know we were cheering for the Broncos but that WIN didn’t happen.

NOTE TO YOU: I hope you all enjoyed the photos and if you are experiencing any of this COLD weather, snow, and/or ice storm please be safe and try and stay warm.

~Until Next Time
Peace, Love, Faith, & Fashion Football

Disclaimer: All projects were DIY by yours truly. Images were printed via google images and applied w/ glue. The Cupcakes sticks were done using images & toothpicks, you can purchase bottles at the $1 store and use any image and glue on the bottles. Hershey Kisses - use stickers or print your own images in the theme of your party. Lastly, the movie gift basket is filled with $1 candy, shredded paper and a movie gift card. If you have any questions and or concerns you can simply ask in the comment section and I will gladly respond. Thanks!


  1. Wow you went all out...guess my invite got lost in the email ... lol!

    1. Just a little... lol Yup, your invite didn't make it do to all the snow. lol

  2. that's a party!! Everything looks so good and looks like y'all ladies had fun. Lovely!!
    *Appreciate your visit on my blog. Stay Bless!!*

    1. Anytime... You are most welcome! Thank you!

  3. Please invite me top the next Super Bowl party. You did that Lynn!

  4. I love your recap and those nails yes ma'am. Looks like so much fun I need an invite for the next one.

  5. You went all out!! You know how to throw a party!

  6. Hey Girlfriend - back at cha! Yay! and Thank you! ♥


  7. Love your Super Bowl party set-up! So cute and creative! And your nails looked great!!!