Friday, April 29, 2011

Royalty at its FINEST!!!!

Ok, I was not going to write today as I promised myself to limit my blog posts to once a week because I wouldn’t want to bore my audience with my babblings… But, I found it really amusing that I am in love with love and couldn’t help myself but to love the fact that everywhere I turned everyone was talking about the ROYAL WEDDING!!!! I was NOT awake for the 4 a.m. ROYAL WEDDING but I would have loved to have been in the presence. I would have absolutely been ecstatic to have been physically in the comfort of the ROYALTIES. Or, I could have simply just set my alarm clock 2 ½ hrs earlier so that I could have awaken to the enjoyment of having the pleasure of viewing the Royal Wedding on TV in the ROYAL comfort of my bed or living room. However, I did capture a few fashionable highlights of the ROYALNESS that I would love to share!!!!

Kate making her grand entrance… her maid of honor, sister Pippa helps with the over 8-feet long train wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

Men in the Uniforms… gotta love it!!!!
Royal Smiles…
I absolutely LOVE the way that they look at each other 
The QUEEN & PRINCE had the BEST seats… what do you expect from such ROYALTY!

Hats OFF to the HATTERS ROYALTY!!!!!

Kudos to Kate’s DIY make-up… my kind of girl saving $$$ by doing her own make-up NOT that she has to save $$$ she’s married into RICHES & ROYALTY now!!!! J


This picture is one of my favorite’s… check out the little attendant
Now, that the Royal Wedding is over… I wish William & Kate a Royal Marriage for many years to come!!!! 

Picture Source: People

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  1. Right because I was getting tired of the reRuns!