Wednesday, April 13, 2011

~What’s in a Name???!!!

When I first came up with the idea to go ahead and expand my “Basket Bizness”… I actually drew a BLANK trying to come up with a business name for my “Fashion Accessory Boutique” almost like writers BLOCK. It took several weeks of brainstorming. I knew that picking the right name would be very essential to the business. Because at the end f the day, the name of your business can either make you or break you… Ultimately, I wanted something different but at the same time I knew I wanted a name that was EyE Popping, catchy, and yet not too long or difficult to pronounce, spell, and/or remember. Over the course of several weeks a quantity of names went through my head from Jewels by Lynn, Efie Lynn Accessories, PrettyInP!NK, P!NK Jewelry, PPT – Pretty P!NK Thingz, to trying to use my daughters initials L & K. I even had my daughters brainstorming and playing the NAME GAME giving them the opportunity to try and help MOM decide which direction I wanted to go in with naming my Boutique. I knew that I couldn’t move forward without a name so I just researched several different names even tried making up words by taking 2 letters of one word and adding it with another (Ex. FAACEL – Fashion Accessories by EL). Then one afternoon while laying across my bed I decided to write words down that described how I felt when buying and wearing accessories… The key words were Lovely and Beautiful but for some reason the word “LOVE” stood out BOLDLY!!!! Then it came clear to me that I always express that GOD is LOVE and w/o LOVE nothing can exist…   The fact that I LOVE ACCESSORIES made it easier for me to realize that the word LOVE would have to play a major part in the name. So, I took the two words and put them together:  Love+Accessories = Lovely Accessories by Lynn which made it an easy decision to personalize my business by using my name and what my business stands for…  Also, given the fact that I am a TRUE LAKERS fan has absolutely NOTHING to do with it but it does help a little with the attraction to the name. It doesn’t hurt to see LA in front of my name…

Lastly, of course I wasn’t done just yet. I had to research and make sure that the name was not already taken as I would have been heartbroken. I researched and found that there is a similar name out there which I rather NOT name… However, they are in another COUNTRY which helps out a lot too! (Tehehehe) But, for the record LA Lynn’s was not on the market and was up for grabs just for me to have… Viola!!!! And, the Boutique name shall be: LA Lynn’s


  1. Hey Mrs. CEO,

    Hope all is well. I’m VERY supportive of you. Tears are pouring down my face because this is truly a blessing for you. Continue to trust in the Lord and He will order your steps. God Is Good! I will be one of your favorite customers. I Love You!


  2. Congrats! And God bless you know that you have my full support! Much blessings to you on your new venture!

  3. To my lovely niece. I know you're going to shine! (I don't call you OJ for nothing) LOL. Bright Star! Just remember: With God ALL things are possible. Just keep the faith and don't become weary in well doing. Much, much love to you and I can't wait!

  4. Hi Efie this is awesome when God does work he does a great work, he is faithful and he will reward you for your faith in him, therefore never give up and keep pressing towards the mark. Remember at the end of the day it is not how many you can count or how much you can count but merely who you can count on. You have my support. lol Mo Better Rucker

  5. Hello my lovelys...

    I want to extend a thank you to each and everyone of you for taking the time to view my blog and most of all taking the extra effort to comment. I thank GOD for each one of you and I am very thankful to him for allowing me to be able to share this journey with you all. Love Always...