Sunday, June 19, 2011

Golden Child

Hello Loves... I'm usually a little sad around this time of the year because I lost my father many years ago yet it seems like it was yesterday. Although, my father wasn't physically here he has ALWAYS been here spirituality. My mom made sure to keep his memories ALIVE by telling stories of their love life and how great of a father & man he truly was. So, now that I have become an adult I keep his memories ALIVE by keeping pictures of him around my home and a photo album full of pics. I wanted to share with you all my favorite photo of my unspoken HERO... "My Daddy"!

Wishing you were here... R.I.P. Daddy & Happy Father's Day!

Ok, now that I've cried... I can smile knowing that he looks down on me and smile. I will forever hold him in my heart! I always get compliments of my smile and how much I look like my Daddy which make me feel like the Golden Child!

Thinking of you give me strength when my back is up against the wall

I  get a KICK out of knowing my 1st word was... DADDY!

I will forever be a daddy's girl

Living Life like it's GOLDEN!

Life isn't about the moments that we breathe, but the moments that take our breath away!

I SMILE because you smile... :))

Even when I think I am walking alone... I know that my Guardian Angel watches over me

Romper: Ross
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Purse: Borrowed (My daughters PROM purse) lol
Accessories: LA Lynn's

I have one set left if you are interested in purchasing please feel free to contact me at:  

Necklace & Earrings available w/o the bracelet

Sometimes a good FATHER is NOT recognized and may go unnoticed but yet they are one of the most valuable assets in our society!!!!

~Salute ALL the GREAT Father's and wish them a Happy Father's Day!!!! ♥



  1. What a lovely post honoring your Father. You look so cute and happy. Pictures are worth a thousand words!

  2. Thank you my beautiful friend.
    I am following you too.

  3. Your romper is adorable and your jewelz are so very fab!!!

    Memories are such a beautiful thing!!! I am glad you remember your dad =)

  4. This was a lovely post! You look so pretty!

  5. Memories are very important and I am glad you are keeping the memory of your father alive. love the post and the outfit.

    lots of blog love xoxoxo

  6. Sorry to hear about your father but i bet he has been looking after you from heaven:-(

    I wanted to thank you for your sweet comments on my blog.
    I love your accesories from this outfit!


  7. Love the honoring post and you look great and i bet he is looking down on you!



  8. Thank you all for the kind & wonderful words!!!! *SMILING*

  9. love the accessories.
    Thanks for your comment and hope you;ll follow me too ^^

  10. Yes you do look a lot like your dad!! WOW...its uncanny!! Your father is looking down and smiling. I know he is so proud of you!! Hold on to the fact that you will see him again one day! I love your romper girl and your jewelry is amazing! You made that!!?? I would love to see more....Kiah