Friday, June 3, 2011

~Salute 2011 Grads!!!!

There’s absolutely NOTHING more fashionable than a graduate!!!! Whether they are graduating from Pre-K, Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, High School and/or College they have overcome and succeeded a major accomplishment to get them to the next journey.

As a parent of a Middle School & High School graduate this year… I truly can say 2011 has started out with a BANG! I completely understand what it feels like to witness your child walk across the stage to accept a diploma to go to the next level. Knowing that they work so hard to get this far. This was a major milestone for many of us as we look into the eyes of the future!!!! The ride may have been rough but they continued to stay in their lane and didn’t fall off. It was well worth it!!!

So, without farther ado… I would like to congratulate, share, and salute a few grads to you!!!!

Kanesha (My Baby Girl) - Graduated from Hapeville Charter Academy and is headed to Hapeville High

Kee-Kee (My oldest daughter) - Graduated from Langston Hughes High w/ College Prep & a Dual Diploma

Amari - Graduated from Kindergarten at New Change Learning Center
Tyler Soles-Slaughter - Graduated from Pre-K at Brookview Elementary 

Jamal - Graduated from Frederick Douglas High School

Cedric Jr. along with his PROUD Grandparents - (Macon, GA)

BJ w/ her #1 supporter her husband Cliff - Graduated from Mercer University!!!!

Chevone - Graduated from Benjamin E. Mays with honors!!!!

Damon Jr. - Graduated from Mount Zion High School headed to Columbus State University

Gregory - Graduated from Benjamin E. Mays High School on his way to doing great things!
Jalarrius - On his way to finish what he started! *Way to go*

Kimberlee - Graduated from Hiram High School well on her way to being a leading lady!

Micole w/ proud mama - Graduated from Mount Zion High... The best is yet to come!  

Maquel - Graduated from Maynard Jackson High formally Southside High School - SC State here he comes!!!!

Nakoreya - Graduated from Sandy Creek High with honors and has already left for Jackson, MS 
T.J. Pitman w/ his proud Mom - Graduated from Fickett Elementary 
Clarice - Graduated from Renaissance Middle School

Shawnta - Graduated from Riverdale High... keep smiling and make US PROUD! 

Shelby - Graduated from Banneker high and will be moving on to Savannah State University
Jasmine w/ her FAM - Graduated from Morrow High School
This is my FAMILY/FOUNDATION at my daughters graduation... it TAKES A VILLAGE!!!!

When I look at these pictures all I can do is SMILE!!!!

Message to the Grads: If I haven’t told you already that I am very proud of you then I want you to know that I AM!!!! I thank GOD for each and everyone of you. Some of you made it when there were folks telling you that you couldn’t but you stayed strong and proved them wrong!!!!

Message to Readers: If you know a grad... hug ‘em & love ‘em that’s the BEST accessory piece that anyone can wear!!!!

~There is not enough room in this post to mention ALL grads but know that you ALL are in my heart.

Wishing you all happiness & $uccess... cheers to the FUTURE!!!!

~Have a Winning Weekend~


  1. wow!!so many graduands.Congrats to them all

  2. Wow, what a nice way to salute the class of 2011….Big Congrats to all the graduates the best is yet to come!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing Efie this was so inprising and congrats to the all the graduates.....BJ

  4. Thanks Ladies... yessss!!!! Nothing like seeing them overcome & finish what they started. I had to share & I wish them all NOTHING but the BEST!!!!