Wednesday, September 28, 2011

P!NK Panther…

Hiya lovelies, I can't believe it's HuMp Day already... I am still recuperating from this past eventful weekend!!!!

~Baby Shower, Wedding, Fashion Show, 
Class Reunion & A Surprise B-Day Party~
*In that order*

I was on the GO NON-STOP… like a Pink Panther going from one event to the next.
There were soooo many pictures taken that I will just share the pics from the
Baby Shower and the Wedding 1st and then follow-up with another post later in the week with the other pics.


Diaper Cake

Guest Favors

MOM-TO-BE Brandi & I

I'm still tripping over the fact that she's preggo... lol

Still working HEELS... Who said you can't be pregnant & FLY???!!!!

After the Baby Shower I went straight to the Wedding... 
Did I mention: I absolutely LOVE Baby Showers & Weddings both are blessings & symbolize new beginnings!!!!

My Mom (l) & her friend Edna - Mother of the Bride

Such a beautiful bride...

The dress was GORGE!!!!

The Ceremony

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Williams... May GOD richly bless their UNION!
The P!NK dress that I wore is actually my Birthday dress from last year!

On my Birthday last year... August 2010

A whole year later & this dress is STILL one of my FAVES!!!! NOT only is it my favorite color but it can be worn anywhere regardless of the occassion.

Same dress; different year... September 2011

 Clutch is from last year also!!!!

Yessss... I even wore the same shoes from last year!!!! (Tehehehe)

I think I'm STILL rockin' this P!NK...  what do you THINK???!!!

This is definitely a multi-purpose dress
What I Wore:

Dress: Macy's - (Price unknown)
Shoes: Lavender Sole - $40 (the Owner relocated)
Clutch: JC Penney's Outlet - $12
Accessory Ring: LA Lynn's - $10

P.S. I'm honored & excited that Inez of Style Chic 360 has chosen me to be the Certified Chic Beauty of the week. Be sure to check out her blog she's a super stylish sweetheart!!!!  

* Welcome new followers & thank you ALL for your support *

Have a P!NKTASTIC Day!!!!



  1. You look so pretty in your pink.
    I love pink!

    Thanks for the shout out, and you deserve it diva, you're definitely Certified chic!

  2. P.s.
    she is so cute preggo! :)
    congrats to the bride and groom.

  3. I like that, pinktastic. You looked great.

  4. **you look fab in pink girl**

  5. I'm loving that shade of pink. It looks perfect on you! Too cute.

    All the mommies are looking fab (Brandi, your mom, and the mother-of-the-bride), and the bride is beautiful!

  6. You look amazing in this dress!

  7. Sounds like you were super busy but had oh so much fun! I love baby showers & weddings too! Those suckers (party favors) were adorable & what about that momma to be in heels! That is impressive!

    The wedding looked beautiful! That dress was amazing :)

    I love you in the pink!!!! You were stunning

  8. Very pretty Lynn. You look great!



  9. WERK that pink dress. Very cute as well as the shoes.. Congrats to the bride


  10. Think pink =) You weekend sounds like it was awesome!!!!!!!!!! Weddings and baby-showers with sweet pals and family! Celebratin' new life and love. By the way you all look so fab! I'm eagerly anticipating the next post =)

    totally loving your pink dress, it's the perfect color on you!

  11. I love the photos! I love baby showers and weddings too:-) You look really good in pink!

  12. Pretty in pink!!! Her dress was beautiful and I love the baby shower favors - looked yummy!!!

  13. Love your dress! Pink is one of my favorite colors. Don't you just love it when an item can still be one of your favoritex after a whole year? That's how you know it was a worthwhile purchase. The dress definitely can be worn for different occasions.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comments :)


  14. Lovin' that dress and the color looks great on ya! You're definitely pretty in pink!!


  15. You are most def PRETTY IN PINK Boo!! I love that dress on you and how cute is that diaper pyramid thingy! I really like your side bun in the pic from the wedding. Congrats to lil miss preggers!! haha Kiah

  16. p.s. congrats on your 360 feature! You go girl! Kiah

  17. Can we say "prety in pink" you look absolutely gorgeous and the bride of course stunning.

    <3 Marina

  18. you really did have a heck of a week! looks like fun though. the pink dress is really pretty.

  19. you look so cute in pink, cool pix and have a great weekend miss xoxo

  20. Beautiful images! This actually just reminded me that I need to send my friend a gift for the birth of her son a few months ago. I'm so bad with staying on top of these kinds of things!


  21. I love that dress!!! You look hot and who cares if it was last years or five years ago. I would definitely keep it in the rotation. Nice!

  22. Such a sweet post baby shower, wedding VS and your lovely dres+shoes in same place! Wonderful!


    p.s.Just started following your blog here and via bloglovin , hope you'll have time to checkout mine.

  23. That pink dress looks sooo great on you!

  24. you look gorgeous in your "pink out"! and girlfriend who is pregnant is workin that dress!

  25. u look cute!! i love it!
    I gave you a blog award on my blog!

  26. Beautiful dress, the color is fantastic. Love the shoes, they look like a perfect match.

  27. Nothing like repurposing something that has served a really good purpose before :)) Love the shoes.