Friday, September 16, 2011

Solid as a ROCK!!!!

It's the weeeeekend baby!!!!! Hope your weekend has started with a BANG... I just wanted to do a really quick post to share pic’s of the Romper that I purchased at FNO Atlanta. I wore it last weekend for my hubby birthday outing. It was just the (2) two of us… We had an early dinner at a spot in Buckhead called Shula's Grill 347 then went on a Mini Shopping Spree at Macy's in Lenox Square Mall. J

Hubby was VERY pleased that he was able to eat & watch FOOTBALL!

Lounging Area

Another view - this side is more of a Romantic Setting
Patio Area
My Entrée... Mahi Mahi w/ double Potatoes - Fries & Baked
My Hubby Entrée... Chicken w/ double Potatoes - Fries & Mash 
Doggie Bag to GO... I can NEVER eat all my food! SMH!

My FAVORITE Macy's location... LENOX!!!!
Shhh... I sneaked a quick pic of the hubby while shopping :D

3 Floors of HEAVEN!!!!! This Macy's is the BOMB.COM!!!!

My Daughter wanted to test out a potential photo shoot on some awesome ROCKS she discovered... so I was her (test) model later on that evening. She took several pic's; I decided to share a few

What I Wore:
Romper: Crystyles Boutique - $32 $ALE
Boots: Isis Boutique - $??? Seriously, forgot but they were on $ALE
Accessories were very limited because the Romper had so much lace detail that I just wore my wedding along with a fashion ring and single bracelet from: LA Lynn's

Shula's Grill 347 has a very nice and inviting atmosphere... they just might want to ADD more side items to the menu. Potatoes is just NOT going to cut it!!!! Other than that the DATE was FANTASTIC!!!!

Hubby is NOT a picky person… if we had stayed home and watched movies that would have been satisfying enough for him! It feels good to know that the LOVE we share is geniune and SOLID as a ROCK!

Have a wonderful & safe weekend & Thanks to all my followers and the wonderful comments... you all ROCK!!!!

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. I need to check out that Grill, never heard of it. Love the romper, too cute and the boots are KA-YUTE!! Love 'em!!!

  2. Love the pics. Great boots...And the food looks amazing. You guys always eat good.



  3. Loving the romper!!! super cute and in love with the boots too!!!

  4. I love that shirt/shorts combo! ❤

  5. You look great; great find on the romper. Looks like a restaurant I should try. That's a great evening.

  6. You are so blessed Lynn =) I'm so glad you had such a fab date night with your husband. Your daughter sure does take such good pictures!

  7. I'm definitely going to give the grill a try. That food looked good!

    You, my dear, looked super cute. Love the boots with the short.

    And I love that Macy's too! It's the best one here that I know of.

  8. That place looks really fun!!! Yummy food! I'm hungry! haha You look great in that romper and your boots are the bomb! Macy's is my store! I can't wait until I go to NYC in March to hit up that HUGE one!! Kiah

  9. awesome look


  10. Good Food, Good Company and looking Fly...looks like Lynn had a great day!

  11. You have a beautiful and fun blog out here.And wishing your husband a happy belated bday! Beautiful pictures and you look great as well.;)

  12. Hey lady! I am now following your blog as well. Happy belated bday to your hubby and that romper is sooo sexy! Love it. Ohh lets not forget to mention the shoes lol!


  13. That food looks yummy and you are KA-YUTE in that romper but those boots maam....Want them!!!!

  14. Pretty sure I could spend the entire weekend in that Macy's! Love your boots!

  15. Great boots!

  16. Amazing shots! Great photoshoot! The boots are a killer! You looks stunning!!! :)

  17. Awesome boots….work it! Oh and that food looked so delicious!!!

  18. Ya'll went in with the double potatoes! Lol...yummay!

  19. Looks like you and Hub had an awesome day!! Any day is awesome that includes shopping!! Yes Macy's period is the!

    That romper is gorge!! It was cute when you purchased and even cuter on! I like how you paired it with the boots girl!!! Cute photoshoot!!!