Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Black & White

This past Saturday I joined a few fashion bloggers from meet-up.com  and we had lunch at Arizona’s Steakhouse  at Stonecrest.

(Pictured left to right) Teodora, Mariana, Iris, Lola & yours truly 

Please be sure to check out there blogs and follow if you don’t already; you can do so by clicking their name under the group pic (above). 

We had a nice outing the atmosphere was filled with great food, laughter, and fun!

I ordered the Salmon & Grits topped w/ spinach

Also, I had a baked potatoe on the side...

This was Teodora plate of RIBS, Veggies, & Mac-N-Cheese

The lovely Teodora - I adore her outfit! :))

My Bestie Mariana & I

I decided to wear Black & White to our luncheon as I knew I wanted to participate in Everybody Everywear  challenge this month and the deadline was quickly approaching so I took advantage.  
 It is always a pleasure to meet new people that share the same desires and likes as you and that are passionate about it.

What I wore
Black Tee – Macy's
Skinnies – Forever 21
Zebra Heels – Just Fab
Zebra Blazer & Handbag – Ross  
Earrings – Handmade 

Note to You: Sometimes the one’s we meet for the 1st time become a friend of a lifetime!

OAN: Have you every met someone for the 1st time and KICKED it off like you all have been friends forever???!!!

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. Sooooooooooo jealous...

  2. Im in LOVE with that jacket! It is gorgeous lady!


  3. Love your zebra jacket... Any animal print is right up my alley.. You look fabulous ;)! Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog :)... Now following you back...


  4. I've always wanted to go to a blogger meet-up. You ladies looked great! I maybe moving to ATL sooner than later :)

  5. I adore your coat. And I love that you get to hang out with other fashion bloggers!

  6. U look hawttttt

  7. Yes I have met someone like that. I'm still friends with him. That food look so good. Short hair suits you so well,

  8. Looks like a great meet-up and you look great too! I love zebra print!

  9. love this jacket you look soo pretty


  10. Cute look... AND yes.. I love meet-up. I am in (2) meet-up groups in New York, esp the fashion bloggers.. this is a great way to network & meet some FAB people


  11. I love meeting new people it seems like so many people you meet especially on twitter has so much in common with you that you just instantly think wow it's like we have known each other for years. You all look fab and I get to add some new blogs to my reader

  12. You are looking so fab my dear! I love the zebra print! Yes I have met people and kicked it off like we've been friends for ages! I hate awkward 1st meetings lol.


    P.S. you were right...my sister is older than me! Usually people say that I look like the older one. And yes girl im sending your prize via FedEx right now! lol

  13. Love the outfit! That meetup looked fun....food looked awesome also.

  14. All of the food looks so yummy! Especially the salmon and grits! Now that's my kinda meal :) It looks like you ladies had a good time! I have to check and see if there are ever any blogger meet-ups in my area!

    I love your black and white outfit! I am a big fan of animal print, so I am loving the boots and the jacket. In fact, I have a similar jacket that I am wearing in my profile pic :) Your nails are so cute!

  15. I need that coat in my life! You look great.

  16. thats a lot of zebra but you pulled it off. loving the hair

  17. looks like fun!! love your outfit girl and your hair looks great :-)


  18. Love your look in my fave color? ...hey what happened to my invite to lunch? I love meeting new people, laughing, dishing, and I like Arizona's. HA!
    Yes I have some great people in my life that I clicked with from jump!

  19. Love the zebra print jacket :) Ah, blogger meets! I love them. Hope to have one soon in NYC!


  20. I need to get active on meetup.com again. It's some really great groups on there.

    1. That short style on you is smoking. I love it. You have such a sassy girl presentation.

    2. Thanks for introducing me to other blogs. New readying material is great.

  21. I bet you all had an amazing time! Of course all of you look super stylish and I love your jacket. That salmon and grits looks amazing!


  22. Is it wrong that I daydreamed about yours and Teodora's food?!? It looked so good! I ain't looked at nan outfit, just the food, sorry! Yall look great though, lol!

  23. I completely love that jacket! You look great!

    I'm looking forward to attending my first blogger meet-up in Minnesota! I'm so excited!


  24. love your hair! the outfit is lovely

  25. I just love all the animal print! =)


  26. You're rocking the zebra print and love your shoes.

    <3 Marina

  27. You are look fierce in that amazing zebra blazer, it's so gorgeous!!!! Your blogger meet up looks like it was fun and the food looks so yummy!

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