Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wally World

I just realize I have so many pics in my archive that I haven’t shared. All of the pics were taken during the time that I took my little blog break. Since the pics have already been taken you may see them in my next few posts so don’t be alarmed when you see pics prior to my 2012 New Hair!!!!

These were taken just before the Christmas holidays… My girls and I took our weekly routine trip to Wally World to get Jewelry & Art Supplies as we will be doing some DIY projects.


This FIT is suitable for work & play as I wore this outfit to work then set out to go to Wally World  

Black Tee: Macy's
Green Skinnies: JCP
Scarf: LA Lynn's
Boots: Gifted
Purse: Mall Kiosk

Note to You: If you do NOT know what Wally World is by now it is: Walmart! HA! who takes pictures in Walmart???!!!! (I DO)!!!! I hope everyone 1st week of the New Year has been a blessed one! As for me my week has been BUSY but BLESSED!!!!!!

OAN: No resolutions but I did make goals and one of my goals for this year is to “shop my closet” & to do more DIY projects so with that being said you will see more of that from me.

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. HA! Wally World runway! Love it! Love the green skinnies. They go nicely with the leopard!

  2. I actually can't wait to see some of your DIY project.

  3. No judgement here!! Take them pics in Walmart!! LOL! You look great while doing it! Love the bag and boots!

  4. Glad ur Wally World isn't frightening like mine, lol. U look hot! Love the jacket, bag, and boots. The green pair of skinnies was an awesome styling choice paired with the animal print scarf!!!

  5. Love the boots and bag! No need to let the pics go unseen. Bring them on, looking forward to seeing them and the DIY projects. Fashion show at Wally World...Heyyyyy.
    I have been shopping my closet as well....and enjoying it. Ha!

  6. Hmm I never thought of color pants I saw someone with red pants on and I thought hmm maybe it's time to step my game up from regular jeans. Nothing wrong with taking pics in wally world lol

  7. Very cute look! I love your bag!

  8. love it soo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. I didn't even know Walmart had a jewelry supply section. Your outfit is really cute.

  10. I really like that handbag, so cute!!! The colored jeans are cute too!

    I have gotten into jewelry making and I totally forgot Wally World had crafts stuff. I don't shop there much anymore so I guess that might be why I forgot!!! LOL

    And Lynn thank you for stopping by my blog and twitter page and following!! :-) I am now following you as well!!

    Carsedra of:

  11. Love this!!! You sure can rock these green jeans! It's so fun to call Walmart, Wally World(I do it all the time) and my dad's like, "what are you talking about?" Walmart of course =) Happy Weekend Lynn!!!

  12. Lovely outfit! thanks for the comment in my blog between Im already following you :-)


  13. Hi Lynn!! Just wanted you to know that I tagged you in a game. Head on over to my spot to view the rules...

  14. Love those green pants! You look cool

    Muse Origins