Friday, March 9, 2012


Blog Buddies… wassup???!!!! I hope all is well!!!! I’m making it considering the mishap of the STORM & dealing with the aftermath but we all know after every STORM the SUN shall shine (again). Soooo… I’m tapping my fingers and waiting on the SUN to SHINE (again)!!!! In the meanwhile… I’ll just dance in the RAIN!!!!

Speaking of the SUNshine… last month we had a Perrrrfect SUNday!!!! The SUN was shining so bright it felt like a SUMMER Day! Just so happen we have “come as you are” any given Sunday at our church so since the weather was beautiful I did just that...

This is what I wore on that "ANY GIVEN" SUN-DAY:

Annnnndddd... here's the newest addition to our FAMILY!!!!
My lil cousin "KING CAYDEN" 

Isn't he the cutest???!!! He makes me smile... :-)
What I Wore:

Black Skinnies: Forever 21, Black Sweater & Boots: Kohl’s
Accessories: LA Lynn’s

Note To You: The SUN may not be shining today but there’s ALWAYS tomorrow… THIS TOO SHALL PASS!  

No weapon formed against ME shall Prosper!!!!

SN: AGAIN!!!!! I cannot stress enough how I would LOVE for one of my Blog Buddies and/or lovely readers to be my GUEST & do a “Guest Blog Post” on my blog… please, please, please feel free to email me or send me a DM via twitter – I would be more than happy to have you as my guest!!!!

Cheers to a WINNING Weekend!!!!

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. Can't go wrong with all black everything!! Looking good!! Congrats on the new addition!! How cute is Cayden!?!?!

    Im gonna have to consider the whole guest blogging thing. I'm kinda shy... lol =D

  2. You look great:) I'm usually not a fan of dark outfits but that really suits you:)

  3. You remind me of the sunhine =) So sweet and sunny!!! Loving your outfit!!! Seriously wonderful the little details like your shoes and shiny bracelet are perfect!

    Your new little cousin is so so so cute!!! Children are such a sweet blessing from the Lord!

    Have a wonderful Weekend!!!

  4. awww the baby is sooo cute congrats to the new addition to the family and girl your boots and hair Im in love !!!

  5. Love the outfit and look at the cute baby makes me almost want another.....almost.

  6. No weapon formed against you, your bible and that bracelet. Love this post!!!

  7. Cute outfit, all black everything!!

    Yes no weapon formed......AMEN!!!

    Guest blogging is cool, it's a great way to find out about new bloggers!!

    Carsedra of:

  8. LOVE this post girlie!!! The outfit, the cutie pie, the message! Alllllll good!

    NO Weapon!!!!!

    I wouldn't mind guest blogging, although I've never done it before. :)


  9. oooh whole outfit on point! luv it :)

  10. Nice edgy look, love me some all black.

  11. cute...fierce look! love the hair too! umm i need that bracelet in my life as well...

    btw...i went back to a gel overlay on my nails. they were really breaking off. but i think i'm going to get the overlay off and use this stuff called nailtiques. i heard it's great on breaking/splitting nails.

  12. You're rocking my absolute favorite look.....edgy rock star chic! Looking awesome woman!!!

  13. Gorgeous photos doll and your cousin is absolutely gorgeous!!

    <3 Marina