Monday, April 9, 2012

My Easter Outfit... OOTD

I made it home just in time to post about my EASTER Celebration!!!! 1st off let me just say: it was FAM-U-LOUS!!!!! Yup, that's my made up word... meaning it was filled with FAMily & FABulousness. I literally seen family members today that I hadn't seen in years and a few that I had never even met before!!!! I mean really... my daughters have cousins that are the same age as they are and what if they grow up to fall madly in LOVE with their own cousin just because they didn't know that they were any KIN to one another! (GROSS, just thinking about it)

At any rate, the thought of that just grosses me out TOTALLY! so, let me just say I saw all types of EASTER/Sunday BEST outfits today. I wanted to take pics of bystanders and church goers but the hubs wasn't feeling that! LOL! he gets mad when I go pulling out the CAMERA... what is that about???!!! *SHRUGS*

Anyway, I didn't realize folks still got dressed up for EASTER but they REALLY do! I saw FOLKS CLEANER than the BOARD of HEALTH!!!! I mean they were CASKET SHARP!!!! As for me, I wore a everyday dress... I'm sure y'all saw a few folks rocking PASTEL COLORS & FLOWERS! (as I did) lol


What I Wore:

Outfit & Shoes: Ross
Clutch: Thrifted
Accessories: LA Lynn’s
 Sorry, about the quality of the pictures... the lighting in our house is NOT that great so I creeped a bathroom pic in. Speaking of bathroom - Hubs has done it again!!!! We typically exchange EASTER GIFTS among each other and this year: He GIFTED me with a TV on the bathroom wall. He said he wanted me to enjoy a RELAXING BUBBLE BATH while watching TV! Hmmm... I secretly think this TV was installed for his usage! But THANKS ANYWAY BABE!!!!! *LOVE YA*
 The Cosby Show is classic
Shhhh... don't ask what I got him (It's on back order) ~wink

~ Goodies for the kiddos ~
They also went to Six Flags & got Season Passes for the season

From our home to yours... Hoping your holiday was a memorable one!  

Note To You: Don’t wait until holidays or death to strike before planning a visit to see family memebers... Someone has to make the 1st step maybe that person is you. Plan a reunion or a small get together... get to know your love ones!!!! 
We can pick & choose our friends but we can't pick our FAMILY.
Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. I love when families can come together and be real sadly I don't have that around me but I don't let that stop me from enjoying my kids for the holidays. Love the outfit and glad you had a wonderful Easter

  2. Your hubs is something else, TV in the bathroom!! Alright now, do it gurl!! LOL

    You look so pretty, the pony tail is really cute on you!!

    Carsedra of:

  3. That's a really great Easter outift:) And the heels are amazing!

  4. Love your dress! Ross always has some cute ones.

  5. You look darling honey! I'm in love with coral right now and florals.

  6. You look so pretty!!! Loving the coordinating colors and your fun floral frock =)

  7. Cute dress, I like the belt you added with it.

  8. Lynn you are doing sooo well. I'm proud to say I worked with you and know you personally. You looked FAB as always :)

  9. I love that dress! Looking at all that candy is giving me a sweet tooth!

  10. you're easter outfit is gorgeous honey I love it from head to toe and the hair what what workkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!

  11. Love your bigger photos, and that flowery dress is to die for.

  12. LOVE your dress! You look so chic and pretty. FAB outfit :-)

  13. what a great gift and you look great too!!


    PS LOL at "casket sharp"...i say that too!!

  14. Hey gorgeous! I love your Easter look and your hair! We definitely went to the popcorn joint and brought some back for my mom, hubby had to stand in line twice, 'cuz they messed up our order..It was worth it!
    Miss ya!

  15. Gorgeous pink and white floral shift dress! Love that you matched the shoes to the flowers as well! Hope you had a great Easter!

  16. The TV in the bathroom is a great gift! and whether you think you're dressed up or not, you look fantastic and that dress is perfect. So pretty!

  17. Love the television gift from your hubby. btw. your pastel dress is lovely, eh. And you look chic!

    Cathy@Healthy Foods for Seasonal Allergy

  18. I love it. Very feminine and trendy at the same time. I love your necklace too.

  19. Looking good girl!!! Love this dress!


  20. nice dress! badass is it that you have a tv over your bathtub.. way too awesome!! lol