Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bad & Good News... READ ALL ABOUT IT!

Okkkk... so I will start with the BAD NEWS 1st! I hope you find this post while in the best of spirits because I'm in between emotions right now. I'm feeling a little SAD & MAD all at the same dayyuum time!!!! If you are my FB Friend then you already know that I lost misplaced my camera. I'm FURIOUS as MY Camera = My LIFE!!!!! Uggh...

Nope, it's NOT the BIG BOY Nikon camera... but I mean REALLY!!!!! This was my everyday go to camera! I got all of my Summer Vacay pics on there, candid photo's, blogging events, and a few outfit posts stored on there as well! At any rate, y'all puh-lease PRAY that I find it!!!!! *TEARS

Good News: My boo, bay, babe, baby, boobie, bookie, hubs, hubby, man, yup, my BEST Friend, My Favorite Guy is celebrating a Birthday Today!!!! 

I have a day planned for US to spend together (of course)... he didn't ask for much but then again he never does. He's a very simple guy that doesn't require much other than MY LOVE!!!!  

Aaayeeee... he deserves the BEST so the BEST he will get... here's a sneak peek of what he will be getting for his B-DAY!!!!! Shhh... 

Whoooo weeee... My Boo gone be sharper than some J.A. Henckels knives!!!!! he will have a fresh new suit, new shirt, new tie, new socks and new shoes for everyday of a (5) five day work week! 

O, did I mention... I married a white collar brutha; yup, but don't get it twisted just because he wears a suit to his day job don't mean he can't switch it up and throw on some Levi's, Polo's, Tim's, and/or Jordan's when need be!!!!  
*Catch 'em on the weekends* ~wink

I did not list the name and/or store in which the items were purchased from as I typically do with my outfit posts. However, if you are interested in that info just comment and I will kindly reply. 

In other News: No gift could EVER amount to the LOVE I have for this guy... There is no price tag that is comparable to the LOVE that we have for one another as our LOVE is PRICELESS!!!! I just PRAY that he have the very best birthday any man could possibly have and I thank GOD that he is breathing and that I am alive to share his special day with him. 

~Until next time

Peace, Love, & Fashion




  1. Oh, you did that. He's going to be casket sharp! Hate to hear you lost your camera, I hope you find it.

  2. I hate to hear about your camera Lynn. I wish I could send mine because I rarely use it and it's just like that.

    Girl, you have your husband sharper than a Freddy Krugger's knives. The love between the two of you is fantastic. Happy Birthday to your guy.

  3. Dang sorry for your camera. I hope you find it. Your hubs is going to be even sharper. Happy birthday to him and I just love your love.

  4. Sorry you lost your camera. I would lose my mind if I lost mines so I know how you feel. Happy Birthday to your husband. That's right girl spoil your man and shower him with love because I know he does the same for you. I love all the outfits.

  5. Awwwwwwww so amazing (except the part about misplacing your camera)

  6. So sorry about your camera boo :-( But I'm so inspired by you and your hubs. You guys ROCK! And look at hubby getting suited amd booted, LOL. Just fabulous!

  7. I love seeing pics of you and ur hubby they make me feel so warm and fuzzy!!!

  8. Happy Birthday To The Hubby Mrs. Lynn! I see the Stacey Adams and fresh ties, shirts, shoes, and suits! That Boy is going to be CLEAN THAN THE BOARD OF HEALTH! LOL! Great job on the styles and no lie from a Man, sometimes no one can dress us better THAN A WOMAN!

    I hope he enjoys his big day and all your followers know you will have another camera in NO TIME! Have a great day celebrating the Hubby and his HATCH DAY! (Toni had me watching OWN last night with Jennifer Hudson and Oprah, lol!) - JT

  9. Awww Girl you hooked him up!!! THose were nice suits! Sorry about you camera though!

  10. Praying that your camera will show up. Hope your husband has a great birthday!!

  11. How sweet and hope hubby enjoyed his day! Hope you find your camera soon!

  12. Girl, I hope you find your camera. I feel bad for you. I hate when stuff like that happens. And Happy Birthday to your hubby! I'm sure he'll love EVERYTHING you got for him!!!

    7eventh Letter

  13. Ooh honey I can just imagine how you are feeling about your camera. I had one stolen a while back and it had pics with my father in it that I will never be able to get back. I am still very salty about that and it makes me wanna cry just thinking about it. Ugh... Sorry to get all into that up here. I hope you find yours soon!

    And happy belated birthday to your hubby! I gush every time I see pics of you and your hubby, because you guys are such a cute couple. I hope he enjoyed his lovely gifts :)

  14. Beyond Greatness Event PlanningSeptember 11, 2012 at 4:39 AM

    Dang Mr. R gone be sharp. They better watch out. The camera dont sweat it you know he got you hunni bunni.

  15. Awe that is so sweet!! I love Real Love, I love seeing couples happy and in love with each other, such a wonderful thing!! :-)

    Happy Birthday to the hubs, you definitely hooked him up!!!

    Carsedra of:

  16. Awww that stinks so bad about your camera =( To not have a camera (or the internet) is like losing part of life and memories...
    Happy Birthday to your Husband!!!!! I hope you all had a lovely time celebrating it =)

  17. Awe I love you guys! Yall are such a cute couple. I love LOVE! Yall were too clean for me!

    I'm so sorry about your camera, perhaps it slipped in your car and is under a seat. I always lose things there, or maybe it's in a purse maybe you recently switched purses. LOL I don't know. I hope you find it.