Tuesday, December 11, 2012

OOTD + Celebration

Happy Tuesday... I wanted to share my OOTD that I recently wore to my girl Bri Birthday Celebration at Lenox Square Grill.
 I've frequent this restaurant before and they never disapoint!  

Nacho Chili

Skillet Cornbread... the pic is NOT all that great but this cornbread taste betta than yo' GRANDMA bread!
The Birthday girl herself... Bri!!!!! Looking like a *STAR*

Bloggette Kiwi of Kiwi the Beauty

Kiwi the Beauty

Makeup Artist Melissa & I

Cuties on Duty... Mari, Bri, Kiwi & I

I decided to wear this vintage top that I purchased from Portia of Thoughts of a Serial Thinker as she is the owner and operator of PJ MacCarly. She’s a Blogger & Business Woman that is definitely on a mission to SUCCEED!  
I initially wanted to pair the top with some shorts and tights but when I put it on the hubby said: NO… I need to wear them shorts when I am with him. LOL! So being the GOOD WIFE that I am ~ I changed into my black skinnies.

I also tried to mix some lipstick that my daughter had to create a vampish lip action 

Ooooo… I think I may have been feeling myself... let me have my moment! Lol

What I wore:

Vintage Shirt: PJ MacCarly 
Black Skinnies: Old ~ Forever 21
Shoes: Madden Girl (gifted)
Ring: Twelve

Note to You: Be sure to check out PJ MacCarly as you won’t be disappointed… Remember Christmas is right around the corner! ~wink  

~Until Next Time

Peace, Love, & Fashion




  1. Delicious, and i am not talking about the food, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I want and need that gorgeous blouse, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    1. Awe, thanks for the sweet sweet comment!!!! Xoxo

  2. 1st of all thanks for the invite, I would have kilt those nachos... Secondly why Mari always gotta go.(jealous) and Last but not least, you looking gooood!! Love the top on you and thanks for the shout out... Love ya!! BTW, we are going to see each other at the top...

    1. Gurrrrl, I am ova here dying LOL at you!!!! You got me in tearsssss... You ate darling my dear & yes we will see each other at the top!!!! Let's make it happen!!!! Thanks Lady... Keep up the great work!!!!!

  3. Great Post for a Great Time. Portia is SOOO funny. What are we going to do with her???????

  4. Cute outfit!! Funny about your hubby telling you to change...Men!!!

  5. The food looks yummy and you look amazing! Love your blouse and necklace.

  6. Love that blouse


  7. LMBO at hubby! Loves it! The vampy lip looks fabulous on you and that shirt is hot!

  8. Cute outfit and that dinner looks like it was yummy!!

    With Love,

  9. Yaaaaas honey! That top is super cute!

  10. I think I just fell in love with Bri's pink fringe boots!! OMG!!! Your top is super cute Lynn! I am all about the detail in it!