Tuesday, August 20, 2013

School Blues

School is back in session!!!!!

I'm sure plenty of parents are “HAPPY GO LUCKY” about their kids going back to school but I’m like the total opposite.

Sorry, for the picture quality... I snagged this off of Instagram

I was totally NOT ready… It just came way to FAST! I still had things to do… LOL!
School starting back for me it’s a JOB!!!!! Yesssss a JOB!!!!  

When the school bell ring in my mind it only means that I have to make several trips back & forth to the school, multiple school activities, and trips to the Boys and Girls Club. I know you thinking just utilize the school bus whelp, that’s not the case over here my daughter attends a Charter School and one requirement for Charter Schools is the parents have to provide transportation if you do not live within the pickup area.

Ooooo… and let’s not mention the hours of homework, projects, more “teen talks”, and let’s NOT forget more money; more money! I don’t know about your child(ren) school but I know we are dishing out money on a weekly basics round here. It’s almost like the kid need a grant just to attend public school.

~ Bottom Line: School = TIME, MONEY, and GAS so I must pack some patience for the next 10 months!!!!

Don’t get me wrong the benefits in the long run are PRICELESS!
I just hope my 11th grader appreciates and understand the sacrifice that we make as PARENTS 

I think she's get's it I just hope she don't forget it! BTW, the 1st day of school just so happen to have fallen on my 40th EARTH Day!
My oldest daughter gave me a Blog Camera as she calls it so I can stop using my phone to take pics and my Baby Girl surprised me with breakfast! (So, I'm thinking maybe she's gets it)

To make things a little easier and to save on time we iron school uniforms on Sunday and do meal planning for the week.
Here’s a peek inside at last week meal planning… It went very well!

NOTE TO YOU: Are you excited that school is back in session? How do you save time and money when during school months?  

~Until Next Time

Peace, Love, Fashion & School 


  1. My sons attends a charter school also and goodness the getting up and dropping off with no bus is a pain and lets not mention that car line at all. I will sacrifice that for my son to have that education though so I suck it up and thank the Lord for his blessings to allow me to do that. Love the snack ideas and good luck to your young lady this year in school

  2. I am so not ready! We moved to a new zip code so my babies start next week. All these changes are giving me a headache. They're not wearing uniforms anymore, either. But I might as well get ready. I like your snack ideas also and will probably be using them when I plan out their lunches and stuff when I go make groceries on Friday lol. Thanks for the inspiration, Lynn!

    I hope the girls have a great year at school and that you have the patience to endure it all with warmth and a smile ;-)


  3. I love the fact that you do meal planning and ironing uniforms on Sundays to save time. I think I may need to adopt that method for myself so I won't be rushing around in the mornings-especially since I have to be to work 45 minutes earlier now. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I love this! When I was younger, my mother did the same thing for me. I get it now, LOL! And I appreciate the time it saves. Best wishes to your baby girl as she starts 11th grade!!


  5. My children attend a Charter School too and that CAR LINE is something else! More for pick up than drop off though!! School started for us a couple of weeks ago, so we are in a groove now. But HOMEWORK is no joke. But all for the betterment of our kids.

  6. Awwww.....you're such a soccer mom! I LOVE it :-) You're the first person to admit it's work! LOL!

  7. Well having a kindergartener we were excited over here on Monday! I'm sure by 11th grade I'll be over it tho lol. We pack lunches daily as I have a...ummmmm...bourgeois..kid. don't know where he gets it from.o_O public school starts next week so I'm not looking forward to school buses being on the road. Even if he could ride a bus I wouldn't let him. He'll be a car rider until he's the driver! It's Thursday, so far so good just pray my strength in the Lord.

  8. We'll have to pack Moo's lunch because of her allergies. So, I'll definitely be saving money on that by shopping the Farmer's Market and upping my coupon game. Going to use my fuel perks from Walmart and BiLo to save on gas.

  9. I so feel you! My kiddos go to a performing arts school so I live there :/. Keep up the great work!

  10. That mini me is the spitting image of you. Side note, people with no kids are happy the kids went back to school too. That means these kids in my neighborhood is out of sight during the daytime. Praise Him!