Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello, October... Talk Tuesday + OOTD!

It’s just now beginning to feel like FALL to me… And, as Seasons change so do the things around us such as the weather, the trees, the lawn, and even the time. Yes, the time will soon change and before you know it we will be setting our clocks back an hour and it will be getting dark sooner than later.. Then Thanksgiving & Christmas will be HERE!

 It’s the 1st day of October and so much is going on in NEWS!!!! 1st off the Government Shut-Down. As much as I want to go deep on this issue I will remain silent… Shhhh… as I try not to debate politics on the blog! I never know WHO may be peeping on my post. Just know I’ll keep it on the hush and my thoughts will remain the Government can shut down but GOD NEVER shuts down or shut you out.
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Don’t put all your trust and faith in the Government… GOD is our source.

But what I will say is: It amazes me that this same Government wanted to take GOD out of schools but use GOD name as a convenience such as: “In GOD we TRUST” is on our money; Our Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag says: “One Nation Under God” and the National Anthem says: “In God is our Trust”

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Stay encouraged my friends… Things may be BAD right now but it will get BETTER!!!! This too shall pass.

Lastly, Obamacare is in FULL effect today… If you are not familiar with this back in 2010 President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act law, allowing much more affordable health rates for most Americans. If you not completely sure if you or someone you know qualifies check out the following site:

I’ve heard the original site was having glitches in the system do to overwhelming responses however I do believe you have 181 days to sign up but don’t quote me on that. Below I have provided further links that may be able to assist you If you are STILL not sure ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS before signing up for ANYTHING!  

On a much more lighter note: I wanted to welcome FALL… with an OOTD!  

Skirt - Old (Can't remember)
Shirt - Sears
Shoes - JustFab Online
Accessories - LA Lynn's

Did I mention I got a camera and still pull out my cellphone for quick pics… I promise I’m going to do better and start giving you all more quality pics.

*Sorry, for the cellphone pics*

NOTE TO YOU: Psssst… I secretly need to know if the Government Shut Down will take care of Student Loans & IRS tax payments… Ok, ok… but for real let me go and read up on that!   

~Until Next Time

Peace, Love, & Fashion 

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  1. LOL! Someone asked a question in my politics class today about student loans and IRS. Our professor said that it doesn't affect it. :)

  2. Love the burgundy/berry coloured shoes and top, and that you paired them with animal print. Cute outfit. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

  3. Great post and adoring your outfit. Specially that skirt!

  4. "Don’t put all your trust and faith in the Government… GOD is our source" nothing else to say after that but Amen

  5. Looking good! Fashion and politics. Love a woman with beauty and brains! O, and a believer of God! You're a great women! Blog Sis!

  6. Pahat! No you did not suggest they forgo tax and student loan payments... You know the government may withhold money but they will never not take it.

    And those shoes? Yes please!

  7. This government shut down sucks! The Mr headed into work today and will finally get to hear how it will affect his job since he works for the government. I'm trusting and believing in God that before it gets to that point that things will be back up and running smoothly. And if things aren't back up, I know that God will provide for us.

  8. I am sooo excited about Obamacare! I hope it serves the purpose intended and provides healthcare to everyone in need. Cute outfit and love the hair! Can't wait to see it in person... Thanks for all the love on my blog today. I appreciate your support and admire how you are using your platform to uplift all of us :-)

  9. Love, love Love the outfit! You got it going on!!!

  10. Lol luv it! Please take the student loans!

  11. I really love that skirt! Well the whole outfit actually. The colors are so fall and rich. And...uhm yeah, I wish the government will just shut down my student loans...like forever :)

  12. I need to sign up for JustFab, because I am loving these wedges. They have really cute shoes & you can't beat..what is it? $39.99? I just don't want to get hooked on so many monthly subscriptions.