Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Liebster Award + Inspired Looks!

I was tagged by Bobbie over at Its Bobbies World for the The Liebster Award which bring other hard working bloggers (new and veterans) to the forefront (paying it forward).



 So, let me get started to answering my questions  

1.    How long have you been blogging? 2 ½ years
2.    How did your name come about for your blog? My blog name has 3 different meanings: 1st – “Lost Angel” I was always raised in the church but there were times when I felt that I was a “Lost Angel” but the fact remains that we all have fallen short but by God’s grace and mercy we are still here! 2nd – My love for LA and 3rd my love for Lovely Accessories. And, of course my name is: Lynn
3.    Describe yourself in 3 words? Saved, Sociable, and Sweet
4.    Describe your fashion style? Hmmm… I’m unable to describe it or put it into words so I’ll just say: I’m very versatile – I wear what I feel. 
5.    Favorite accessory? Physically: My Smile & Materially: Earrings
6.    Natural or Relaxed hair? Both
7.    Favorite food? Medium well steak with baked potato on the side w/ cheese, butter, and sour cream and Sweet Tea
8.    Favorite sport/team? Basketball – LA Lakers of course
9.    Favorite place to travel and why? Vegas – the place where memories are made
1. Fall is right around the corner, what accessory are you looking forward to wearing? I folks like FALL but in all honesty I’m REALLY not hear for the FALL weather… But if I must I would have to say: Boots and Scarfs

I gladly nominate whomever wants to participate you are welcome to use the 
10 questions listed above!

I also, wanted to share a few of my style inspiration that I’ve posted on IG a few days ago.

If you follow Stushigal Style on IG then you may know that she has a segment called #StyleSnatchin’ and here’s a few looks that inspired me so I snatched their style!

Inspiraed look: Fashion Kid on IG & Portia of Thoughts of a Serial Thinker

Inspired look: Chioma of CS Evolution of Style

NOTE TO YOU: Do you pull style inspiraton from other bloggers?  How do you feel about someone Snatchin' your Style?

~Until Next Time

Peace, Love, Faith & Fashion

I’m a little late for the link up but I’m linking up.

Joining http://www.iam.priiincesss.com/ for Monday Madness


  1. I definitely get inspiration from other bloggers. It allows me to think outside the box and create different looks. I love your inspiration looks especially the yellow.

  2. Hey girlie!!! I love, love your answers. Oh, and your fashions is always F.L.Y!!! Can you be 1 of the many stylist I need in my life? lol

  3. you did that!!! both outfits are on point love them!

  4. Flawless!!! I need those pants, that pencil skirt, and those brown strappy sandals......thank you!!!!

  5. I found your answers interesting to read. I especially can relate to the lost angel. I love the yellow skirt look. Fierce!

  6. I enjoy your blog Lynn... You are truly a inspiration! Your #eye-catching is Onnn Point! #werk

  7. Wow! You did that! Didn't know you liked LA (Lakers) etc & Vegas like that. If you ever come this way SoCal, please setup a meetup or just let me know when you are out here, I'd love to meet you.