Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother’s Day… OOTD

I hope everyone had a wonderful and pleasant Mother’s Day!!!! As for me… Just the mere fact of seeing my MOM alive and well made me the happiest child on earth!!!! I couldn’t have ask for more!!!!

MaDukes Pretty in Purple
As much as I wanted to be LAZY and LAY in bed all day long… The hubs and I took my mom and my mother-N-law to lunch. The ladies wanted Longhorn Steakhouse but unfortunately, there was a 2 hour wait so they settled for Ruby Tuesday. I haven’t been there in a while but I must say: Ruby Tuesday done stepped they came up. The food was DELISH!

It was RAINING cats, dogs, and cows so I had NO CLUE what I was going to wear. I just knew it was a RAIN BOOT kind of a day!
My Instagram Photo

I settled for my MK Rain Boots, Jeans, and Black Girls Rock Tee
I didn’t get a picture due to the weather but here is a past picture of me with my girls wearing similiar fit

A few gifts from My Girls & MaDukes

Gift included... Macy's Gift Card, Sequin Tee, Gold Sandals, Outfit, and CA$H
Later on that evening Hubs & I had a wardrobe change and headed out to continue the Mother Day Festivities and for a Surprise B-Day Celebration for my cousin at Aja Restuarant and Bar  (as seen on RHOA)

Aja Restaurant Outside View ~ 5 Stars via Yelp.com
Upscale and very nice ambience…

We were in a reserved Party Room upstairs overlooking the restaurant and this is the view from our room

They served us appetizers throughout the night which were very fulfilling.
Only took pic's of the sweet treats...

I didn't even get a pic of the BIRTHDAY BOY... :'(
But the actual photograher did! So, I guess um good!

My Cuz'n Joy & I

My Cuz'n Kim & I

Hubs stealing a KISS...


My Cuz'n Joy & her Hubs Ken

What I wore:
I’m already making plans to go back!

My Mother’s Day Outfit: GIFTED from Head-to-Toe via My Hubby J
Dress: Sandra Darren
Shoes:Penny Loves Kenny  
Clutch: Unlisted by Kenneth Cole
Accessories: LA Lynn’s

Note To You: I am very BIG on FAMILY and any day spent with FAMILY is a BLESSING!!!!!

~Until next time

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. love the tee and the dress!! You and your family looked great!

    1. Thanks, that's my GO TO TEE! And, Hubs love this dress on me! LOL

  2. Love all the pictures on this blog, the fam looked great! You look wonderful!

    1. Thanks for the comment and stopping by my blog showing some LOVE!

  3. Loving this post! Tell ma she worked that purple! Your girls are so cute and stylish. Love your outfits; u were cute and casual for lunch and u looked so fabulous in that leopard print dress for din!!! Fierce family diva :-)

    1. Thanks lady... I'm trying to keep up with you! Tehehehe! U couldn't tell MaDukes she wasn't sharp! lol

  4. Awwww! Happy belated Mother's Day! Mama was werking that dress! Your dress is bangin' too maam!

    1. Thanks Trice! It's an honor to be a Mother and to be Blessed with a wonderful Mother as well!

  5. What a great weekend! We have Aja steakhouse in Chicago as well, it is inside a restaurant but I've never been. Now I want to go. Love that dress!

  6. That dress is bad to the bone, so fierce.

  7. Lynn,

    It seems like you had a fun packed day and you look fabulous all the way. You and hubby look so cute together.


  8. Looks pretty cool!!


  9. Love ur mom's bag! You all look so beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  10. Seems like you guys had an amazing weekend and you all looked wonderful!

  11. Awwww, looks like you all had the perfect day! Loves your dress and shoes...hubs did good!
    I love Aja; great atmosphere.

  12. Looks like everyone had fun...lots of beautiful people. Your mom shirt and color is so cute!


  13. It looks like you had a beautiful Mothers Day!!!! You look absolutely lovely in your leopard dress too.

  14. love the cheetah print!


  15. You were stylin' Lynn! It looks like you really enjoyed your Mother's Day and looked absolutely fab while doing it :)

  16. :) Your mom looks like a diva...loving the mk rains boots and the leopard dress

  17. You're mom is a fashionista just like you doll. You look fabulous.

    <3 Marina

  18. Efie I see your mommy has effortless style as well huh? Your daughters too!

  19. Hubby has great style. I love the whole outfit. That dress...SWOON!