Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Friend Feature... Guest Post!

Lol! I have always wanted to say that! This famous greeting comes from the cartoon character Droopy. Droopy is such a drab, non-chalant cartoon character, but yet he had such a great opening greeting! And he always had so much initiative! Lol!!!!

My name is Nina Hunt (fam & friends call me Penny) & Efie Lynn is one of my FB & Therrell Alumni friends. Mysteriously enough, we did not talk or hang in school. So, this social networking really can bring people together! Efie Lynn has given me a guest blog opportunity, and I would like to give a humble Thank You to her! Haaaaay Efie Lynn!!!!

Alright Bloggers!! About 16 or so years ago, I was given an opportunity to start taking care of my now husband’s special needs daughter. Faith Hunt, my stepdaughter, has cerebral palsy & scoliosis. Cerebral Palsy is a disorder that is caused by damage to the brain usually at or before birth. There are usually muscle problems, poor coordination, delayed or no speech & learning difficulties. Faith has never spoken to me verbally, nor has she ever taken a step or done anything on her own without assistance. She lets us know her feelings and attitude through a bunch of different emotions. Taking on this responsibility in my Life has taught me to be very humble & very Thankful for all things in this Life. As the years have passed, I have learned so much from teachers, doctors, random people & other parents going through what we go through as a family. I know that my husband & I will take care of Faith for the rest of our lives & hers. But, I don’t look at it as a burden, she is such a joy to me! Our whole family takes care of her together in intervals. There are 7 of us in total! My husband Stevie, myself, my other stepdaughter (Faith’s sister) Hope(18), and our 3 sons Kwame(16), Gregory(13) and Amorie(9).
Yes, I have Faith, Hope & Love!! Amen!!


This Memorial Day weekend Faith graduated from high school! The 1st of our children to graduate!
It made me sooo happy! So, I wanted to inspire everyone with Faith’s story. Remember, that no matter your circumstances or obstacles in this life, just know that

I want all young people reading this to understand Faith’s condition. It is so severe that even if she has an itch, she does not have the ability to scratch it herself or tell someone to scratch it for her. BUT, she ALWAYS sooo happy & laughing uncontrollably! She Loves Disney, music, singing and going different places. She especially LOVES school!  And I know your saying (in your heads) that it was probably easier for Faith or she had “special treatment”... But, even Faith still had goals & accomplishments she had to meet & master before she could graduate. Faith’s Birthday was also the day after her Graduation & she turned 20 years old. So, I will leave you all with some pictures from both of her 2 special occasions. And that is a extra special glimpse into My Life!

LISTEN: Give a helping hand. Be an inspiration to others. Always put God First in Your Life!

Congratulations Faith!!!!

Love, Your Mother...
Nina “Penny” Hunt

Thanks Again Efie Lynn of LA Lynn’s!!!!


  1. I so love stories like these You can be happy even in the face of hardships. Congrats to the graduate.

  2. This was awesome, The joy on her face made me smile :)

  3. Such an inspiration. May God continue to bless and keep you all.

  4. Beautiful Post and God Bless their Entire Family! Great job Ms. Lynn! - JT

  5. What a beautiful and very inspiring story. Thank you so much for sharing and I am very proud and happy for Faith! Nothing is impossible in this life. Cheers and lots of love for her from Dallas, TX! Thanks for sharing this beautiful story..xoxox

  6. This is so inspirational. Thank you both for sharing.


  7. Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into your life and for sharing to inspire others. Beautiful! Congratulations to Faith for her accomplishments!

  8. What a heart warming post! Simply beautiful!!! Congratulations Faith and God's blessings to many more!

  9. that was so wonderful to share with us...god bless

  10. What an amazing post this is. I'm crying! So inspiring! God is just so good and His wonderful works just never cease to amaze me! Kiah

  11. Congratulations, Faith! Such a very bright and wonderful girl. She´s a miracle. :)

  12. This is such a touching and amazing story!! Congratulations to Faith!! Thank you so much for sharing Nina and Lynn for allowing her too!! God is so Awesome!!

    Carsedra of:

  13. Wow, that's very cool, congratulations to her :) I loooove the cake and the cupcakes btw!

  14. such an inspiring story. congrats to her. next time i feel the urge to complain, i am going to think about her.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing! I really identified with this post because my aunt has severe cerebral palsy, and she has defied all odds and lived to be over 40. It really is a miracle! and my family truly believes it is because of the love we have all given her over the years. My entire family has always banded together to take care of her. I know how much love and commitment caring for someone with special needs can be so I say kudos to Nini!!

    And congratulations to Faith!!! What an exciting day for her! Cheers to many more years of happiness and love!