Friday, June 22, 2012

Super Sweet 17!

It's Fridayyyyyyyyyyyy... Yassss Lawd!!!!! It's just something about Friday that puts me in a good mood!!!!!
Diva Dallise

This post should could have been a 2 post series but I’m doing it all in one post! So prepare yourselves… it’s going to be PICTURE HEAVY!

Remember, the very 1st Teen Style Feature I posted here --> Teen Style Welp, I had the pleasure of celebrating Diva Dallise 17th Birthday at P. F. Changs a few days ago

Check out her Shoe Game!
This was my 1st time venturing this restaurant and it won’t be my last. I was VERY impressed... the food & the service was A+  

Egg Drop Soup

Crab Wontons

Crispy Honey Chicken

I also had cheesecake dessert to go & kilt it!
Struggling to eat with chop sticks

I gave up and just stuck the sticks through the chicken! HA!

My Mom & I
The B-Day Party Crew

And, the Party Crew continues... Table #2

    All of the ADULTS were sooo exciting and itching for the BIG SURPRISE that
   we knew was coming after everyone finish eating and singing Happy Birthday!

Mermaid Birthday Cake

She had an array of friends to attend and let me just tell you... these guys & gals are just too FAB!!!!
Teens can be so much FUN! 
This is a picture of the FAM... taken right before the BIG SURPRISE!
Yes, Diva Dallise got a car (Honda Accord) for her Birthday

Mama Mari (My Bestie) & Dallise B-Day Love

B-Day Girl is READY 2 RIDE OUT!

Like Mother; Like Daughter

Dallise & her new ride...

Now I will share what I wore.
It was a pretty hot day in the ATL so I went with a Jumpsuit. I wore this when I was in Miami but don’t think I got a chance to take a pic.

What I wore:

Jumpsuit ~ Burlington
Handbag ~ Back by Popular Demand Consignment
Shoes ~ Just Fab 
Accessories ~ LA Lynn's

I’m linking this post up to: Jasifer for the Big Fat Summer Challenge as this marks “Wear something Strapless” off my list!

Note to You: Children grow up so FAST these days so enjoy every moment spent with them. Take plenty of pictures as pictures house memories!

  Have a Wonderful Weekend and whatever you decide to do be SAFE & have FUN!

~ Until next time

Peace, Love, & Fashion




  1. Great post! In love with your shoes!!!

  2. Great pictures, your shoes are too cute!! I love PF Chang, the Crab Wontons are sooooooooooo good!!!! See now I gotta tell the Mister we need to go back to PF Chang, LOL!!!

    Carsedra of:

  3. What a nice post and what a nice surprise! Great post and thanks for sharing beautiful moments like this always (: xoxox

  4. Love it! Makes me wish I could be 17 again!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck :)

  5. YAY!!! A car!! I KNOW she was excited!! It's amazing how we can sort of re-live our younger years through the eyes of younger people. Her happiness brought a smile to my face instantly.

    I've never been to PF Changs either, but I plan to go! Gurl, you looked HOT in that strapless number! Love the shoes!

  6. Wow how awesome a just don't realize how good they have it. Not a worry in the world! I'm loving the jumpsuit and those fringe blue cauute! xo

  7. WOW!! What an awesome post!!! Keep working on your chop stick skils it will get better I promise :) You look cute in your romper and heels my dear. Aww that's so sweet she got a car. Perfect birthday gift. I drive a Honda and they are great cars!!! Glad everyone had a great time!!!

  8. Happy Birthday to Dallis =) Her party looks like it was fab and the food looks delish!
    Loving your romper the cut and color are perfect on you!!!! You are super pretty!
    p.s. I don't have a good handle on chopsticks either...

  9. Awwww how sweet looks like so much fun she's beautiful happy birthday to her. the entire family is stylish love it!!!

  10. Aww she looked so happy! Glad it made her day! Love your romper! Super cute on you :)


  11. That was Great!! I enjoyed this post!! Happy Belated Birthday to Diva Dallise!!!! Kudos to Mother Mari! Y'all looked like y'all had fun & ate good!! And what is The Big Fat Summer Challenge? Looks interesting! Also, I LOVE the scarf on the purse, very Chic!!!!

  12. It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves! And girl I used to be the same way with chopsticks! It took me a while but I got better at using them. I even demonstrated how to use chopsticks in one of my classes lol. Your jumpsuit is too cute and I can't wait to see more looks for the challenge from you!

  13. that's awesome...i have a 17 year old daughter cant show her cause she will get ideas...LOL

  14. Awesome 17th birthday I must say! She looks like a great girl so I am sure she deserved it all. You look fabulous as usual. Great jumpsuit and fab shoes! PF Changs is the best! I love it.


  15. How cute! And you captured these lovely moments. She looked super surprised lol.
    Love your heels & bag!