Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta… Viewing Party Recap!

Ok, so as I have mention before REALITY TV is one of my guilty pleasures!!!!
So, you already know I was hyped to find out that the BFF’s (Blog Fab Fashionista’s) were invited out to the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Show viewing Party hosted by Momma Dee & a surprise guest which was held last night at Studio Couture Boutique in Atlanta, GA 

Momma Dee ~ Photo Credit: Instagram via BFF PGRD
The BFF’s had our very own “Bloggers Suite” set-up that included good eats, plush white chairs, and FREE Wi-Fi (compliments of Oh Nikka) as we took pictures, tweeted, instagram’d, and blogged all at the same time.

Bloggers hard at work: Blogging
We work hard & play even harder...

BFF's Instagram Pic's

It was indeed a packed house…everyone was tuned in during the show. We chatted & took pic's during commercial breaks

The Blogging hashtag was #andinthatorder and #yaheardme ~ HILARIOUS!!!!

Queen Momma Dee with her Prince Son Lil Scrappy
Surprise Guest Host: Neffeteria aka Neffe ~ (Keisha Cole Sister) 

Momma Dee Babies: Lil Scrappy & (Jasmine) aka Jazzy 
Momma Dee & her daughter Jazzy
Momma Dee, Her daughter Jazzy & Kandi 
Momma Dee Ring ~ Photo Credit: BFF Oh Nikka 
Momma Dee & I 
More pic's will be added via my FACEBOOK page: HERE

There’s no denying that the show did bring about some controversy but you can’t deny that the entire season was VERY entertaining as well! 

I wanted to make sure that I was very comfy so I wore some skinnies and a color block tank!

What I Wore:

Color Block Tank: Burlington ~ Clearance Rack
White Skinnies: Burlington
Floral Purse: Ross
Shoes: Brand New Ralph Lauren Floral Pumps ~ Thrifted: $8 #score
Accessories: LA Lynn’s  

Note to You: I reside in Atlanta and I can say that the show does not represent every black man or woman that lives in ATLANTA. But no matter how lavish our lives may or may NOT be… everyone can relate to at least one cast member on the show. As much as you hate to admit it… you know somebody that reminds you of Stevie J, Joseline, Mimi, Benzino, Karlie Redd, K. Michelle, Rasheeda, Kirk, Erica, Lil Scrappy, and/or Momma Dee!!!!

Folks, can say what they want but Love & Hiphop Atlanta is the # 1 Reality Show in the country with the most viewers. Were you among the millions that watched the show last night?

Grapping my Popcorn & Coke waiting for next week PART 2 of the Reunion… YUP!

~Until next time

Peace, Love, & Fashion



Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thrifted Thursday & GNO Recap

Hiya lovelies... by the time you READ this post it will probably be wayyy pass Thursday but I had this post ready to go but, well ummm... I didn't... Oh well, let me just tell ya a few weeks last month I had the absolute pleasure of attending a GNO event that was for a great cause! 

The event was held at Shimmer Boutique & hosted by the lovely Sorjourner of Married with 2 Boys & Dea of Pretty Girls Rock Dresses

Shimmer Boutique Owner Denise, Dea of Pretty Girls Rock Dresses & her sweet intern Tajah
Photo Credit: Tia via FB 

Sorjourner of Married with 2 Boys
Photo Credit via FB

 Attendees were asked to bring new and gently used clothing to support the YWCA of Greater Atlanta Women in Transition (WIT) Program. 

There were plenty  of  donations... this is just a few of  my donated bags along with others.

There were raffles, a make-up artist for FREE make-up services and a hair stylist to touch up your hair do.

Wendy getting her make-up done

Tia just dolled up!

Lastly, all in attendance were given a FREE McDonald's Chiller coupon which I couldn't wait to take advantage of!!!! #Winning

Shimmer Boutique is located in the Campcreek Marketplace in East Point, GA 
If you haven't had a chance to go by there be sure and stop by as they have a nice and affordable selection with sizes ranging from 0-18

Sweets & Style Spotted! 

ATL Bloggers ROCK!

Just to name a few ATL Bloggers that ROCK & that are pictured above are:

Bernetta of Bernetta Style
Dea of Pretty Girls Rock Dresses
Dee Dee of Miss Foodie Fash
Erika of BluLabel Bungalow
Keren of Two Stylish Kays
Kerrie of Virtuous Styls
Mimi of Lipgloss and Binky
Parker of Everyday Runway
Portia of Thoughts of a Serial Thinker
Sojourner of Married with 2 Boys
Tia of If I Were A Brit Girl
Bernetta of Bernetta Style
*** More photos from this event are on my FACEBOOK page... HERE ***

A closer look at what I wore! 

 I was REALLY thrilled that I grabbed this dress from the Thrift Store for only $2.50 ~ I was going to get it alternated so that it would be shorter but never got around to doing that. 

Yup, my earrings were thrifted too... they were only $1.00

What I Wore
My entire outfit excluding the shoes was thrifted:
Dress: $2.50
Earrings: $1.00
Makeup Bag/Purse-Clutch: .50 cent
A GRAND TOTAL of $4.00

The shoes are Candies via Kohl's
Note to You: Ok, sooo y'all know I was NOT a thrifter until I started blogging right... I think I did pretty darn good! Does this make me a certified thrifter? lol 

~ Until next time

Peace, Love, & Fashion


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday... Claire's Haul & Gifts!

This post is BEAUTY PICTURE HEAVY... U have been warned!
Hope you all enjoy!

Claire's $1 Haul 
This picture does this ring no justice... this is the cutest black stone ring ever!

Black Bracelets

Neon Hoop Earrings

Cross Earrings

Graphic Socks

Neon Bracelet

Neon Color Dice Bracelet

PEACE Pendant

Sparkle top gloss... my lips gone be POPPIN' lol

Stretch Band Bracelet that reads: Killer Beauty

Gifts: My Bestie went to NYC and brought me back some gifts!

She brought me this NYC Coffe Mug to add to my collection... How cool!

She also brought me some Bath & Body Works Malibu Heat... I'm a sucker for SMELL GOODS!

Gifts: Personalized Note Cards

Parker over at Everyday Runway gifted me with these name note cards... I love writing notes and thank you cards these are PERFECT and so cute!

Gifts: FREE MOO Cards


My Mini Moo Blog/Business Cards compliments of Klout

Note to You: You can't BEAT $1 items & FREE GIFTS... besides the BEST GIFTS in life are FREE: Smiling, Kind Words, Hugs, Love, and GOD! 

Try using your FREE gifts today!

~ Until next time

Peace, Love, & Fashion