Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's NOT always about me!

I love for EVERYTHING to always be about me but as I grow older I realize that it is NOT always about ME! YES, you read it right... It's NOT always about ME! 

I was invited to a Verbal Slick "Live" event which consisted of Spoken Word, Comedy, and Music Fanatics all in one show. However, the main feature was: Ms. Julie Dexter and if you have never heard of her please be sure to check her CD out at  

 I was truly tired (can't you see it in my eyes) from being on the GO all day. However, I agreed that I would still make the event to show my love & support for others that are on business journeys because it's a known fact that you get back what you give out... so each chance I get I try to support others especially WOMEN IN BUSINESS because we are making history and thriving at being She-EO's!!!!

I know if I FALL... GOD got my back & will be there to catch me!

Checking the time... show started at 9 o'clock it was like after 10 pm!!!!

Lord, knows I'm TIRED but I have to remember it's NOT about ME!

My Sister Friend Soso of Soo Soo Tasty Cakes... check out her website:

I got a BOOST of ENERGY once I tasted a Soo Soo Strawberry Cream  Cupcake!

Women on the move: Soso of: Soo Soo Tasty - LaTobia of: Sassy Posh Events and of course yours truly:
Lynn of: LA Lynn's   
Kim Salaam of Diligent Hands she has skills... be on the lookout LA Lynn's will be featuring her REAL SOON!

Diligent Hands at Work

Brooke's Closet was in the building... some may know her via her blog:

Brooke's Closet brings so much FLAVA to the accessory biz with her creative hands. Be sure to check out her website at:

My hands are in his hands as he gives me strength to move even when I don't feel like it! 

Walk by FAITH & NOT by SIGHT!

Seriously, I LOVE this Handbag & the versatility!

I am STRONGER than I realize & I'm standing on SOLID GROUND!!!!

After a night of good fun... I can say it was well worth it!

Dress: Sanai Boutique
Shoes: DollHouse
Handbag: Nine West - gifted
Accessories: LA Lynn's
Learn to support others as your gifts are your gifts and what God has for you it is for you. Sometimes the same people you come in contact with such as strangers can be God sent. Be VERY careful how you entertain them as God sends people your way who may be able to offer great advice. You just never know who may be speaking on behalf of God. These may be people you trust or distrust.  Either way, do not allow pride to stand in your way of listening. Sometimes, we miss what God is trying to tell us because we do NOT listen. There's no harm in listening... what you do with the information is solely up to you but wisdom can come from the most unlikely sources and when it's least expected!

I thank God for those he bring into my life to bless me and I know that I am BLESSED to be a BLESSING to others!!!!
I can truly say that I understand that it's NOT always about ME!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fashion Favor

This month Fashion Favor spotlight goes to my friend girl Cepada S. Martin who is the creator of the handbag that was featured in my Bag Lady Post

Cepada S. Martin is the newly PROUD owner of Sanai Boutique along with the help of her daughters: Bakisa K. Rountree and Baceka T. Martin
On Saturday June 4th,  I was on double duty... I had a Women Empowerment Brunch to attend and left empowered and ready to go support my friend and her new biz that I was sure not to miss the Fabulous Grand Opening of Sanai Boutique

The moment I stepped inside the luxurious purple posh boutique it felt like a Fashionista’s dream come true. The Sanai staff was very friendly and greeted everyone with a smile. The boutique is TOP-NATCH and was designed by none other than the love of her life… her creative artist/designer husband Lydell Martin

Fashion Favor Q&A’s:

When did you 1st discover your favor? About 10 years ago when I started making leather purses and jewelry but I always knew I wanted to be in the Fashion industry.

What made you fast forward your favor and actually move on it? I have a major in Business & Fashion Design. I always wanted to own my own Boutique. I’ve always been into clothes, designs, looking good as well as smelling good.

Where did the name Sanai Boutique originate? My granddaughter name is Kalize Sanai, in which the boutique was name after.

When choosing colors for the boutique; why Purple? Purple signifies “ROYALTY” and it’s my favorite color.

What has been the biggest hiccup? Actually finding affordable & HAUTE fashions in all sizes.

What’s the most favorable part of owning your own Boutique?  Being able to see my vision come to life.  

What encouraging words and/or advice would you offer the next Fashionista? Be Patient and don’t give up… the BEST is yet to come.  

~Here are a few pics’s of Sanai Boutique Fabulous Grand Opening Experience…

Treats at the entrance... Main course was set-up outside under tents

Inside view of the Boutique

A Fashion Runway on the projection screen while you shop

Trying out my picks

Fell in love with this... but the back was really short :'(

Cobalt Blue... is the NEW, NEW!!!!

My Baby Girl found a dress that she likes!!!! "PER-FECT FIT" 

Paulette helping me make a LA-MAZING decision on trying to pick the BEST outfit

Wow... I spotted a friend shopping once I left the dressing room

Yolanda & I (had my eye on that same shirt) lol

Interviewing process...

Business as usual during the Q&A's

Wrapping up the Q&A's
Lady Cepada & I after the interview Q&A's

A Beautiful Boutique Owned by a Beautiful Lady

Sanai Boutique's goal is to bring you exclusive fashions, many of the pieces are one of a kind, created by designers locally and abroad. So, if you are in the Atlanta Area or just near Georgia please be sure to check out Sanai Boutique you will NOT be disappointed!
2220 Jonesboro Rd. Ste. 109 c
Fairburn, GA 30212
FRI & SAT 10AM - 8PM

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Golden Child

Hello Loves... I'm usually a little sad around this time of the year because I lost my father many years ago yet it seems like it was yesterday. Although, my father wasn't physically here he has ALWAYS been here spirituality. My mom made sure to keep his memories ALIVE by telling stories of their love life and how great of a father & man he truly was. So, now that I have become an adult I keep his memories ALIVE by keeping pictures of him around my home and a photo album full of pics. I wanted to share with you all my favorite photo of my unspoken HERO... "My Daddy"!

Wishing you were here... R.I.P. Daddy & Happy Father's Day!

Ok, now that I've cried... I can smile knowing that he looks down on me and smile. I will forever hold him in my heart! I always get compliments of my smile and how much I look like my Daddy which make me feel like the Golden Child!

Thinking of you give me strength when my back is up against the wall

I  get a KICK out of knowing my 1st word was... DADDY!

I will forever be a daddy's girl

Living Life like it's GOLDEN!

Life isn't about the moments that we breathe, but the moments that take our breath away!

I SMILE because you smile... :))

Even when I think I am walking alone... I know that my Guardian Angel watches over me

Romper: Ross
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Purse: Borrowed (My daughters PROM purse) lol
Accessories: LA Lynn's

I have one set left if you are interested in purchasing please feel free to contact me at:  

Necklace & Earrings available w/o the bracelet

Sometimes a good FATHER is NOT recognized and may go unnoticed but yet they are one of the most valuable assets in our society!!!!

~Salute ALL the GREAT Father's and wish them a Happy Father's Day!!!! ♥


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bag Lady… what’s in yo’ bag???

The term “Bag Lady” ALWAYS make me think of none other than Erykah Badu song:

However, Blogger: Chic Therapy challenged her followers and bloggers alike to: Take pictures of their bag and the content and then give details in a blog post.

So, here goes…

This picture does this handbag NO justice...

The Bag: one of a kind Leather & Snakeskin WristTalk by Cepada… I absolutely love this bag because it can be used as an everyday bag, church, shopping, party and/or play! It’s PURSE-FECT (PERFECT) and can be accessorized with any outfit! Btw, there will be a follow-up post in a few days that will give you a inside look and scoop behind Cepada as she just recently opened her new boutique... Sanai Boutique

The Content

Bills: Some paid & some unpaid… $$$$
Deodorant: Never let ‘em see you sweat!
B&BW Lotion: I can’t stand ASHY HANDS!!!!
Lip gloss: I don’t wear LIPSTICK & Chap Lips are a BIG NO, NO!!!!
Chewing gum: I’m addicted to chewing gum… no smacking ALLOWED.
Dental Floss Pick: Can't get caught with meat in my TEETH!   
Keys: There are many locks in my life that I hold the key too.
Perfume: Gucci & Juicy Couture travel size… choices of smell good is REQUIRED!
Hand Sanitizer: You would be amazed at how many germs that we come in contact with daily!
Wallet: This was given to me by my oldest daughter so every time I go to reach for my credit card, money, and/or I.D. I think of both my girls and shop w/ a smile.
Pen & Notebook: My book of Poetry and some inspirational quotes… I study poetry on my down time such as when I’m carpooling back & forth to work. This keeps me in good spirits & in a positive place. 
Purse Holder: Gifted to me by my Mom as she’s a stickler for NOT putting your purse on the floor. At 1st I thought it would be useless being that I normally carry BIG bags but it turns out to be quite handy. I guess MOM KNOWS BEST after all. ~Thanks Mom  
Samsung Camera: This camera has been knocked around & fell to the ground numerous time. It’s BEAT UP but it WORKS!!!! I never know when I might catch something that’s picture worthy as my cell phone camera is NOT the best when it comes to picture taking. ~Lights, Camera, ACTION
Cell Phones: I know you are probably wondering why (2) two cell phones… “Business & Personal” duh!!! LOL!!! Sadly though, I must admit that I don’t know anyone’s number by heart other than my husband.  I’m really not sure how I was able to manage before cell phones were invented. Not only do I house my phone book in these little devices I also use it for shopping, coupons, emails, and random notes. What would we do without technology????
Random Must Have: Earrings – My Rule: A girl should never leave home w/o earrings and if she do ALWAYS have a spare pair! Safety Pin – A Grandma rule: You never know when you may have a fashion malfunction that needs fixing. Bobby Pin – A Mother’s Rule: Just in case your curls fall or you have a bad hair day improvise & Be ALWAYS PREPARED!  Umbrella – U can’t predict the weather. Better to be safe than sorry. (No EXCUSES allowed)

Now that you have seen what’s in my bag; let’s see what’s in yours???

As part of the rules, I have to tag other bloggers. However, I have made an EXCEPTION to the rule!
*Disclaimer* - I am NOT going to tag ANY of my bloggers because I know this challenge is dated and you may have already done this. So, if you are reading this and have yet to participate I hereby tag you!!!!

Rules: Take pictures of your bag and the content and then give details in a blog post.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Open for Business

Greetings Blog World...
I know I am overdue for a new blog post but I have a good reason. Yes, I have a REASON & it is GOOD or shall I say it's ALL GOD!!!!! Ok, I know you are like enough already what is it???? ~Drum Roll Please~ ---> LA Lynn's ~ Accessory Shoppe is officially OPEN for Business!!!! Yes, you READ right... I am currently taking orders, booking Sip-N-Shop events, vending, and anything else that you can think of I'm doing it or atleast trying too! Although, I haven't finish working out all the kinks for the website; I do have a business Facebook page. So, if you are on Facebook please take the time to become a fan of LA Lynn's by liking the page. Lastly, I'm doing what I love and staying on my toes trying to find the BEST affordable and quality accessories that I can possibly offer. Continue to check back often as some items are offered only once and may not be RESTOCKED. However, new items are posted weekly.
My 1st vending event was last night at: Our Place Bakery Cafe. The turnout was AWESOME that I completely forgot to pull out my camera and didn't remember until like the last hour of the event! ~Below are a few of those pics that I was able to snap at the last hour of the night.
Of course we do... $$$$

This is the display look after I had SOLD-OUT most of the HOTNESS!

$2 Items... (excluding the cream necklace set)

Head Bangers and Wrist Hangers

Chunky but Funky Flair

Live Art Painting during the Poetry

DJ hard at work!

The Cafe Scene
My #1 Fan & Friend... My better half better know as Hubby!

Host Nakia & I

Good Friends = Good Times

 ~Remember: Like us on Facebook just by clicking here ----> LA Lynn's 
If you are local orders may be delivered and if not a Paypal invoice will be sent to you with the total amount of your purchase.
~Have Fun & Happy Shopping~