Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thrifting = New Fashion & New Friends!

Hiya lovelies... sorry, it took me so long to update my BLOG but my girls came home & we took a lil vacay to the Sunshine State and can you believe the resort did NOT have FREE Wi-Fi!!!! So as promised here are a few pic's from the the nationwide I <3 Thrifting event, spear-headed by Rashon, aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

I got word of the I <3 Thrifting event from Katie Mac of the The Mac Styles and thought it was just for Houston. Nonetheless, I took the initiative to order a T-shirt just to show my support. I didn't find out until the night before (via twitter) that there were several thrifting groups in Atlanta that were actually going to participate, but my group was lead by none other than two fabulous females, Erika of BLu Label Bungalow and Dayka of Meditations on Life and Style. This was my very 1st time meeting both women and you would have thought we had known each other forever.... They welcome the entire group with open arms!!!! 

Our group gathered at our first stop, the Goodwill at NorthLake. 

I never thought I would find myself shopping at a Goodwill... I guess it's a 1st time for everything!
  Our next stop was My Favorite Place... An Atlanta Landmark. It was my 1st time ever going but I found some great deals on trinkets and what nots!

You can literally spend hours in this place!

A few of us bloggers...

Erica found this lamp shade... I'm sure she will create a masterpiece!

We decided to make one more quick stop to another Goodwill where we spent most of our time snapping pics because we were actually READY to EAT!

Dayka, Erica, & Niki

Niki of Single Bubble Pop & I

Virtuous Styls and I 

Kerrie of Virtuous Styls & Keren of Two Stylish Kays 

Tami of Talking with Tami & I

FINALLY... It's CHOW TIME!!!! We had lunch at La Madeleine


Tiffany & I - Be sure to check out her creativity on Esty
O, did I mention Lunch was DELISH! 

Wonderful Women w/ a Unique Style

Kerri has agreed to take me under her wings and teach me ALL about thrifting!

After lunch we headed to our final destination... Goodwill in Sandy Springs
We were met by Elaine Armstrong, the North Georgia Director of Public Relations for Goodwill, and a 11-Alive news photographer was on site to capture all the fun we were having. We were also invited to shop in the Goodwill store that is scheduled to open on August 4th in McDonough, GA  
We saved the BEST for LAST... This was the BEST Goodwill of the day!

Keren on a hunt...

This skirt is made just for Kerrie!!!!

Tami found a winner!!!!

US (Bloggers) with our Fashion Finds posing for 11-ALIVE... Yes, we made the NEWS! 

Keren doing an interview with Channel 11 about our fashion finds!

Just Lovely...

What a great group of women!

New Friends + Fashion Finds = FUN!!!!

My FAVORITE Fashion Find... I scored these boots for $5
The day finally came to an end and we ALL were exhausted but found it fun to create new friendships... it was fabulous & fun!!!! 
The I <3 Thrifting event was a huge success. I can’t wait until next year!
OAN: This was my 1st time thrifting at the Goodwill... I still have a lot to learn and I'm excited about learning Thrifting 101 & how to save $MONEY$
~Have you ever been thrifting and do you enjoy it????

Monday, July 18, 2011


Hello lovelies... I know I said I would post the I <3 Thrifting ATLANTA Chapter pics but I'm still sorting thru the pic's. So, I decided to post pics from last weekend instead.

Have you ever seen someone in a outfit & you think to yourself who do he/she think they are? Or WHY is he/she wearing that? Or That outfit/shoes would look better on me!!!! At one time or another we may have been guilty of saying at least one of these statements whether we want to ADMIT it or NOT!
Welp, I overheard a conversation among two guys saying that if you wear SKULLS: you are a devil worshipper… O REALLY????!!!! I truly understand if you don’t like SKULLS for whatever reason but to go to the extent to call someone a DEVIL worshipper is a blow below the belt and simply JUDGEMENTAL!!!!
Playing around in the truck w/ the camera - check out my earrings... they are HAUTE!

I love the sheer detail on this shirt and how the clasps are invisible 
I rocked this skull baseball cap as a Fashion Statement and didn't mean to scare, offend, or cause negative vibes. The hubby wanted to go to the movies and the movie started in 1hr. That meant I had less than 30 minutes to perform a miracle. Without second thoughts... I grabbed this skull cap (literally) because I’m transisting into my “NATURAL DO” and if you are natural you know that the 1st few months are more like a “NATURAL DON’T”!!!!
Sunny Summer Saturday - Just arrived at the Movies & before time!

My Movie of choice - Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake

Showing off my "FIRE & DESIRE" earrings before seating at: Cinemark Tinseltown  
As much as a person may say words doesn’t hurt I was a little concerned: So, I told my mom about it and she replied: “Lynn, you know who you are and only have to answer to ME and the MAN UPSTAIRS. No matter what you do, wear, and/or say you can’t please everybody. There will always be people that will have opinions about what is wrong and what is right...what’s important is that you are doing right. Life is too short to deal with naysayers and what people think you should be doing or what you shouldn’t be doing according to their standards. If you like it wear it... You look nice and I’m going to always love you for who you are”!!!!
WOW!!!! My MOM always know what to say… she loves unconditionally & loves me NO MATTER what I wear!!!!
To top it off... I wore the RED Classic Chuck Taylor kicks!
Don’t get me wrong… I do understand that there are many stories behind Skulls and Crossbones as in ancient times they symbolized PIRATES, ROBBERIES, and even DEATH. But it isn’t written that skulls are "sinful" nor that it symbolizes EVIL. We all were blessed with a SKULL and what you do with it is your BIZWAX!!!!
I had FUN with this outfit

Just because I wear a skull cap don't make me EVIL!!!!

I normally don't wear names on my A$$ but I must admit these are my 3rd pair of Dereon Jeans and they are so comfortable!

What I wore:

Skull Baseball Cap - Gifted
Earrings - Brooke's Closet
Dereon Outfit - Macy's
Chuck Taylor/ All Stars - Foot Locker

P.S. The movie was great... if you like comedy and enjoy laughter this is a must-see. It was hilariously funny; Then again... I'm SUPA SILLY like that!!!!
Tip of the Day: Don’t judge someone because of their outer appearance you never know what that person may be going through. Get to know a person 1st - you just may LIKE them or even grow to LOVE them!

Never judge a book by it’s cover without even opening it to READ it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There's no SUNSHINE when you are gone...

Hope all is well with all my lovelies out there in blogosphere.
As for me I'm just chillin' in HOT-LANTA!!!!! Although, the SUN was shining outside it wasn't shining to bright for me today. I'm missing my daughters as they are away visiting their Dad for a few weeks before school starts back.

As Mothers we long to get that much needed break but for some reason when our children are away from us we miss them the most!

This is NOTHING new my girls always go and spend time with their Dad on weekends; during the holidays and Summer/Spring Break Vacation... you would think that I would have gotten use to this by now but Summer days are XTRA long without my girls!

Since my girls are away the Hubby had to take these pics and he was given me the eye @_@
I think the Hubby did great with the pic's... what do you think?

I am HAPPY that my skirt was only $3.99 on the Clearance rack at Sears!

Thankful to have my husband in my life... he's the light that shine's when my girls are gone

I really wanted you all to see the back of the skirt as it's pleated and really cute... but the hubby REFUSED to take a pic of my BEHIND! LOL!
By this time... I was HOT & He was

The look of frustration after he dropped my camera... #UGGHHHH

If you are a Mom & have to walk in my shoes with seperation from your seeds... You are NOT alone; I truly know how it feels

What I wore:
Shirt: Gifted
Skirt: Sears Clearance Rack $3.99
Shoes: eBay (over 3yrs ago)
Accessories: LA Lynn's

~Value the time spent with your seeds and enjoy the SUNSHINE before it's gone
If I'm successful I'm going to try & submit this post on EBEW as the feature is YELLOW!

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