Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Message & The Mall

I know y’all can be doing other SH*T right now but I don't want you all to just l@@k at the pictures please take the time to read the post.

I normally participate in Wordless Wednesday but I have a:

PSA (Personal Service Announcement):

1st off I would like to say: “thank you” for continuing to visit my blog and being such great blog buddies… Also, if you are new here and I haven’t made it around to your blog spot I will do so very soon!


*Clears Throat* I wanted to remind folks that I'm NOT a Photographer. Truth be told most of my pictures are taken with my Android phone OR my daughters iPhone. Clearly, to keep from looking like a tourist or paparazzi I only pull out the Nikon when planned...

Now that I have cleared that up... I really wanted to touch on the FACT that I’m NOT a Fashion Expert nor am I your typical Fashion Blogger. I am a self-proclaimed "Lifestyle Blogger"… And, just in case you ignored my blog header I wanted to reiterate that I blog about LIFE (MY LIFE) REAL EVENTS... You will find almost ANY & EVERYTHING from Faith, Fashion, Family, Friends, Food, & Fun on my blog. In between this thing called LIFE: I just happen to LOVE fashion and I think it’s fun to share OOTD, Fashion Finds, and Pretty Pic’s. Fashion just happens to play a major part in my LIFE!

I know a lot of you probably got the GAS FACE!!!! (confused look) but I felt the need to share the above statement because I have seen a few of my blog buddies post pictures on certain site(s) and folks judge them without even knowing them, their blogs, nor do they try and take the opportunity to get to know the person. Either way you can NEVER really know a person by looking at 5 or 6 pictures of them. I highly understand that people will draw conclusions and have their own opinions and I respect that. But some folks can just be so negative, mean, and evil for no reason at all!!!! Here it is today, we are dealing with enough hatred as it is and to have folks in the (quote un quote) fashion/style community to speak negative about someone is beneath me. Why can’t folks just be happy for others when the SPOTLIGHT is SHINING???!!! Everything ain’t for Everybody and Everybody is NOT going to have the same taste when it comes to FASHION

Just because its name brand don’t mean it looks good! A person fashion sense is based on their individual style. My STYLE may not be your STYLE and vice versa but that’s why it’s called… “MY STYLE” That’s one reason why I would much rather read a blog than a magazine. I get to see REAL LIFE folks doing REAL LIFE SH*T!

~Thank you for your ATTENTION~

Now, to my actual post: Most of you know that lightning struck our home a couple of weeks ago and we were without POWER in our downstairs area. Well, we are back up and operating. *YAYYYY*

Before getting things back in order you know that meant another trip to the Mall My trips to the Mall are always FUN because I never know what I'm going to see.

From my Camera Phone to my blog for y'all to see... N'JOY!  

KICK AZZ Onesie's from Spencer's 

Cute Booties

If only I had a son... ^_^

Cute Princess Bed
 I know you all are proabably wondering whyyyy I'm looking at all the kiddie stuff. Welp, I sure as heck ain't PREGGO! *that was not a slap in the face to any Mother bearing child(ren)* but those days are over for me. My daugthers are 19 & 14 - I'm GOOD! But I have a friend who just had a baby and I went to Spencer's to get a Gag gift and stumbled upon several! Spencer's never seems to disappoint if you are looking for cool gadgets or gag gifts that's the place to go!

Don't know what's going on with my shirt in this ic & obviously Hubs didn't care how he took the pic! :-/ 

Truck loaded & on our way back home... Wanted a close-up of the earrings & bracelets
What I Wore:

Shirt & Jeans: Macy’s, Tan Ankle Sandals: Old
Coach Handbag: Gift from Hubs
Earrings: IStyle LLC ~ Won a Blog Giveaway
Bracelets: Gifted

Note To You: If God made us all the same some folks will STILL have something to complain about… Just because a person don’t look like you or dress like you don’t mean they are NOT worthy!!!!

Peace, Love, & Fashion


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boho Style... OOTD

Wassup Bloggies???!!!! Last week was KRAZY!!!!! If I must say so myself… But I did have the pleasure of spending (1) one day out of the week with the Hubs. (I enjoyed every minute of it). We ventured out to the mall and had lunch which has become almost a daily routine for us. The most EXCITING part about lunch was we spotted a Outback Steakhouse. And, I tell ya I wasn’t even aware that Outback Steakhouse still existed!!!! I could have sworn all of ‘em had closed down. Anywho, we BUSTED a U-TURN in the middle of the street and made our way there.

*** Picture Heavy ***

The pictures were taken with my Android… I tried to “enlarge” them w/o taking the resolution/color away. Hopefully, it works

His - (Meaning Hubs)

Hers - (Meaning Mine)  

I know my steak may look burnt but TRUST it was cooked to PERFECTION!

I also, had to have the Spirit-FREE Cocktail
Country Style Wild Berry Lemonade... This will make you SLAP yo' MAMA!!!!  

Afterwards we headed over to Perimeter Mall & I can’t STAND that MALL cause you can go BROKE in 15mins FLAT ^^^________

Check out all the “Spring-ish Stuff” I spotted:
I’m so HYPED that swatches are back!!!!

Michael Kors (MK) Pretty in Pink handbags...

MK Shoe Collection

*** Top of the List ***
Bad AZZ MK Kicks!!!!

We even stopped by the APPLE store & played around on the iPad...
LA Lynn's Blog on the iPad

O yeahhhh... I only purchase a Summer dress from NYC Co. which I didn't even take a pic of... it will be featured on the blog soon.

I knew we would be out & about all day while the pollen count was at TRILLION!!!!! So, I wanted to dress VERY comfy for the day. I needed my sunnies and A BIG HAT to top off the FIT.

What I Wore:

Black Shirt: Old, Black Flats: Gifted, Hobo Skirt: Gifted  
Accessories: LA Lynn’s

Note To You: JOY cometh in the morning
The way you start does NOT determine the way you will END!!!!
*** Keep Pressing *** 

Peace, Love, & Fashion


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thrift Shop the Trend... Guest Post!

Heyyyyy my fashion friends. I am Tavia of Nine to Fly and I am came over to visit sistagurl Lynn's spot. I hope you all don't mind.

Have you noticed the trends for the season? Floral patterns and colored denim are hot! Polka dots are still in full effect! Color blocking is going nowhere! And what about that neon explosion?! Hot hot hot!!! If you are anything like me you want to participate in some of the trends but skip spending the money on something that may crash and burn. So, what do you do? I'm glad you asked. You...


I am a avid thrift shopper and I always make a list of things I am looking for when I do my thrift shop hopping. This is always my first line of defense when a new trend surfaces. It never ceases to amaze me what I find. I find that the the thrift store usually takes care of me for general trends such as pattern mixing, color blocking and specific trends such as polka dots, houndstooth, & neon items.

This outfit consists of three trends in which two of the three are accomplished from THRIFTING! That's right, with the minor accessories I already had, I spent a total of $55 for this outfit! Insert the Cabbage Patch dance (for the my old heads) or Dougie (are they still doing that?!?)

Trend #1 Pattern Mixing!

I understand pattern mixing is not for everyone. I have slowly but surely evolved to love it. I will admit most of the time that I do it, it is with black and white prints. Stripes and dots, stripes and stripes, and as in this outfit stripes and houndstooth. So if you want to take a chance on it, start with these to get your feet wet and then run as far as you feel comfy with it. By the way, houndstooth and stripes are also trending.

Trend #2 Neon!

Neons came busting through the fashion world with force. Naturally they would because you can see them
a mile away. I love a classic black and white outfit but every now and then I feel like a pop of color. I made my blazer that POC because I was in that mood today.

Trend #3 The Chunky Heel & Platforms!

I am holding on to these babies as long as I can because that pointy toe stiletto is making her comeback. I prefer the chunky heel. It is more comfy for me. So until the stores start stocking up on those roach killers I will rack up on my chunkies!

Stripped Skirt, Houndstooth Blouse, & Neon Green Blazer: Thrifted all for $15 Shoes: Shoe Dazzle $40 Random Accessories closing if you want to save a dime on a trend ...THRIFT IT!
I've enjoyed my stay,
Lynn, thanks for having me:)
Stay fly and stay tuned!

Friday, March 9, 2012


Blog Buddies… wassup???!!!! I hope all is well!!!! I’m making it considering the mishap of the STORM & dealing with the aftermath but we all know after every STORM the SUN shall shine (again). Soooo… I’m tapping my fingers and waiting on the SUN to SHINE (again)!!!! In the meanwhile… I’ll just dance in the RAIN!!!!

Speaking of the SUNshine… last month we had a Perrrrfect SUNday!!!! The SUN was shining so bright it felt like a SUMMER Day! Just so happen we have “come as you are” any given Sunday at our church so since the weather was beautiful I did just that...

This is what I wore on that "ANY GIVEN" SUN-DAY:

Annnnndddd... here's the newest addition to our FAMILY!!!!
My lil cousin "KING CAYDEN" 

Isn't he the cutest???!!! He makes me smile... :-)
What I Wore:

Black Skinnies: Forever 21, Black Sweater & Boots: Kohl’s
Accessories: LA Lynn’s

Note To You: The SUN may not be shining today but there’s ALWAYS tomorrow… THIS TOO SHALL PASS!  

No weapon formed against ME shall Prosper!!!!

SN: AGAIN!!!!! I cannot stress enough how I would LOVE for one of my Blog Buddies and/or lovely readers to be my GUEST & do a “Guest Blog Post” on my blog… please, please, please feel free to email me or send me a DM via twitter – I would be more than happy to have you as my guest!!!!

Cheers to a WINNING Weekend!!!!

Peace, Love, & Fashion


Monday, March 5, 2012

SISTAR Spotlight

Hey, Hey, Hey Bloggies... It's been over a week since my last post. I have been EXTREMELY busy with this thing called life and with the shoppe. Also, our house was STRUCK by lightning over the weekend so we are without TV's, internet, the Microwave, and few outlets and electricity is NOT working in my downstairs area but "WE SURVIVED" the storm & I'm STILL here & blessed to be able to write this post!

 At any rate, I participated in the #ASBchat on twitter hosted by Atlanta Style Bloggers last week and I feel that a Guest Blog Post is very beneficial so if any of my readers are interested in doing a Guest Blog Post please, please, please feel free to email me or send me a DM via twitter – I would be more than happy to share my blog!!!!

 Today, I would like to put the SPOTLIGHT on my SISTAR Friend Sophia "SoSo" who has an LA-MAZING hobby of designing, baking, and decorating cakes & cupcakes which she has turned her hobby into  her business called: "Soo Soo Tasty Cakes"

By the way, you can tell we MUST be friend because I sent that chica some questions to answer and she failed to answer them and just responded with her BIO!!!! (Tehehehe)   
~We can never follow rules!!!! ^_^
Here's a little background behind Soo Soo Tasty Cakes:
 Hello my name is Sophia SoSo Starnes the Cake Artist.
I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and currently attending Ashford University to complete my Dual Degrees BA of Art in Business Administration and Masters’ in Entrepreneurship. I call myself the Cake Artist because I love baking, fashion and Art; when you put them all together it’s called Cake Art. I begin baking at the young age of 12 with my Grandmother. So I decided to open my on-line bakery after leaving the Public School System as a Special Needs Teacher. We create and design cakes for all occasions and deliver in Atlanta and Alabama state line.  Please visit us at

Here are a FEW many of Soo Soo Tasty Cake Designs:

There were sooo many more designs I wanted to share with you all... But I would have been ALL Day & NIGHT!!!!

Note To You: Remember Blogging should be FUN!!!! Let's continue to have Fashionable Fun & support one another!!!! ~Don't forget if you are interested in Guest Blogging... PLEASE feel free to contact me!
Also, if you are in the ATL - be sure to check out my *SISTAR* "SoSo" of Soo Soo Tasty Cakes!!!!
Be sure to LIKE her Facebook Page: Soo Soo Tasty 
Okkkk... I gotta go I'm on borrowed time; using someone else computer!!!! @_@
I will catch up on the blogs I follow throughout the week... Also, I follow the one's back that I have NOT had a chance to follow back!
Peace, Love, & Fashion