Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday... Happy Halloween!

This will probably go down in history as being one of the 1st of many Halloweens that I didn’t take part in the festivities.
I didn’t even manage to decorate my house for the Halloween Season as I normally do. But I did simply-tize (My Word) my front door with a Wreath and Pablo my Famous Scarecrow!
Petey the Wreath

Pablo my FAMOUS Scarecrow has been with us for YEARS!

Here's a pic of Hubby & I from last year... YES, we were the "Gangsta Couple" 
To see more pic's from last year click: HERE 
I enjoyed last night as we watched a scary movie: The Grudge & My Baby Girl & I made Gooey Worm Cupcakes & Spook-tacular Sandwiches for her Art Class!!!!

As of now still NO PLANS other than having an official "Scary Family Movie Night" by making a fort on the living room floor, eating popcorn, and watching horror flicks all while sipping on some Vampire Juice!!!! ~wink

This is me today... I'm NOT the best at SELF-PORTRAITS *SLEEPY FACE*

Do you have any PLANS?
SN: I do have plenty of candy to give out so I’m hoping for some little TRICK-OR-TREATERS!!!!

Note to You: Happy Halloween to those that celebrate… Hopefully, you will get more TREATS and NO TRICKS!!!! But whatever you do please be SAFE!!!!  

~ Until next time

Peace, Love, & Fashion



Monday, October 29, 2012

BLM Girls Go Pink Blog Hop

Time is steadily ticking and October is almost over!!!!!
Soooo… I had to get this post up and out of my archives with the quickness.

FYI: I am such a PROCRASTINATOR… As I’m sitting here typing this post I can literally hear my Momma voice saying: you are going to be LATE for your own funeral… #GEESH

The BLM Girls Go Pink Blog Hop (henced the title) will be available until Oct. 31st

If you would like to participate, here are some simple rules:

1. Link up your blog by clicking and adding a breast cancer awareness related post you wrote on your blog. Click here to link your blog post. 

2. Visit other blogs that link up, and leave comments if you read something you like.

3. Show some blogger love by following a blog and/or the blogger on social media.

4. Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, and all other social media. 

5.Have fun. 

O, and if you are interested in becoming a BLM Girl please check us out at:


Special Thanks to BLM Girl Ty, our blog hop lead & BLM Girls Co-host Dee DeeBrittCarissaDani, & Rochelle

At any rate, let’s get this Breast Cancer Awareness Blog HoPpInG in GEAR!!!!!

Have you had the opportunity to get your TA-TAs checked???

Google Image

In my case it’s more like have I checked my mosquito bites… yeah, I said it I am a member of the itty bitty titty committee!!!! I can remember when I use to wish for BIG BOOBS!!!! LOL!!!! I seriously use to stand in front of the mirror and REPEAT: 
I MUST, I MUST increase my BUST!!!! (In my Judy Blume voice)

Google Image 

Me last year during BC Awareness Vending for a Cure!

I highly support Breast Cancer Awareness to the fullest by wearing my BC Gear, I try to participate in walks, give donations, and 10% of all my accessory sales to Susan G. Komen

My Look this year... Fighting for a CURE! 
At any rate, I’m sure at some point we all have been affected one way or another by the “BIG C”… It may have been a family member, friend, or a friend of a friend but I’m sure we have heard stories of how Breast Cancer can affect US!

If you need a REMINDER... GUESS WHAT? They have MEN an APP  for that!!!!  Yup, their are bare chested MEN on the app that remind ladies to show themselves TLC: Touch, Look, Check!

***Check out the quick Man Reminder App Video***

 Video via Mashable

The MAN Reminder App can be downloaded to your cell phone and you can schedule weekly or monthly reminders

Just because October is ending doesn't mean the support and taking care of yourself has to END!!!! Continue to put your health 1st!!!!

Sending my heartfelt prayers and thoughts to everyone that may have been affected by Storm Sandy!!!!!

Note to You: It's OK to touch your boobies so if you haven't touched your boobies... 
GO AHEAD & DO It!!!! 

Lastly, but definitely NOT least on this Saturday Nov. 3rd I will be participating in a walk for Colon Cancer as Mari of Beyond Greatness Event Planning Sister Rhonda was just recently diagnosed with Colon Cancer and she is currently undergoing Chemotherapy Treatments. Mari has launched a team called "Run for Rhonda" if you are interested in participating and/or making a donations please do so by clicking on the link: HERE

~ Until next time

Peace, Love, & Fashion



Sunday, October 28, 2012


 Okkkk, y'all already know I have a fetish for "Finger Nail Polish" and "Glam Nail Art". Soooo... when Mimi of Lipgloss and Binky reached out to me about linking up with her and hosting MANICure Monday I was stoked!!!! 

>>> Insert Happy Dance <<< 

Although, my nail polish collection isn't near as BIG as Mimi of Lipgloss and Binky (PUN INTENDED) lol I still get a KICK out of having "GLAM NAILS" and trying new Mani's.  

Most of my Nail Inspiration come from none other than Pinterest! To be honest that's really like my #1 reason for having a Pinterest Account. ^_^

Pinterest Inspiration 
Since I have been focus mostly on "PINK" this month due to Breast Cancer Awareness I decided to go with a "Halloween" Theme Color Nails  

China Glaze: "Sun Worshipper" & "Orange you Hot" (Neon) and OPI: White  

I opted to just put the "art" on my ring finger on each hand w/ a regular  french white mani

What are your thoughts on my Mani? 

MANICure Monday is a weekly nail polish/mani link-up that will be rotated between Lipgloss and Binky and yours truly: LA Lynn's 

The linky will be open for an entire week... So go ahead show us your Mani!!!!  

Note to You: This is a GREAT way to meet new "blog buddies" so grab our badge  & join the "Polish Party" by simply linking up with us and showing off your manicure. Remember... we will host "Manicure Monday" weekly so feel free to jump right in & join the FUN!!!!      

~Until next time…

Peace, Love, & Fashion



Tuesday, October 23, 2012

SooSoo Tasty 70's Themed Chocolate Pink Party Recap

Recently, I attended my BFF Sophia aka Soso of Soo Soo Tasty 70’s themed Chocolate Pink Birthday Affair!

Sophia of Soo Soo Tasty
It was held at Soma Intimates at Cumberland Mall


The Boutique was decked out with Pink decor, goodies, and a spread of FOOD! 

Upon arrival the guest were greeted and welcome into an array of FUN!!!!

Parker of Everyday Runway & I

Mari of Beyond Greatness Event Planning
 Dee Dee of Miss Foodie Fash earrings are DOPE!

Ally of Ally McGlam 

Kiwi of Kiwi The Beauty

NeShanta of Style is She
Parker of Everyday Runway, Nikka of Oh! Nikka, Dee Dee of Miss Foodie Fash 

The BFF's were in the BUILDING!!!!
In lieu of gifts Soso asked that the guest bring toiletries for the Carrie Steel Boys & Girls Shelter 

Soso has also teamed up with Sabrina Jenkins as they are on a mission to STOP Domestic Violence and will be giving back to them as well... "Nothing like having a Party with a Purpose"

Although, she asked us NOT to give her any gifts... what’s a BIRTHDAY w/o the GIFTS!!!!! So, of course we did not listen to her and showered her with plenty of gifts… 

Sophia of Soo Soo Tasty
Thanks Soso for planning such an awesome party and having a passion for giving back to the community!
  Pssst... before ending this post let me share my inner Shirley Chisholm with y'all! Yasssss, I got my OOTD model shoot on before going to the PARTAY!!!! ^_^

For more SASSY 70’s pics be sure to check out my Facebook page later!

Note to You: Can you see “Fashion History” repeating itself??? I can definitely see some styles evolving in today’s Fashion Scene as history is known to REPEAT itself…     

~Until next time…

Peace, Love, & Fashion



Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thrifted Thursday... OOTD!

Ok, like seriously somebody should have told me long time ago how much money I could have been saving thrifting! HA!
I mean really I NEVER thought in a million years that I would’ve thrift shopped & now I can't seem to STOP!!!! Sadly though I can’t even believe I actually was sleeping on the Thrift Store… Thank God for my Thrifting Bloggies for hipping me to this new trend (well new to me)! I know some of y’all are PRO’s while others of us are AMATEURS!!!!

As for me, I’m still learning the thrifting game but I’m playing to WIN so I don’t see myself dropping the ball anytime soon!
Besides, it’s sooo much fun going on a thrifting treasure hunt; you NEVER know what you may find!!!!

~Check out one of my latest thrifted dresses that I paid a whopping $1.12!!!!!

I accessorized with PINK in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness… *hence, Pink Ribbon on my shoulder* 

Hmmm… I’m not sure if folks still wear shoulder pads in their clothes but I left the pads in to add a little DRESS DRAMA! I’'s ok to have a little DRAMA in your life every now and then! *giggles*

What I'm Wearing:

Cobalt Blue Dress ~ America's Thrift~$1.12
Shoes ~ Burlington ~ $9.99
Accessories ~ LA Lynn’s excluding MK's Watch & Tennis Bracelet (Gifted)

Note to You: I tell folks all the time… If you are new to thrifting you might want to pack some patience, some hand sanitizer, and have a BUDGET!!!! Yesssss, a BUDGET because you will be so SURPRISE at the prices that it’s easy to find yourself over spending!  

~Until next time…

Peace, Love, & Fashion



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lucky 7... OOTD!

As mention in my post on yesterday… I wanted to give you all a closer look at my $7 Outfit ~ yessss… you READ that right $7 Outfit!!!! I'm TOTALLY calling it my Lucky 7!!!!

Google Image

Ok, so where do I start… Once upon a time  No seriously, though Hubby & I was leaving his doctor’s office and made the decision to stop by Stein Mart  being that there is not one near where we live.  

As ALWAYS we both said: We just gone look!!!! But low and behold I spotted the clearance rack and that was all she wrote!!!! While, browsing the clearance racks this nice lady (My guardian Angel) gave my husband a scratch-off coupon. So, we had no clue how much the coupon was for until we got to the register. As we are checking out the cashier scratched the coupon and SWEET BABY JESUSSSSS… It was for 70% off the total purchase!!!!!  

>>>>insert happy dance<<<<

Ok, so I don’t normally post thesessss many pic’s of my outfit but all these pics were taken with my new Samsung Galaxy III (ok, I’m lying) it’s actually the Samsung Galaxy II *shrugs* BUT heyyyyy the pic’s came out really well being that it was a rather foggy morning!

What I Wore:

Floral Shirt & Color Capris ~ Stein Mart $6.94
Shoes ~ Heavenly Soles
Clutch ~ Gifted
Accessories ~ LA Lynn’s

Yup, it felt like I HIT THE LOTTERY… hence, the name of my post!
Have you ever scored a deal so sweet that you felt like you hit the LOTTO????!!!!!

Note to You: If you have NEVER shopped at Stein Mart  I highly recommend you go… Now is the time to shop those clearance racks ~ STOCK-UP for next Summer!!!!! And, to our dearest coupon Angel I just want to say where ever you are you blessed my husband & I in a major way… It may have been small to you but it was BIG to us and we will pay it forward!!!!  

~Until next time…

Peace, Love, & Fashion