Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thrifting Throwback

Happy Thursday Blog Buddies!!!! Today is NOT about an outfit post… I wanted to share a few items that I scored purchased from the Thrift Store late December that I didn’t get a chance to share with you all.
I wasn’t overly thrilled about this thrifting trip as I am new thrifter and I will be the 1st to admit that I am an AMATEUR by all means when it comes to thrifting!!!! My daughter has a knack for thrifting and has become a PRO at it and I’m wondering where she gets it from because surely she didn’t get it from her MAMA!

Well, I will allow you all to be the judge and let me know how I did on my 1st time Thrifting without the help of my Thrifting Blog Buddies... the QUEENS of Thrifting  Kerrie of Virtuous Styls and Keren of Two Stylish Kays  

Cobalt Blue Shirt-Blazer $1.94

Plaid Pleated Skirt - $2.48

Blue Dress - $2.00

Plaid Shirt - $1.50

Red Wool Shorts - $1.20 *Seen worn here 

Hot Pink Skirt - $1.39

Yellow Skirt - $1.95

Yours Truly... PRICELESS!!!! LOL!!!!

I spent a TOTAL of $12.46 - So what'cha think???
Note to You: Since this trip I have been back (2) two more times and I seem to get better with time… I still can’t find EXACTLY what I’m looking (A MAJOR SCORE) At any rate, how do you guys think I did on my 1st Thrifting trip?

SN: Today, is the 1st day of LENT Season did you give up Thrifting, Shopping, Caffeine, or ANYTHING???   
As for me I’m giving up Caffeine!!!! (this is gonna be a tough cookie)

Peace, Love, & Fashion


Monday, February 20, 2012

Bowtie, Leopard, & Boy Jeans

Happy Monday Blog Buddies!!!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as for MOI – Hubby & I along with another couple (our friends) went to Chateau Élan for a Romantic Getaway Weekend and we had an awesomely great time.
{Below is just a sneak peak... More Pics will be posted soon}

At any rate… I’m in a SUPA DUPA X-CITED mood!!!! I have WON not (1) one but (2) TWO blog giveaways this month… I would like to thank (Whitney) k/a Nic over at: Nic's-Picks & Julie over at: Pop Champagne for hosting such great giveaways!!!! Thank you ladies… I thoroughly enjoy reading both of your blogs and just might be slightly considered a blog “stalker” lol

Soooo… today I am sharing an outfit that I wore the other day… It’s just a lil something I put together at the last minute. Hubby always try and make a FUSS about me ironing and getting my clothes together the night before but I NEVER do because my style change so often that I NEVER know what mood I’m going to be in when I wake up!

 What I Wore:
Boy Jeans: Old Navy  
Leopard Blouse: Macy's {old}
Brown Sweater Vest: NY & CO. {old}
Red Bowtie: Belt Buckle {old}
Leopard Flats: Payless
Earrings: LA Lynn's

BTW, Nic tagged me a few post back… here are the answers to my TAGGED ????

Your dream vacation? Hawaii, Paris, Africa
Where are you from/Where do you live? Born in Macon, GA – Reside in Atlanta, GA ~A TRUE Southern Gal
Any pets? Yes – A dog name Dolla
How many siblings? 1 – Older Brother name Michael
Top 3 closer Must Haves? Earrings, Lip Gloss, & Vaseline
Favorite designer? Hmmm… Never been much of a designer WHORE... if I like it; I buy it - But Michael Kors is on point!
How long have you been blogging? Less than a year
What is your favorite season? Spring – Not too HOT & not too COLD
Would you spend your last dime on shoes, or clothes?
Heels or flats? Shoes… as long as they are comfy
What's your zodiac sign? LEO – Lioness: “The Queen”

Note to You: I pick out what I am going to wear on the day of depending on what type of mood I’m in and when planning ahead for a special date night, GNO, Concert or etc. I typically buy (2) two outfits so I can have a multiple choice and won’t be married to just one outfit. Because at the time of planning I may have felt a skirt was suitable then on the day of the event I may want to switch it up to pants/jeans so I like having CHOICES. Do your mood determine your outfit? Do you prepare your outfit(s) the night before or the day of???

~Until next time…

Peace, Love, & Fashion


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bikini Anyone???

Earlier today, I went to the Mall to pick up my contact lenses (No shopping allowed). I told myself… SELF: U R NOT going to do any shopping… U R only here for one thing and one thing only! If you go into a store you can only L@@K!
I mean who can really go into the Mall w/o even l@@king? Right?
So while at the MALL browsing… I come across a RACK of Swimsuits!!!!

Taken with my Android

That little rack of Swimsuits was only a teaser – seeing those swimsuits only made me crave for more! So, once I got to the PC I started searching Swimsuits… here are some of my FAVES!

If you don't do Bikini's... you can opt for a Tankini

 If you are still NOT feeling it... go for a CLASSY but SEXY one piece

Don't forget about your Beach Cover-up... *added touch*

Picture Source: Victoria's – but don’t sleep on Macy's they have some really cute styles too… I just didn’t want to overwhelm y’all with pics!!!! 

Oh & before I go… I wanted to share this picture that was sent to me by one of my accessory vendors. I was told this was a HOT ITEM & a BEST SELLER!!!! If you know where they are wearing this at please let me know!

I posted the pic on my Facebook page cause I needed more explanation as to why & where can you wear this too? It look like it hurts… OUCH!!!!

 I have ROCKED a few bikini's in the past but I've kind of shy away from them but this year I think I’mma work on these ABS & get myself a BIKINI!!!!

Do you prefer 2 piece or 1 pc Swimsuit and why???!!!
Note to You: Don’t allow other opinions to clout your judgment!!!!
If you want it… FLAUNT IT!!!!

Peace, Love, & Fashion


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Red Tails... SALUTE!

A few Sundays ago I had the pleasure & enjoyment of taking my girls to see Red Tails and all I have to say is… if you STILL haven't had a chance to see this movie you need to go and see it because you are in for a major treat!

Sneak Peek Pic - I posted on Twitter & Facebook prior to this blog post

But before going to the movies – my oldest daughter wanted to stop by the Local Thrift Store but to our surprise they were CLOSED so as we are going about our MERRY WAY… we happen to pass by a newly built Goodwill in the area so we ventured inside:

I had my EyEs on this GREEN Blazer!!!!
The color was FAB but I think it made me look like an ELF. 0[^_^]0

Ok... so now to the actually OOTD! (Well, not today but on that day) lol

 What I wore:
Red Tie: Ebay
Red Shorts: Thrifted
White Blouse: Ross
Shoes: Ross
Earrings: Gifted

SALUTE to our HEROS – Past & Present!!!!

Tuskegee Airmen 

Speaking of HEROS - I would like to send my deepest condolences to the WORLD'S GREATEST SHERO & VOCALIST...
Whitney Houston!!!!

Note to You: Let's remember Whitney Houston accomplishments and NOT her struggles as she touched many with her VOICE* May her memories continue to LIVE ON through her MUSIC!!!! 

SN: I had a contest going on my Facebook page & I would personally like to thank everyone who tried tweeting me & texting to WIN… However, the rules stated to post on my Facebook wall. Sorry, Better luck next time. At any rate Congrats to FB winner Rhonda!!!!
Peace, Love, & Fashion


Thursday, February 9, 2012


That's right... POW!!!!
Whew… MOI blogging (3) three days in a row!!!! Yayyy… patting my dayyuum self on the back!!!!
I tell ya… blogging ain’t for wimps!!!! *Fist Pump*

Now that I have that out the way I wanted to share a few pics from a few weeks back in the earlier part of January... I took my Mom to her favorite restaurant “Olive Garden” – But before going to eat My girls and I ventured our local Thrift Store

My oldest daugter is a PRO at Thrifting

She got a JOB... she can pay for her own stuff! *whoop, whoop*


Sneak Peek of some of my picks

My Girls & I *ALL SMILES*

Me & My Bag of Goodies
My eldest & I (she loves thrifting)
Me & My Babies...

I will share what was in the bags in another post later! :-)

Arrived at Olive Garden... waiting for the rest of the party
The Bestie & I

The Lady of the HOUR! *My Mom*

My Mom & her Bestie Samita

Strawberry-Mango Limonata <--- This was on POINT!!!!

Chicken Parmigiana 

The LOVE of my Life

All in the FAMILY!!!! My husband was the only male there so he played the role of the photographer... can't you tell!!!! lol

 Entire Outfit: Short Set Jumper, Sweater, Gray Tights is all compliments of Macy's
UGG BOOTS (gifted)

NOTE TO YOU: My Mom is my best friend... she is my EVERYTHING!!!! There is NOTHING I wouldn't do for her. I just hope I can be half the MOM to my girls as she is to ME!!!! Words are NOT enough to describe how much I LOVE HER!!!!
If you are blessed to still have your MOM in your life... please give her her flowers now.
God couldn't be everywhere so he made Mothers!!!!
Peace, Love, & Fashion