Monday, October 31, 2011

Music Monday & My 1st Giveaway

Happy Halloween Blog Buddies…
I don’t have any tricks but I do have some treats!!!!! J

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend… As for me I had a BLAST! I actually thought I would have the pictures loaded and ready to share from the Costume Fundraiser. Unfortunately, that is NOT the case… I only have the above pic that I tweeted and loaded on FB the night of the partay. However, I couldn’t go another day w/o posting so this is going to be a really quick post because my car is loaded with blankets, pillows, and snacks… The Fam & I are headed to the Drive-In Movie Theater… to catch Fright Night - we are going to see: Paranormal Activity 3  

OAN: I am really feeling this Beyonce Video! “B” is definitely werrrrk’n it & the colors spells FASHION, STYLE, & CLASS! I have never seen pregnancy look so classy! U betta WERK B!!!!!

SN: I am soooo grateful to have over 100 Blog Buddies!!!!! I started this blog for FUN & just to share my experiences & passion for “Lovely Things” and to introduce my “love for accessories” but it has evolved into so much more. I have even developed some friendships along the way... This BLOG is more than just my BLOG, it’s my life diary, my voice, a platform for me to write & express myself & style… this BLOG has been a movement! I just hope I have & can continue to inspire and share with the blogosphere as you all have been soooo supportive…
Without hesitation I can truly say: I LOVE MY BLOGGIES!!!! ~tears~
I am soooo EXCITED & I just can’t hide it!!!!

Words cannot express how thankful I am so I decided to try and show it by having my 1st give-a-way… Of course, I will be giving something away from my shoppe but that was wayyyy to predictable. So, I had to throw a lil something, something XTRA in the giveaway. So, I decided that I wanted to give away something else that I LOVE! With that being said… This give-a-way will consist of (2) two items:

1.    A pair of the Inspired Feather Earrings – Valued at $20

2.    $25 Gift Certificate for Bath & Body Works 

This means there will be (2) two WINNERS!!!!! #Yayyy… J

I’m NOT really BIG on RULES but what the heck… I’m giving away almost $50 worth of stuff here! So the rules are as follows:

1.    You must be following my blog via Google
2.    Leave a comment on this blog entry with your email address & post how you will ROCK the earrings & how you will spend the Gift Certificate.

Get an extra entry by: 
1.    Following me via Twitter &/OR Facebook
2.    Post this giveaway on your own blog & comment

For XTRA Entries please be sure that you tweet the following: I just entered @LALynns giveaway to win FREE Earrings & B&BW Gift Card & you can too!  Or post on my FB Wall: I heart @LA Lynn’s ~ Accessory Shoppe 

This giveaway will be a week process as I highly understand that NOT everyone blog everyday (NOT even myself) so to make it fair & to give everyone an opportunity this giveaway will end on Sunday at 12 ‘Noon! There will be TWO WINNERS! One will win the Earrings and the other will win the B&BW Gift Certificate! Winners will be announced a week from today on Monday Nov. 7, 2011 - Good Luck!!!!

Note to YOU: Oops, I LIED I said that this post would be short… hehehehe!!!! And, here we are 45 minutes later! {>.<}
BTW, y’all already know I don’t do scary movies so I don’t know how they manage to talk me into this whole FRIGHT NIGHT at the MOVIES… YIKES!!!!
*Crossing my fingers & hoping I don’t have nightmares*

Not sure if you all have any HALLOWEEN plans for tonight but whatever you do… Be GOOD or Be GOOD at it!

Peace, Love, & Treats


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tricks OR Treats

 Boo 2 U!!!! I know NOT everyone celebrate Halloween or participate in the festivities and I highly RESPECT that but I must admit I have had my fair share in celebrating… as far as dressing up, throwing parties, and eating the CANDY!!!! Yesss… the candy is by far my FAVORITE part of this creepy holiday! The only thing I don’t do is: Haunted Houses!!!!

Speaking of Haunted Houses… I took my oldest daughter & her friend to Netherworld last week & they were surprised that I stayed in the car and waited for them. 1st off it was $28 admission – which is straight CRAZY if you ask me… I REFUSE to pay folks to scare me!!!! I just can’t see me playing them kind of games… I will FIGHT A MONSTER, GHOST, VAMPIRE, and/or WITCH that jump out at me so let’s just say it was safe for me NOT to go in the Haunted House!!!!

*** WARNING: Picture Heavy***

While on a hunt for my Halloween costume for this year... I ran across some cool Halloween Accessories. Check out this frightful collection:

All above images via Etsy

 Some of you may already know that I am a member of Women of Purpose Youth Group organization and we do volunteering, mentoring, and give back to the community. Over the weekend after the Thrifted Fashion Showcase we linked up with Beyond Greatness & hosted a Fall Festival which included: Hayrides, Haunted Trail, Horse/Pony Rides, Moonwalks, Face Painting, Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Candy Apples, & much more! Here are a few pic's:

Pony/Horseback Riding


Paulette & I - WOP

My Godson Rodney & I

Face painting

Costume Contest

Charelle & Mari of Beyond Greatness
Also, each year we have an Annual ADULT Costume Party to help raise money for student scholarships. Our Annual Adult party is on this Friday October 28th so if you are in the ATLANTA area please feel free to join US!

Just to give you a sneak peek of the FUN; Here are a few pic's of our Adult Costume Party from last year:

The BONE Couple

Rick James & 'em

Snow White ALL Grown Up

ALL in the gang
Soul LOVE!

Say HI to JASON!
Pochontas & 'em

Cousin Joy, Paulette & I

Me... after a long night of FUN - I even came out my shoes... look closely the shoes are under the table! lol

Baked by yours truly!

Creepy Cupcakes made by ME!

MJ made it!

Mrs. Officer

The Beautiful Ladies of: Women of Purpose Youth Group

This is probably my last post before the weekend because I will be very busy starting tonight! So, I want to say THANKS again to all my blog buddies and on my NEXT post it will be officially giveaway time... I have REACHED 100!!!! #Yayyyy

Whether you celebrate HALLOWEEN, HOLY-WEEN, or just participate in FALL Festivals… have a SPOOK-TACULAR good time!  

 Tricks or Treats
sweets and the creeps
give me something good to EAT!

Peace, Love, & Creeps


Monday, October 24, 2011

Thrifted Fashion Showcase

As I'm getting ready to write this post I check my dashboard to see if any other bloggers are posting this time of morning being that it's 3 am & SURPRISE, SURPRISE there are quite a few that just posted within the past 30min. Soooo... I see I'm not the only one that is NOT sleep! lol

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending Thrifted Fashion Showcase at B & R Thrift Store. It was hosted by the lovely Keren & Kerrie
If you are not already following their blogs please be sure to check them out as they can make $5 look like a million bucks!!!! These (2) two ladies are definitely the "Queens of Thrifting"!!!!

 I will be the 1st to ADMIT that I don't have a clue about thrifting & can't thrift to save my LIFE!!!!! I need thrifting 101... so you already know I will be keeping these ladies nearby - I need them to school me on thrifting!!!! J

***WARNING: Picture Heavy***

This dress was priced just right for .99cent - I had to snag this pic from Virtuous Styls Facebook wall just so y'all can see the detail on the back of the dress

What I Wore:

Dress - Ross $11.99
Boots - Old
Handbag: Gifted
Boots: Gifted
Accessories: LA Lynn's

***All of the outfits worn at the Fashion Showcase were thrifted items that were for sale***

Ok, by the time you see this post it will probably be around noonish or anywhere around lunch time on Monday because all of a sudden I am getting really sleepy and I want to proof-read this post before hitting the "publish post" button. So, for now... I am crawling back in bed for some more Zzzzzz...

To be continued...
Ok, it's lunchtime & I'm baaaaack!!!!

First off... before writing anything else I have to thank you for following & taking the time out to actually comment on my blog. Also, to the on-lookers and spectactors I appreciate you too! Special S/O to all my new followers... 3 more followers and it will be giveaway time!!!! "\(*_*)/"

P.S. It's funny that my daughters know how to thrift & I don't... I get so frustrated and end up leaving the store with NOTHING! I am going to try my hand (again) at thrifting and take the time out to actually learn how to thrift. Especially, since I just found out that every Thursday all women's clothing is an additional 50% off and every Friday a certain color tag is only .99 cents (B & R Thrift Store).

Note to You: I was told by I Goodie 2 Shoes that I suffer from Macy's Madness... y'all already know I luvme some Macy's but if you ask me... I think Patience is Virtue when it comes to thrifting!
Question: If you are a thrifter... tell me how did you get started and what can you recommend and/or suggest me to do when going thrifting???!!!

Peace, Love, & Fashion