Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Talk Tuesday… Money Talk!

Did you get an opportunity to watch the TLC Movie: Crazy, Sexy, Cool last night?

I watched it and was LIVE tweeting while watching go back and check out some of my commentary during the show over on Twitter. Although most of them will make you laugh it was no laughing matter that TLC worked as hard as they did not get the RESPECT and MONEY that they deserved. At the end of the day… Folks will ALWAYS see your GLORY but NEVER know your story. We all have a story and it’s up to us if we choose to share it. Just remember your story could help someone… you never know who you may be helping when sharing.  

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter then you have seen me talk about my friend who lost her son over a pair of sneakers. YES, you read that right a pair of tennis shoes.
I won’t go into full details about the situation as the case still has to go to court but no parent should have to bury their child. Folks these days do not value life… they put their value into clothes, cars, sex, and money.

Speaking of money… Have y’all seen the new Benjamin Franklin? Yeah, Ben got a ‘face lift” so much so that it sort of look UNREAL! Looking at this note ~ This “piece of paper” has caused folks to lose their minds, their family, their dignity, and even their life. I totally understand money is to better life for people but it seems to be causing more lifelessness than LIFE itself. I know money should make life easier because it gets you STUFF and some people allow STUFF to satisfy them and think STUFF is what makes them but none of that STUFF is more important than life itself. In case you are wondering… there are a few things money can’t buy: Love, Happiness, Hugs, Personality, Thoughtfulness, Kindness, and Smiles! Try giving someone something that money can’t buy and they will cherish it forever! I know we all want money as I do but I REFUSE to kill and/or sell my soul just to have it.

Truth be told: it’s nothing wrong with having and wanting money… it’s when “greed” play a part. And, in my honest opinion I feel that GREED was definitely a factor when it came to TLC Music Career and Joshua death.

Biggie said it best: Mo Money Mo Problems

 Via Youtube
NOTE TO YOU: If you have money and/or getting money just be smart about earning, spending, and saving!
For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. ~1 Timothy 6:10
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Peace, Love, Faith, & Fashion  Money

Monday, October 21, 2013

Just Another MANICure Monday.... TR Love Cosmetics Review!

HolĂ ! Happy Monday Loves…

Last week I shared that I purchased Tami Roman of Basketball Wives the new nail polish & gloss from her TR Love Cosmetics. Well, I got an opportunity to use the nail polish and I can honestly say that I’m very impressed with the overall results.
1st off let me just say upon ordering the polish it shipped really fast and it arrived safely and secured as I have my share of HORROR stories with polishes being mailed.

The polish came on very smooth and dried fairly fast. (drying fast is ALWAYS a concern for me because I like to polish my nails on the go) I applied (2) two coats however the color came on evenly with just one coat.

Color: Make it Reign - With Flash

The only hiccup I ran into is the way that the top screw off… Be very careful because the cap is not connected to the actual paint brush top and when I initially open the top polish splattered over my hands and clothes but I no worries I was quick and had polish remover on deck to clean it up.

Color: Make it Reign - Without Flash

What I like most is what you see is what you get. The color applied exactly how it appears in the bottle which I LOVE because I have ordered color from other lines and it appeared totally different once the polish was applied. That’s totally unlikely with this brand. Also, I’m in awe with the shape of the bottle and how it can be easily stored on my polish shelf! It’s obvious Tami knows her polish… Kudos to her and her new cosmetics line; she has definitely gained another polish addict customer in me! But WAIT... I just found out that the line will be sold in 400 Walgreen stores!!!! That's major... I know out of the 400 stores that it's coming to the "ATL" I just hope it's coming to a Walgreen store near me! 

Image via TR Love Cosmetics

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NOTE TO YOU: What new polish brands have you tried lately and what was your experience?

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Just Another MANICure Monday... featuring my FAVE mani's!

Ok, so we are back at Monday and guess what I don’t have a new Manicure. ~shrugs

So, I’m sharing my Nail Mail from last week

Nail Dotter

BBW Tami Roman TR Love Cosmetics Nail & Lip Gloss Collection - I can't wait to crack this open.

Also, I wanted to feature a few inspired Mani’s from a few Bloggers, Instagramers and friends who have linked up and showed off their Mani’s.

MANICure Monday is a weekly nail polish/mani link-up that will be rotated between Lipgloss and Binky and yours truly: LA Lynn's

NOTE TO YOU: Although, I didn't do my mani for this post I'm hoping to get it done before the week is over. So, stop back by to take a peek in the meantime the link is below... link up and show off your Manicure.
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday… Photo-Shoot Fresh

I had the pleasure of being in front of the camera and KiSheyna aka Kiwi of Kiwi The Beauty was behind the camera. She has an eye for creating. If you all have been following me for a while then you already know that I pretty much strike the same poses but with Kiwi imagination she was able to direct me with different poses and make the photos come to life. Simply put… Kiwi captured so many amazing photo’s that I wish I could post them all but since I can’t enjoy these for the moment because if you follow me on any social sites you will be seeing more of them in circulation!   

~ WARNING: Picture Heavy ~

Make-up by: Married 2 Makeup

We had sooo much FUN working together that there are simply not enough words to describe her upbeat attitude and dedication to make sure that the photos were perfected!

I highly thank you Kiwi for your patience and taking the time to shoot moi! I’m ready for the next photo-shoot!

Remember: It’s not the camera that takes good pictures… It’s the photographer!

NOTE TO YOU: When was the last time you did a photo shoot? If you are in the Atlanta area be sure to contact Kiwi for you photography needs. {You can thank me later} J

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Peace, Love, & Fashion Photo shoot Fresh

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Liebster Award + Inspired Looks!

I was tagged by Bobbie over at Its Bobbies World for the The Liebster Award which bring other hard working bloggers (new and veterans) to the forefront (paying it forward).



 So, let me get started to answering my questions  

1.    How long have you been blogging? 2 ½ years
2.    How did your name come about for your blog? My blog name has 3 different meanings: 1st – “Lost Angel” I was always raised in the church but there were times when I felt that I was a “Lost Angel” but the fact remains that we all have fallen short but by God’s grace and mercy we are still here! 2nd – My love for LA and 3rd my love for Lovely Accessories. And, of course my name is: Lynn
3.    Describe yourself in 3 words? Saved, Sociable, and Sweet
4.    Describe your fashion style? Hmmm… I’m unable to describe it or put it into words so I’ll just say: I’m very versatile – I wear what I feel. 
5.    Favorite accessory? Physically: My Smile & Materially: Earrings
6.    Natural or Relaxed hair? Both
7.    Favorite food? Medium well steak with baked potato on the side w/ cheese, butter, and sour cream and Sweet Tea
8.    Favorite sport/team? Basketball – LA Lakers of course
9.    Favorite place to travel and why? Vegas – the place where memories are made
1. Fall is right around the corner, what accessory are you looking forward to wearing? I folks like FALL but in all honesty I’m REALLY not hear for the FALL weather… But if I must I would have to say: Boots and Scarfs

I gladly nominate whomever wants to participate you are welcome to use the 
10 questions listed above!

I also, wanted to share a few of my style inspiration that I’ve posted on IG a few days ago.

If you follow Stushigal Style on IG then you may know that she has a segment called #StyleSnatchin’ and here’s a few looks that inspired me so I snatched their style!

Inspiraed look: Fashion Kid on IG & Portia of Thoughts of a Serial Thinker

Inspired look: Chioma of CS Evolution of Style

NOTE TO YOU: Do you pull style inspiraton from other bloggers?  How do you feel about someone Snatchin' your Style?

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I’m a little late for the link up but I’m linking up.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Just Another MANICure Monday… Magic in a bottle!

Happy Monday... Hope u guys enjoyed your weekend as I did. Ok, let me just tell y’all about my lil trip to Target yesterday. I went in for one thing and came out with a basket full. Ugh... Don't you just HATE that! LOL!

I was just minding my own business when this polish just JUMPED right out at me.

But I'm surely glad it did. This polish was like magic in a bottle.

With Flash

Without Flash

It came on smooth & dried really fast which is WINNING if you ask me!

MANICure Monday is a weekly nail polish/mani link-up that will be rotated between Lipgloss and Binky and yours truly: LA Lynn's

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