Saturday, December 31, 2011

Vision Board Party

Howdy Folks… We have reached a new day… the last day of this year - 2011!
 I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” to all my blog buddies and *waving* at the spammers and spectators too

As we prepare to get all dolled up to go to church, club, partying, watch the PEACH or BALL drop, or just sit at home around the fire place and watch movies let’s all prepare ourselves for yet another YEAR to come that will grant us with new opportunities!!!!

Do you all have any plans for tonight? As for me and my household we will be serving the LORD! Yesssss… we will be churchin’ it! However, I did want to go out and do something a lil different since we ALWAYS bring in the New Year at church. I thought it would be fun & exciting to switch things up for once but to my surprise nothing seemed more inviting to me than to go to church and come home to EAT, hang out with my family, watch movies and FINISH up my Vision Board/Book!

Well, I actually have to give credit to:  Imperfect Concepts for making me realize that my plans for the NYE didn’t sound as bad as I made them seem. It’s just that I heard so many ppl talking about their NYE plans including “bloggers” that were going out for NYE that I didn’t wanna seem like such a BORING blogging party bopper!

At any rate… My sister-N-law had a Vision Board Party over a week ago and we had soooo much FUN!
We talked, we laughed, ate, shared each other ideas, there were successful woman speakers among the speakers was her friend who is an author of the book: picture perfect, and of course I was there selling a few accessories! I mean what’s a Vision Board Party w/o a lil shopping… lol

*** Here are the pic's from the Vision Party ***
Picture Heavy



There was so much stuff that I wanted to incorporate on my Vision Board that I didn’t get a chance to fully complete my board on the day of the party. I plan on completing my board tonight and I’m also strongly thinking about doing a Vision Book which  Imperfect Concepts put in my head as well. This was my 1st time hearing about the Vision Book & it sounds like such an awesome idea!

BTW, be sure and check out Imperfect Concepts  They offer some high end piece online for a great price and if you shop now you can save 15% by using coupon code: HOLIDAY! Why buy RETAIL when you can purchase  RESALE!

Well I’m sure you all are busy getting ready for your NYE plans for tonight no one is blogging but lil ole me!!!!
Lastly, I’m NOT big on New Years Resolutions but I do embrace change and pray that I become a better: Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Niece, Friend and just a BETTER ME!!!!

~ Change begins with ME ~

Note to Self: Write the vision and make it plain because without a vision, the people will perish! With that being said I have no plans on perishing and plan to LIVE!!!!!

Living my VISION in 2012!!!!!

Let the countdown begin…

Whatever your plans are please be SAFE!!!! I want to see and hear from everyone that I am in contact with today in the New Year!!!!!

~Cheers to a peaceful and prosperous New Year ~

Peace, Love, & Fashion


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My UGG-LY Boots!!!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday! As for me, I didn’t get that iPad I wanted… but spending time with my dear love ones was worth much more than any gift wrapped under the tree!

At any rate, I did get a lot of kool stuff: Michael Kors Signature handbag, Coach Signature Purse, F21 Sequin Clutch, Gift Cards, Perfume and some UGG-LY boots! Yessss… you READ it right – UGG-LY!!!! These are my 1st pair of UGGS – I always wanted a pair but REFUSED to pay the price for such UGG-LY boots!  

My Ugg - ly Boots!
 I know you are probably wondering whyyyy would I want anything that I consider UGLY???!!!! Glad you ask… I am SERIOUSLY attracted to UGLY!!!! Not the ACT of being UGLY but more like I admire and seek different or out of the ordinary! Even as a teenager I was the pretty girl that attracted the UGLY boys… it’s just something about being different that I LOVE! I’m PROUD to say that I’m NOT considered the norm and what most ppl think is UGLY – I may think it’s the cutest thang ever!!!! Here are a few examples of the cutest lil ugly-ness that I LOVE! 

Musical Genius... Weezy!!!!

UGLY Christmas Sweaters... iAdore!

Gollum - fictional character from: Lord of the Rings

Vibram Five Fingers

All time fave - E.T. : Phone Home!

A Smart Car & it's PINK!

A lot of folks give this girl the blues... Tiny -  Family Hustle

Lastly, let me not forget about my nail polish mix-up!
If you follow me on Twitter then you probably witness a few of my ranting tweets about my UGLY doo-doo Brown Nail Polish
I was loving the color all the way down to the name: Shim-merry Chic

This is what the OPI color looks like all bottled UP  

Actually after wearing it all day on Christmas and glancing down at my hands a few times the color started to grow on me & I began to like it! So, I guess the old saying is true: If you look at something long enough you can grow to LIKE it or even LOVE it!

The finish L@@K!
 Ok, back to the subject at hand… “My UGG-LY Boots” - let me just tell youuuuu…. When I 1st stuck my feet in these boots I was in “FEET HEAVEN”. It felt like I was walking on clouds… I kind of understand why I see so many ppl wearing them. I mean REALLY I don’t want to take them off they are so comfortable. If I could sleep in them I would… (LOL) That sheepskin is the best foot luxury my toes have ever experience!!!! I have been rocking these UGG-LY boots every since I got them and the only reason why I don’t have them on today is because it is RAINING!!!! 

Here's a few pics featuring My UGG-LY Boots & I   

 Since I now know the comfort of these boots I am already considering purchasing another pair... (this time I will gladly pay for them)! ~Here are a few of my UGG-LY picks that I saw while browsing the website.

Lynnea Studs   -  $240

Arroyo Weave Clog Tall  -  $375

Edmonton   -  $350

Multi Logo Tall   -  $130

Do you like any of my above picks OR are you even a FAN of the UGG-LY boots???
Well, I can admit that I am a lil different but that's what makes me ME!!!!
What I have learned is… NOT everybody is going to like what you like; that’s the JOY of being yourself!

~Don't be ashamed to be different it takes all types of people to make up the world - Be PROUD that GOD mad you like no one else!
Remember: UGLY is in the EYE of the Beholder!!!!

*Disclaimer - This is NOT an excuse for you to ACT UGLY! Also, the SUN is actually shining today... I started this post on yesterday when it was raining*

Until next time…

Peace, Love, & Fashion


Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!!!!

It's been over a month since I last updated my blog… Initially, I thought I would just take a break to try and catch up on things around the house, office, my business, and personal life but low and behold my laptop decided to CRASH!!!!! So - I have been breaking wayyyy longer than I anticipated! O, and for the record... that’s NOT the only computer we have in the house but YES that was the only working one!!!! LOL!!!! So, I’m praying to the PC Gods for an iPad… (of course, if that is his will) If not, I’ll settle for a working PC over a non-working one any day!!!!

At any rate, I’m currently on a borrowed PC because I could not go w/o wishing my blog buddies Happy Holidays!!!! I just wanted to personally put it in writing that: I miss you all and to wish everyone a VERY Merry CHRISTmas and if you don’t participate and or celebrate CHRISTmas for whatever reason I still want to extend my gratitude and say: Happy Holidays!!!!!

This photo is from last Christmas... we have been so busy we didn't even get a chance to take our Annual Family Pic :'(
Before I go… let me just tell you all that I have made soooo many connections over these past few months of blogging and I am really grateful for each and every one of you! I know I communicate with most of you via Twitter, Facebook, Email, and/or Phone but I did want to officially apologize for disappointing you all with keeping up with my blog posts over this past month and hopefully, I didn’t lose any of my blog buddies due to the lack of posts… BUT life happens. *shrugs*

* Here are a few pic's from our most recent Holiday celebrations * 

Check out my Nneka Saran handbag... I will have to give you details in another post! :-)

The Hubby & I

"Holiday Fun at The Office"
Well, I better get going… I still have a few more gifts to buy!!!! I just may pick me up something while I’m out shopping. Hmmm… Do you buy a Christmas gift for yourself???!!!! Or do you spend it all on love ones. Please share – I would love to hear from you!!!!

WAITTTT - one last thing... I had to share this with you guys - Ck out the PINK DECOR I came across while searching the web!!!! *faints*

Awww... this is just darling... I AM soooo trying to have a PINK Christmas at my home next year!!!! (If the hubby agree... fingers crossed) lol

Ok, I'm out for real this time... I promise to catch up with all the blogs that I follow REAL SOON! PLEASE Be Patient with me... GOD is NOT finish with me yet!

Be Safe, Have Fun, & Enjoy…
Remember the REASON for the SEASON!!!!!

Until next time…

Pink, Peace, Love, & Fashion


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

EBEW: Colored Tights

Hiya bloggies... I’m having a “Thankful Tuesday”!!!!
1st off I learned that an Atlanta Songstress is currently in a play called the Social Network took the stage and rocked the audience while wearing some FLY Feather Earrings that was made by yours truly that she purchased a few months back from my shoppe, 2nd - I found out that I was the winner of iStyle Giveaway, 3rd - I got a call from a totally different Playwriter that wants me to come out on Sunday to accessorize some of the cast for a production that is currently being filmed right here in ATLANTA and last and definitely not least to TOP things off I got a chance to participate in EBEW Challenge  by wearing some cool tights today! J

This look took me back to my playground days! As much as I like colored & pattern tights I can’t help but to think about the younger years so I had to take a few pictures at the Playground.

I enjoyed pairing this FIT together... This was a REALLY fun & playful Challenge !

My entire look was compliments of JCPenney (excluding the shoes – Brash via Payless & Accessories via LA Lynn's)… I had several coupons & took advantage of JCPenney sale over the weekend. I think this is the most I have EVER shopped at “Pennys” as my Mom like to called it!

Question: Have you ever purchased something just because you had a coupon???

As always thanks for taking the time & adding a dose me in your LYFE today!

Also, before I go I must pay my respects by saying RIP Joe Frazier & Heavy D!!!! 
Whew... I just saw Heavy D in the movie Tower Heist over the weekend!

Remember to LIVE, LOVE, & LAUGH because you never know when it may be your LAST


Peace, Love, & Fashion