Friday, April 29, 2011

Royalty at its FINEST!!!!

Ok, I was not going to write today as I promised myself to limit my blog posts to once a week because I wouldn’t want to bore my audience with my babblings… But, I found it really amusing that I am in love with love and couldn’t help myself but to love the fact that everywhere I turned everyone was talking about the ROYAL WEDDING!!!! I was NOT awake for the 4 a.m. ROYAL WEDDING but I would have loved to have been in the presence. I would have absolutely been ecstatic to have been physically in the comfort of the ROYALTIES. Or, I could have simply just set my alarm clock 2 ½ hrs earlier so that I could have awaken to the enjoyment of having the pleasure of viewing the Royal Wedding on TV in the ROYAL comfort of my bed or living room. However, I did capture a few fashionable highlights of the ROYALNESS that I would love to share!!!!

Kate making her grand entrance… her maid of honor, sister Pippa helps with the over 8-feet long train wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

Men in the Uniforms… gotta love it!!!!
Royal Smiles…
I absolutely LOVE the way that they look at each other 
The QUEEN & PRINCE had the BEST seats… what do you expect from such ROYALTY!

Hats OFF to the HATTERS ROYALTY!!!!!

Kudos to Kate’s DIY make-up… my kind of girl saving $$$ by doing her own make-up NOT that she has to save $$$ she’s married into RICHES & ROYALTY now!!!! J


This picture is one of my favorite’s… check out the little attendant
Now, that the Royal Wedding is over… I wish William & Kate a Royal Marriage for many years to come!!!! 

Picture Source: People

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Day Late & A Dollar Short

I may be a day late but I would still like to wish everyone a HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY!!!!
Webster defines the word resurrection as: the act of rising from the dead. Such act many of us may be able to relate to. However, there are some people that find themselves walking among the dead and/or sleep walking. But, it is TIME to wake-up!!!! I have been extremely busy this past week that I may have been among the dead. Just this past week, I had my wake-up call and realized that I was just existing and throughout my existence I came to understand that not everybody who started this journey with me are compelled to make it to the finish line with me. What I do know is that God didn’t bring me this far to leave me. Therefore, I am comfortable in knowing that I can walk in greatness because I am destined to do so. With that being said my past week journey was super busy and super blessed… which consisted of: A Trip w/ my hubby to New Orleans, My Baby Girl 14th Birthday, My Senior Child Prom, A New Hair Do for Me, Women of Purpose Fashion Show, and Lastly, but NOT least Resurrection Day celebration w/ Family & Friends! I’m such a lucky girl. Oops, that’s a understatement... I’m such a “BLESSED WOMAN”!!!!
I would like to share a few pictures of the HIGHLIGHT of my trip to New Orleans aka Awlins as we like to say in Georgia:
So Good Accessory Shop!!!! ~Every girls dream~
  My Favorite color P!NK & ZEBRA theme...
Accessory Heaven!!!!
 Hanging Out w/ the hubby on the balcony of our Hotel... it's such a blessing to be married to my FRIEND! 

To TOP the night off... the NIGHT CAP consisted of some WINE for the NON-ALCOHOLIC drinker in me w/ a nice PLUSH ROBE to SLUMBER in the comfort of The HOTEL MONTELEONE SUITE at the French Quarter.


Smoochez... *MUAH*

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

~What’s in a Name???!!!

When I first came up with the idea to go ahead and expand my “Basket Bizness”… I actually drew a BLANK trying to come up with a business name for my “Fashion Accessory Boutique” almost like writers BLOCK. It took several weeks of brainstorming. I knew that picking the right name would be very essential to the business. Because at the end f the day, the name of your business can either make you or break you… Ultimately, I wanted something different but at the same time I knew I wanted a name that was EyE Popping, catchy, and yet not too long or difficult to pronounce, spell, and/or remember. Over the course of several weeks a quantity of names went through my head from Jewels by Lynn, Efie Lynn Accessories, PrettyInP!NK, P!NK Jewelry, PPT – Pretty P!NK Thingz, to trying to use my daughters initials L & K. I even had my daughters brainstorming and playing the NAME GAME giving them the opportunity to try and help MOM decide which direction I wanted to go in with naming my Boutique. I knew that I couldn’t move forward without a name so I just researched several different names even tried making up words by taking 2 letters of one word and adding it with another (Ex. FAACEL – Fashion Accessories by EL). Then one afternoon while laying across my bed I decided to write words down that described how I felt when buying and wearing accessories… The key words were Lovely and Beautiful but for some reason the word “LOVE” stood out BOLDLY!!!! Then it came clear to me that I always express that GOD is LOVE and w/o LOVE nothing can exist…   The fact that I LOVE ACCESSORIES made it easier for me to realize that the word LOVE would have to play a major part in the name. So, I took the two words and put them together:  Love+Accessories = Lovely Accessories by Lynn which made it an easy decision to personalize my business by using my name and what my business stands for…  Also, given the fact that I am a TRUE LAKERS fan has absolutely NOTHING to do with it but it does help a little with the attraction to the name. It doesn’t hurt to see LA in front of my name…

Lastly, of course I wasn’t done just yet. I had to research and make sure that the name was not already taken as I would have been heartbroken. I researched and found that there is a similar name out there which I rather NOT name… However, they are in another COUNTRY which helps out a lot too! (Tehehehe) But, for the record LA Lynn’s was not on the market and was up for grabs just for me to have… Viola!!!! And, the Boutique name shall be: LA Lynn’s

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Step in my Stilettos…

Just in case you failed to read the link to the right that tells you all “ABOUT ME”… allow me to RE-INTRODUCE myself:

My name is Efie Lynn and I am proud to announce that I am on a mission to start my own “Accessory Boutique” named: LA Lynn’s. I have had a “Passion for Fashion” every since I was a toddler! I believe that fashion is a self expression and tells a story of who we really are. My fashion story would tell you that I have a love for accessories, handbags, perfume, and of course shoes! My Passion has grown an extra mile and my heart beat faster at the sight of “Fashion Accessories”… so, my Passion for Fashion has developed into an “Obsession for Accessories” over the years. I love shopping and searching for great deals which includes finds at boutiques, department stores as well as thrift stores. So, I’ve decided to turn my “Obsession with Fashion Accessories” and my “Love for Shopping” into a business so that I can enjoy doing what I love all while being able to help others get the BEST QUALITY and the BEST DEALS… which is my main focus!!!! Lastly but not least, I am a devoted wife and Mother of two wonderful daughters whom both have inherited a unique sense of style of their very own.

My “Fashion” Style: I am a true believer in the saying… Fashion fades and Style is forever. So, I like to dipple and dapple in what’s HOTT, Trendy, New, and Old (Vintage). As far as fashion goes, I'm not afraid to try new things and am very open when it comes to mixing and matching pieces. I can't really describe my style with one word. But, if I had to sum my style up in one word I would have to say: Confidence”. I approach my wardrobe with the confidence to take something old and add new accessories and make it look like a totally new outfit. I really never plan an outfit as you can’t really plan your day… I always wake up in the morning I thank God for a new day and whatever mood I’m in usually determines what I’m going to wear. Sometimes, I may feel in an upbeat mood and choose something color-funky, when I’m feeling DIVAlicious I put on my DIVA-Stilettos and then other times I’m feeling more laid back and throw on flats!!!! Then let’s not forget the rainy days when I just want to rock my rain boots and jeans… Oh what a scene.

Although, I absolutely love COLORS. Just so we are clear... I heart the COLOR P!NK with a PASSION!!!! To sum things up about me I just try to wear what makes me comfortable and strive to be the BEST me that the CREATOR chose me to be!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. ----> Faith Is Needed All Lynn's Life Yah!!!!

Ohla, everyone... by FAITH I have FINALLY decided to start blogging!!!! I have been battling with this decision for quite some time now. In the beginning, which was the first of the year 2011, I was going to start a “Journey about my daughters” being that I have a Senior child that’s  due to graduate in May of this year and a 8th grader that will be headed to high school next year. So, I wanted to blog about their milestone years. Then it came to me that I already Facebook enough about their lives. So, I put the blog-loving idea to REST. Then it came to me again while in conversation with my husband about expanding my “Basket Bizness” by starting a Online and Mobile Accessory Boutique Shoppe where I will sell "Fashion Accessories" online as well as deliver locally. The initial plan was to start blogging on April 1st... but, who was I kidding??? My PC crashed so that became the BIGGEST April FOOL’S Joke in my life. I finally put my PC in the shop and got it repaired so here I am BLOGGING. As of today, Monday April 11th marks a new day and a new venture… my blogging journey begins as I have decided to commit myself to blogging about my “Obsession with Accessories”, “Fashion Finds”, and my Journey of starting my Online and Mobile Accessory Boutique Shoppe!!!!
Please bear with me while I embark on this “New Journey” that is set forth….

Patience is virtue… I’m not PERFECT and GOD is NOT finish with me yet.

Okay, Okay, BLAH-BLAH let’s not get over excited let’s just hope that I can be half as good at blogging as I am a Wife, Mother, and Daughter!!!! ~wink

Thanks for stopping by and let’s have some FASHION FUN!!!!

~To be continued~