Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Living Legend… Lady O!!!!

Oprah Winfrey show has come to an end after 25 YEARS…!!!! *TEARS*

Last Wednesday marked the finale of the Oprah Winfrey Talk Show. It's been stated that it is still a little early to calculate how many millions of people actually tuned in to Oprah Winfrey's finale. The finale was dedicated to the FANS... she has had an AMAZING run!!!! That I must give R-E-S-P-E-C-T where it is do. The Talk Show Queen is worthy of it! I know there are some that do not watch and/or like Oprah for whatever reason but I must say that I absolutely admire and love Lady “O” (as I like to refer to her as) She is truly a leading lady in my book. From one of my Favorite movies “The Color Purple” to “Harpo Studios” She has given people a reason to believe in themselves. In my eyes… Lady O is a Leader, Love, Inspiration, Hope, Caregiver, Motivator, Beauty, Kind, Humble, Caring, and a Diamond in the RUFF that has become a TRUE GEM!!!! *Bling, Bling*

Looking back O-ver the years:


Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.
                                                                                              ~ Oprah Winfrey

~Remember: She didn’t get FIRED; nor is she RETIRED; she’s just moving into a new journey!!!!

I guess I will have to continue to support her by watching OWN & reading her Mags

Lady Oprah is my SHERO!!!!

Enjoying a Summer Breeze, Sweet Tea, & Lady O
Personal Message from Me to You (Lady O): Thank you for 25 enlightening and entertaining years. Most of all thank you for closing out the show with God in the center of it all!!!! Much Love & Many Blessings

 ~Oprah Winfrey Show has come to an end, but may her legacy live on…

Photo Source: Various Websites & my OWN!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Don’t allow folks to overshadow your VISION!

As previously stated my blog was designed for me to journal my new journey. I knew from the very start that this blog would become more that just that. That's why the blog sub-title includes Faith, Fashion, & Fun because those 3 words are  close to my heart as well as... Family. I can see this blog blossoming into so much more. However, I will continue to highlight you all on the journey as it continue to develop but everything is always within God’s timing. The process has been STOP-N-GO so when I’m giving the instruction to MOVE... I will be on READY-SET-GO!!!!

On yesterday, a close friend of mine invited me to her church at KLM for friends and family day. It felt as though the Apostle was speaking directly to me. (Isn’t it weird when the word of God speaks into your life?) Well, it’s called confirmation… in other words: “That’s Gods way of whispering into your ear”. ~LISTEN~

Sometimes, we can allow others to cloud our vision and lately the word overshadow has been floating in my head… So, I have decided no matter who or what is in my life I know that I will not allow IT to overshadow WHO I AM!!!!

Overshadow means:
Ø  To cast a shadow over; darken or obscure.
Ø  To make insignificant by comparison; dominate.
Apostle Harrison message on yesterday was read from 2 Kings 4:2-7 “It’s in the House” meaning that I have everything I need inside of me to get what it is that I am seeking! I was able to pull so much wisdom and understanding out of that message and would like to share a few with you…

• Believe in yourself and the extraordinary inner power you can harness to transform your life.

• Don’t allow negative people to influence you: God will begin to shift and move all the negativity around you.

• Accept the fact that you will make mistakes – how you deal with them is the crucial point.

• No one is perfect; we all have imperfections. Leave your judgmental mind behind because it slows progress down. A mind that avoids judgment is always open and available for  new ideas and fresh input.

• Don’t think small if you want BIG results you must think BIG; the greater the risk the greater the reward.

• Dare to be different. Be original, Be innovative, Be groundbreaking… BE YOU!

• Lastly, never allow anyone to overshadow you and your innate talents. Remember, your talents are God’s gift to you and how you use them are your gift back to him.

Change your mindset and hold your head UP and understand that what God has for you... it is for you!!!!

What you are looking for is already inside of you… so STOP searching!!!!

~Note to Self: It’s up to ME to continue to allow my vision to flourish because I am a VISIONARY and it’s in the HOUSE!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother’s Day 365!!!!!

As I reflect on this past week Mother’s Day… I have come to grips with the fact that it’s underlie overrated because “MOTHERS” should be celebrated each and every day of the year!!!! Not just one day in May and NOT just because I am a Mother but, simply because Motherhood is such a wonderful blessing from GOD!!!! God trusted Mothers enough to allow us to bear children and our gift back to him is to nurture them and prepare them for life.
I am VERY thankful for Motherhood daily because it’s a simple JOY to wake up to my two (2) daughters smiling faces but I am also most grateful for my MOM!!!! She’s my best friend and everything that a child could ask for in a MOM. As for family & friends that has lost their Mother… my heart goes out to them as I couldn’t imagine life without mine. I can say truly say that I enjoyed Facebook on this particular day... just being able to witness over half my FB friends change their profile pics to their beautiful Mothers just made my heart skip a beat. With that being said, In honor of Motherhood... I would like to share pictures of my Mom & I, My girls & I, and a few of my FB Celebrities that are among my friend list with their undeniably fashionable Mothers and/or child(ren):

The reason why my heart beat... My MOM & I
My daughters Kanesha (L) & Lakeeta "Kee-Kee" (R) and of course yours truly in the CENTER

Celebrating 3 generations w/ Celeb Friend Lisa (Far Right), Mom (C) & Sisters (L) & (R)

Celebrating 3 generations w/ Celeb Friend NickiPep (L), Daughter Morgan (R) & Mom (C)

Celebrity Friend Rhonda w/ her Future Pro Football Player Son DeMarcus

Celebrity Friend Lady Cha-Cha & her Crew... this is why she grind so HARD!

Celebrity Friend Yolanda w/ her beautiful children Toyia & Lil Bro
Women of God... Celebrity Friend Val & her beautiful Mom

Celebrity Friend & cousin Tara & Mom

Celebrating 3 generations w/ Celebrity Friend Nakita, Daughter Imani & Mom
Celebrity Sisters Keba & Neke with their beautiful Mom

Celebrity Friend & Cousin Joy w/ daughters Savannah & Rene

Celebrity Friend & Cousin Kim w/ daughter Monie & Son Mikey
Celebrity Friend Tangela & Mom

Celebrity Friend Kari aka SUNFLOWER w/ her adorable girls

Ok, this one was just recently posted by my celebrity friend Lisa...
Welcome Baby Madison into the WORLD!!!!

~All of my friends that are MOTHERS & the ones who are not but still support MOTHERHOOD are truly celebrities in my eyes as they are SUPERSTARS... It takes a real STAR to shine in the WORLD with children.
 May God continue to strengthen and bless all the MOTHERS of the Universe!!!!
If no one has told you and even if they have I would like to take this opportunity to say
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY 365 Days a year!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let’s Celebrate Cinco De Fashion!!!!

As the saying goes: “Favor Ain’t Fair” - It’s the same way when it comes to Fashion. Some folks are blessed with it and some or NOT! So, I have decided monthly that I will put the spotlight on someone who has been blessed with “Fashion Favor” and today will mark my 1st “Fashion Favor” blog post and since it’s Cinco De Mayo I will call it: “Cinco De Fashion”.

Fashion Favor Spotlight goes to: Gigi Sharpe - Personal Shopper & Owner/Founder of Sistas with Styles Empowerment Organization and Styles of Prosperity Boutique.
 I had the pleasure of attending Styles of Prosperity Sneak Peek on last Saturday April 30th at the “Sista’s House” and I must say it’s ever so FASHIONABLE!!!!
Fashion Favor Q&As:
When did you 1st discover your favor? About 5 years ago. I watched this house for 3yrs, knocked on the door and left notes. The owner stated that she was selling the house and was not interested. Then just this year the owner called me up and stated that she was ready to make a deal. So, I moved on it. Things may NOT happen in our timing but it will always happen in God’s timing.
What made you fast forward your favor and actually move on it? I begin to release some things in my life and closed doors and realized my true passion. I had worked at TJX for 18yrs. In merchandising as a Store Manager and I kept saying to myself “It has to be another way out”.
What has been the biggest hiccup? Trying to do everything all by myself. Finally Let Go & Let God.
Whats the most favorable part? Being able to see everything come to pass as I have imagine it and God sending people my way.
What encouraging words and/or advice would you offer the next Fashionista? 1st Seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all will be added.  When you trust GOD you can’t go wrong. Sacrifice something to get what you have been seeking.

Fashion Accessories
Sista Gigi doing her thang!

A look inside the Boutique


Another View
A sista w/ a great Spirit & Style
Gigi & I
"Sistas House"
For your shopping pleasure, photography, and elegant venue purposes please be sure to visit Sistas House at:
185 North Jeff Davis Fayetteville, GA 30214 & tell her I sent ya! J

Monday, May 2, 2011

“To Beard OR Too Weird”

As with all NEWS… I have to make it FASHIONABLE.

Last Night, President Barack Obama address the nation and reported that one the greatest terrorist Osama bin Laden was killed by US Forces. Osama was the mastermind behind the 9/11 terror attacks that killed thousands of Americans. Osama played the hide and seek game with our Military Troops for almost a decade. What stood out the most about the MOST WANTED face of Terrorism was his realm of evil eyes and his long Islamic beard.. which I like to call a chinstrap.

With that being said... I think chinstraps are AWESOME!!!! However, they must be carefully groomed at ALL TIMES. A guy chinstrap can either make or break him. Some seek to grow their beards do to religions reasons, signify wisdom, swagger, fad, and/or just because they simply want to grow a beard. Whatever the reason is… I just hope it is FRESH & CLEAN because with all hair it can get NASTY if not properly cared for. I would like to share how some rock their chinstrap and if you think it’s ok To Beard OR is it TOO Weird????  

           Lil Jon                                                                       Method Man

                      Backbone Dungeon Family Own                             

  Rick Ross

Ludacris                                 Ice Cube

Questlove of "The Roots"

There's no wrong way to sport a beard, just like there's no wrong way to EAT a Reese's ~Danko
Photo Source: Various Sites