Wednesday, September 28, 2011

P!NK Panther…

Hiya lovelies, I can't believe it's HuMp Day already... I am still recuperating from this past eventful weekend!!!!

~Baby Shower, Wedding, Fashion Show, 
Class Reunion & A Surprise B-Day Party~
*In that order*

I was on the GO NON-STOP… like a Pink Panther going from one event to the next.
There were soooo many pictures taken that I will just share the pics from the
Baby Shower and the Wedding 1st and then follow-up with another post later in the week with the other pics.


Diaper Cake

Guest Favors

MOM-TO-BE Brandi & I

I'm still tripping over the fact that she's preggo... lol

Still working HEELS... Who said you can't be pregnant & FLY???!!!!

After the Baby Shower I went straight to the Wedding... 
Did I mention: I absolutely LOVE Baby Showers & Weddings both are blessings & symbolize new beginnings!!!!

My Mom (l) & her friend Edna - Mother of the Bride

Such a beautiful bride...

The dress was GORGE!!!!

The Ceremony

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Williams... May GOD richly bless their UNION!
The P!NK dress that I wore is actually my Birthday dress from last year!

On my Birthday last year... August 2010

A whole year later & this dress is STILL one of my FAVES!!!! NOT only is it my favorite color but it can be worn anywhere regardless of the occassion.

Same dress; different year... September 2011

 Clutch is from last year also!!!!

Yessss... I even wore the same shoes from last year!!!! (Tehehehe)

I think I'm STILL rockin' this P!NK...  what do you THINK???!!!

This is definitely a multi-purpose dress
What I Wore:

Dress: Macy's - (Price unknown)
Shoes: Lavender Sole - $40 (the Owner relocated)
Clutch: JC Penney's Outlet - $12
Accessory Ring: LA Lynn's - $10

P.S. I'm honored & excited that Inez of Style Chic 360 has chosen me to be the Certified Chic Beauty of the week. Be sure to check out her blog she's a super stylish sweetheart!!!!  

* Welcome new followers & thank you ALL for your support *

Have a P!NKTASTIC Day!!!!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

SFAM, RED Lipstick & Stiletto’s

Well, I had the pleasure of meeting (2) two of my favorite bloggers - SFAM???!!! And, if you don’t know the duo – SLAP yo’self… lol No, seriously just SLAP yo’self!!!! Anyway, (rolling eyes) I met up with Reiko & Juanette this past Saturday at Gladys Knight Chicken & Waffles.
You should have been in my shoes because I got a chance to met two FIERCE & FLY chica's!!!!

I simple LOVE the way they stand apart from the crowd. When I arrived at GKCW I immediately spotted them… Upon meeting them it was almost like I had known them forever… We talked, we hugged, and shared a few laughs all while waiting in line to be seated for the Famous Chicken & Waffles. To congratulate Reiko on her recent nuptials I came bearing gifts… yes, gifts… I couldn’t bring 1 a gift and NOT the other. After all they are SFAM!!!! J 

SFAM - Juanette (l) & Reiko (r) - shawty in the middle is ME!!!! lol

Throughout the laughter I had an EAR injury w/ blood gushing out like on a horror film but we were so engaged in our convo that I didn’t even realize I had blood drippin’ all down the side of my face!!!! ~GROSS~ I know right – you had to be there to understand… I’m STILL trying to understand myself! :-/

It was very short lived on my behalf do to previous obligations that I had so I didn’t get to acually sit down and have Brunch with them. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the short meet & greet. It was a JOY & HONOR to meet the wonderful ladies behind such wonderful blogs.
Juanette, Antonia, Reiko, (ME) & Cherie

Later that night Hubby & I was invited to a FIGHT Party… I no absolutely nothing about BOXING!!!! All I know is: Mayweather vs some dude!!!! *SHRUGS

~Same FIT just switched it up a bit~ 
The leopard underneath my shirt is actually a mini skirt

Before the RED Lipstick
RED Lipstick... POW!!!!

*These shoes are REALLY comfortable*

Look like I'm 'bout to do a commercial... lol

*I'm addicted to Animal Print*
What I Wore:

Material Girl RED Lips Tee: Macy's $9 (Clearance + Coupon)
Black Skinnies: Forever 21 $10.50
Christian Siriano Jazz Oxfords: Payless $14.99 (w/ coupon)
Red Heel Stiletto's - JustFabulous $39.99
Leopard Skirt: Macy's $4.99 - (clearance rack) 
Accessories: LA Lynn's & Brooke's Closet - (Red Lip earrings)

Disclaimer: I am really NOT that short as I appear in the above pictures, I DO NOT wear lipstick (only gloss) I was being GROWN & I did take a bath and had on clean undies B 4 busting out the house to go to the FIGHT PARTY!

~Cheers to a Wonderful Weekend~

Peace, Love, & Fashion


Monday, September 19, 2011

Green Goblin

Greetings Earthlings… I come in PEACE!!!!! LOL!!!! Seriously, that was my Facebook post the day that I wore this dress (pictured below). Many of you already know my favorite color is PINK but GREEN is not too far behind on my fave list. It's just that for some reason the color GREEN always reminds me of the Green Goblin (Superman… duhhh)!!!! J

The day that I wore this dress it was 82 degrees in HOTLANTA so it was the perfect opportunity as I am trying to get my Summer clothes that didn't get much wear in rotation before the weather completely turns COLD

There were some REALLY weird things going on while my daughter was taking these pictures: 

·         Two guys in a Oldsmobile kept riding pass us whistling
·         A TRUCK driver asked if we needed help???!!!!
·         Another man drove up and wanted to know who & what we were taking pictures for and even asked for the blog name and business card!!!! So, if you are the guy in the Black Nissan and you are reading this: HELLO!!!!
·         Apparently, we was in “DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE” territory because a gang of DUCKS came & took over
·         Lastly, I stepped in DUCK SH*T!!!!!! #Ewwww….


What I Wore:

Dress: Macy's $9.00 (Clearance + Coupon = SCORE)
Sandals: Old Navy (Over a yr old – can’t remember $$$)
Nine West Clutch: Gifted
Accessories: LA Lynn's

Lesson Learned: Be AWARE of your surroundings at ALL times

What’s the weirdest thing that has happen to you while taking photo’s for your blog????  

Peace, Love, & Fashion


Friday, September 16, 2011

Solid as a ROCK!!!!

It's the weeeeekend baby!!!!! Hope your weekend has started with a BANG... I just wanted to do a really quick post to share pic’s of the Romper that I purchased at FNO Atlanta. I wore it last weekend for my hubby birthday outing. It was just the (2) two of us… We had an early dinner at a spot in Buckhead called Shula's Grill 347 then went on a Mini Shopping Spree at Macy's in Lenox Square Mall. J

Hubby was VERY pleased that he was able to eat & watch FOOTBALL!

Lounging Area

Another view - this side is more of a Romantic Setting
Patio Area
My Entrée... Mahi Mahi w/ double Potatoes - Fries & Baked
My Hubby Entrée... Chicken w/ double Potatoes - Fries & Mash 
Doggie Bag to GO... I can NEVER eat all my food! SMH!

My FAVORITE Macy's location... LENOX!!!!
Shhh... I sneaked a quick pic of the hubby while shopping :D

3 Floors of HEAVEN!!!!! This Macy's is the BOMB.COM!!!!

My Daughter wanted to test out a potential photo shoot on some awesome ROCKS she discovered... so I was her (test) model later on that evening. She took several pic's; I decided to share a few

What I Wore:
Romper: Crystyles Boutique - $32 $ALE
Boots: Isis Boutique - $??? Seriously, forgot but they were on $ALE
Accessories were very limited because the Romper had so much lace detail that I just wore my wedding along with a fashion ring and single bracelet from: LA Lynn's

Shula's Grill 347 has a very nice and inviting atmosphere... they just might want to ADD more side items to the menu. Potatoes is just NOT going to cut it!!!! Other than that the DATE was FANTASTIC!!!!

Hubby is NOT a picky person… if we had stayed home and watched movies that would have been satisfying enough for him! It feels good to know that the LOVE we share is geniune and SOLID as a ROCK!

Have a wonderful & safe weekend & Thanks to all my followers and the wonderful comments... you all ROCK!!!!

Peace, Love, & Fashion