Friday, November 30, 2012

Mary Mary Reality TV Show Girls Night Out Recap

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of attending Girls Night Out for Mary Mary and viewed the Pre-screening of their new Season 2 Reality TV show at AMC Movie Theatre... Also, I apologize in advance for the clarity of the pics: these are the results using a camera phone in dimmed lighting.

Upon arrival the guest was greeted by the host/hostess with Free Popcorn, Drink, and Cake Pops!

With goodies in hand... now ready to see the Pre-screening but not before the lovely recording artist and Radio Host: Darlene Mccoy greet the guest & do trivia questions for an opportunity to win prizes.
Darlene McCoy  & I and yes she was rep'n the Dirty Birds... ATL Baby!
Being that I have never watched not one episode of the 1st Season “Gospel Reality TV” was all new to me. I was aware that they had a Reality Show but to think Gospel singers doing Reality TV… I was liked I’ll pass I mean REALLY what could they possibly have to talk about or have going on that would interest me…. LOL!!!! Humph, to my amazement I was WRONG!!!! Yeah, I can admit when I am WRONG.  The show was/is hands down very entertaining and refreshing that I can’t wait for the Season to kick-off.
Spotted Accessory Chick in the mix... BFF Bloggers: Bernetta Style & Beyond Greatness were there but didn't get a pic
  As for me growing up in a Baptist Church with a Uncle and Cousin as Ministers, Aunt(s) who sing in the choir, serve on the Motherboard, Pastoral Assistants, plays the church organ, and a praying Grandmama & Mama. Even I’ve spent most of my days in Church. I use to spend at least 2-3 days out of the week and even served on the Usher Board Missionary. So I am very familiar with the GOSPEL and I’m NO stranger to CHURCH LIFE & CHURCH FOLKS!!!!
All of the goodies rcv'd

To witness Tina & Erica of Mary Mary on Reality TV I can totally relate because some folks get it twisted and think Church folks supposed to be holier than thou and can’t make any mistakes. Sometimes people put their Ministers on a pedestal and think that he/she can do no wrong but no one that walks this earth is PERFECT! 
Thomasina aka "Goo Goo" ~ Celebrity Stylist and sister/stylist for Mary Mary

Although, I was sooo looking forward to meeting and/or seeing Mary Mary themselves unfortunately, they could not be there but their sister/stylist "GooGoo" was there and she took pictures, answered questions and signed autographs. BTW, she’s a sweetheart and what you see on the screen is what you get!
*** Sneak Peak of the Show ***

Kudos to Mary Mary for bringing the Gospel to Reality TV and allowing viewers to take a look inside their world! Some may think that Christianity is becoming too commercialized but then again everybody is not going to like what you do and everybody don’t want to see you in your PERFECT state… souls are saved when they see your faults and know that if God did it for them he can do it for you; If one soul get saved from watching Mary Mary God will be pleased indeed. It’s not where you come from its where you’re at. Christianity is a work in progress. I’m mean I know this all too well God is STILL working on me!!!! Hmmm… I promise you I ain’t gone PREACH on this POST but I wanna go there ~ my foot is shaking and my fingers are mooooving!!!!
~ Bottom line we all have to be accountable for what we do ~ 

 I’m ‘bout ready for a Mary Mary concert cause them sisters can sannnng… I know Mary Mary songs have gotten me through a lot of rough times… So go get it; go get it GO GET YOUR BLESSING!!!! J

Many thanks to Shecky's for the invite and the wonderful host Praise 102.5, We tv, & Megan's Cake Pops
 Before, I end this post let me just say: "GooGoo" & another young lady that was with her complimented me on my thrifted shirt!!!! Whoohoo... I told them it came from the thrift store for $1.25 and they gave me a thumbs up and said: that's what's up!!!! So, here's a closer look at what I wore: 

Of course... I wore my CROSS EARRINGS!

Madden Girl Killer Wedges... literally!

 What I Wore:

Accessories: LA Lynn's
Polka Dot Shirt ~ Thrifted $1.25
Skirt ~ Ross
Shoes ~ Burlington - They are Madden Girl & sooo not comfortable; these are minute shoes you can only wear them for a minute because they were not made for walking!

Note to You: If you haven’t given the show a chance go ahead and give it a try… I mean REALLY most of us have our guilty pleasures and watch Basketball Wives, Love & Hiphop, and House Wives of Atlanta, New York, & New Jersey and all the other reality shows why not give a positive show with genuine humor, family values, love, and the LOVE of God a chance.

~Until Next Time

Peace, Love, & Fashion Reality TV



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Tradition & Black Friday Recap

If you got out in the Black Friday rush and survived be Thankful!!!!

This is what Walmart looked like when I was there around 10 pm Thanksgiving Night
I get caught up in the rat race every year it’s sooo much FUN and it ALWAYS get me in the Christmas Spirit! Only difference is this year I was not pressed for anything I just went for the fun but got some good deals while out there.

Friends: Paulette, Tracie & I 
The key to Black Friday Shopping: Shop with Family or Friends; have them stand in line while you shop or vice versa! 

 Did you go Black Friday Shopping? If so, did you score any deals?

As for Thanksgiving I hope you all enjoyed it. Because I went innnn *literally* lol

Good Bread; Good Meat... Thank you LORD let's EAT! 
My Family has a Thanksgiving tradition after we EAT we put on a Talent Show and perform different talents/acts… whatever your heart desire then that’s what you do. We have been doing this since I can remember and we all live for this tradition each year… waiting to see who is going to be who.
This year my solo act was Erykah Badu ~ Bag Lady

Me as Bag Lady...

I also did a New Era En Vogue with my cousins by my side

performing En Vogue ~ Hold On

Yeah we know there are 4 Ladies in the actual group but like I said: We were the New Era En Vogue.

Tara, Joy, & I as the New Era En Vogue... lol

Here are a few of the ACTS that were performed by my Family Members…

Ashford & Simpson... lol

My Nephew Mike stepped... *YEEK*

My darling cousins Savannah & Rene gave us 3 Musical Selections on their instruments
My cousin Joy performing... En Vogue ~ "Giving him something he can feel"

My Cousin Dana perfoming... Bill Withers ~ "I Love You Dawn"

My Diva Cousin Joy performing... Diana Ross ~ "No Mountain"
My lil couisn Jada & Niece Leaka performing... Beyonce ~ "Single Ladies"

My Cousin Dana performing... Miquel ~ "Adorn"

I wasn’t able to capture all of the ACTS because I was in the back dressing room on parts of the show so I will have to wait for those pictures to come in from other family members.

My Girls & I - O, and they song a song by "The Fray"

I'm very blessed & thankful to have such a loving Family and spending time with them is PRICELESS!!!! 

~Cheers to another successful Terrell Family Talent Show… Every year it gets BIGGER & BETTER!!!!

Note to You: Making memories is what spending time with family is all about. Do your family have any traditions that you just LOVE? Please share...

~Until Next Time

Peace, Love, & Fashion Memories  



Sunday, November 25, 2012

Just another MANICure Monday + Polish Swap

I hope everyone had an AWESOME Thanksgiving & weekend and were able to spend quality time with your love ones. As for me... I thoroughly enjoyed my Holiday and will be posting pics later this week to share with you guys. 

Well, we all know that it's time for Just another MANICure Monday and this week I'm co-hosting the linky which is pretty darn FAB as I also will be linking this post with Carly of Lipgloss and Crayons as I participated in her Polish Swap and Conolley over at Third Grade Rockstar was my Polish Swap Partner and she sent me over these lovely OPI nail polishes. 

My Instagram Pic - OPI: Blue ~ swimsuit... Nailed It & OPI: Gold ~ Shatter

I was really excited to see these beauties in my mailbox as I do not own either color and I have never used Shatter Nail Polish before so I was super hyped and couldn't wait to try these colors out!  

 I kind of got a late start this evening and sort of cheated... I polished on top of my TURKEY nail color ---> seen here

This was a REALLY rush job so excuse the mess... but the pressure be on to try and get something KOOL to come up with especially by being the co-host!!!! *side eye* 

The shatter may take some getting use to but I'm absolutely LOVING the cobalt blue!!!! 

Thanks again Conolley for the cool colors... I will be putting these colors in rotation!!!! 

Don't forget to link up weekly for MANICure Monday as this is a weekly nail polish/mani link-up that will be rotated between Lipgloss and Binky and yours truly: LA Lynn's

Note to You: It was so much fun doing the Polish Swap... as stated before I have never tried the shatter polish. Have any of you ever tried the shatter nail polish before? Also, be sure to join our online POLISH PARTY & LINK UP weekly... we would LOVE to see your MANICure.

~Until next time…

Peace, Love, & Fashion Polish



Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I am Thankful...

I’m sure you all are READY to get yo’ eat on if you haven’t already started… lol but before you chow down let me just tell you to remember the REASON for SEASON of Thanksgiving… some folks take it for granted and take the day to FEAST which is fine but let’s not forget that tomorrow is not promise to us.

I try to say a word of thanks every day not just during the holidays! So I decided to start a journal and write what I’m thankful for & just know when I started writing this list it was wayyyy to long… this blog in itself does NOT have enough room for me to begin to explain what I am Thankful for.

So, I narrowed my list down to 10 things that I am Thankful for:

·         Life ~ It’s a blessing to be among the living!
·         Faith ~ My Foundation
·         Family ~ My ROCK… they keep me grounded  
·         Friends ~ they allow me to act a fool and still LOVE me for me
·         Finances ~ I’m not RICH but the bills are paid
·         Food ~ My daily bread
·         LA Lynn’s ~ My motivation: Who knew that I would have as much Love & Support as I do
·         Health ~ Although, I don’t eat right… I’m breathing & got a clean board of good HEALTH!
·         Housing ~ It may NOT be a mansion but we have a roof over our head & it’s ours
·         God ~ The Highest of everything, my possibility as without GOD I am absolutely NOTHING!

Last but NOT least… I’m thankful for YOU!!!! 

As a token of my thankfulness for all the Love & support I am giving (1) one lucky person a FREE Bracelet from my LA Faith Collection. All you have to do is get your friends to LIKE my Facebook Page and the person that refer the most friends WIN!!!! ♥

Giveaway Ends: Thanksgiving Night at Midnight!

I usually leave a Note for You… Today I will leave you with this QUOTE:  

"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more.
If you concentrate on what you don't have,
you will never, ever have enough."
~Oprah Winfrey ~

Peace, Love, & Fashion Thankfulness



The Container Store Atlanta... Private Preview Party Recap

I was invited to the private preview party of The Container Store newly relocated store in Buckhead. The invite was for me + 1 guest so I hit the bestie up and asked her if she would like to join me and she freely agreed so after leaving the GNO we headed over to the The Container Store.   

Upon arrival we were greeted with smiling faces from the minute we pulled up into the parking lot by the valet and then again at the front door where we sign in and was given a name badge

The lovely greeter: Jennifer... Her Jewels & Smile will light up a room!

 We were lead to an escalator that revealed the lavish and fabulous store.

 They really went all out with a live band, dance floor,  drinks, catered food, and did I mention that the food was delish! Yes, it was and it was provided by: Dennis Dean Catering

We had no clue that The Container Store private preview party would be so much FUN! I mean like literally all out ├╝ber chic type fun! It was by far the best party/grand opening celebration I have ever attended.


I wasn’t aware of all the things that The Container Store had to offer....

 Besides Customer Service being their #1 priority the store is very well laid out with a variety of items within reach and visuals that allows you to move freely throughout the store aisles… I mean what more can you ask for in a container store but organization.

Bottom line the store is: Immaculate!!!!  

Mari of Beyond Greatness, Justin of Val & Justin (also a great Sales Associate) & I

Oh and did I mention that the staff is top notch!!!! Very friendly and helpful... they even agreed to take our pic's and got a few snaps while doing it! *CHEESE*

Sales Associate: Taylor... Camera Ready!

As bad as I need to get organized I am sooo shopping The Container Store this Holiday Season and you should too! Currently, The Container Store is offering Free Shipping on all orders of $100 or more 

Super thanks to The Container Store for such an awesome private preview party!
 I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to my future shopping excursions as I officially feel a part of the TCS TEAM!

Per usual more pics will be added to my Facebook Page

Note to You: Have you ever been to a store grand opening that you couldn’t wait to get back to the store because you felt a part of the team?

Peace, Love, & Fashion Storage