Monday, March 31, 2014

Goodbye is FOREVER so I'll just say: See U Later!

Greetings... This is going to be an informal post as this is just a quick impromptu post.
 As much as I tried to fit EVERYTHING into my daily schedule I found myself doing wayyyy to much and had no other choice but to let some things go!!!! 

Blogging just happened to be one of them! I'm trying to utilize my time more efficiently and maximize my time management. I also, want to give my readers quality posts so as for now I've decided to take a "BLOG BREAK" ~ I'm not exactly sure when I will be able to come back as I have a FULL plate.
 I'm NOT complaining because I've been truly blessed and enjoy eating off the plate that I've been given but I also want to make sure that I digest it all in order to be well balanced.

I've been blogging for 3 years and Blogging is NOT my BUSINESS; it serves as a HOBBY for me and I thoroughly enjoy blogging and reading other blogs but it has slowly started to become more like an underpaid JOB for me. I know it's all in what we make it but I haven't been making it as of late. 

As much as I REALLY wish this was all just an April Fools JOKE it's NOT as I'm NOT sure when I will return to the blogosphere and if I will EVER return but what I do know is I'm only a social media network away! 

So, you can ALWAYS keep up with me on: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

NOTE TO YOU: AGAIN, Thank you all for your patience and understanding while I try and get my blogging MOJO BACK! 

~Until Next Time

*** SEE U LATER ***

Peace, Love, Faith, & Fashion

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Manicure Monday on Tuesday... Black/Cross Nail Design

   I've been MIA from the blogosphere but this time is for good reason... As stated in my last post on Valentine's Day - I went out of town for a few days and when we returned home we got news that my Father-N-Law passed away. My Husband took it harder than expected and everyday we had a host of family and friends that came over to visit. We are still receiving cards, calls, and texts and I'm so very thankful for everyone who reached out to us during this difficult time. So, with that being said I did my nails last week in honor of my Father-N-Law... Death is NEVER easy but God don't make NO mistakes!

Without Flash 

With Flash

Glitter Polish ~ Foerever 21 Love & Beauty
Simply Black ~ Klean Color 

MANICure Monday is a weekly nail polish/mani link-up that will be rotated between Lipgloss and BinkyCoily Locksand yours truly: LA Lynn's link up! 
This week I'm hosting so be sure to link up below and show off your Manicure!

NOTE TO YOU: Thank you all for your patience and understanding while I try and get my blogging MOJO BACK! 

~Until Next Time

Peace, Love, Faith, & Fashion Polish