Saturday, December 31, 2011

Vision Board Party

Howdy Folks… We have reached a new day… the last day of this year - 2011!
 I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” to all my blog buddies and *waving* at the spammers and spectators too

As we prepare to get all dolled up to go to church, club, partying, watch the PEACH or BALL drop, or just sit at home around the fire place and watch movies let’s all prepare ourselves for yet another YEAR to come that will grant us with new opportunities!!!!

Do you all have any plans for tonight? As for me and my household we will be serving the LORD! Yesssss… we will be churchin’ it! However, I did want to go out and do something a lil different since we ALWAYS bring in the New Year at church. I thought it would be fun & exciting to switch things up for once but to my surprise nothing seemed more inviting to me than to go to church and come home to EAT, hang out with my family, watch movies and FINISH up my Vision Board/Book!

Well, I actually have to give credit to:  Imperfect Concepts for making me realize that my plans for the NYE didn’t sound as bad as I made them seem. It’s just that I heard so many ppl talking about their NYE plans including “bloggers” that were going out for NYE that I didn’t wanna seem like such a BORING blogging party bopper!

At any rate… My sister-N-law had a Vision Board Party over a week ago and we had soooo much FUN!
We talked, we laughed, ate, shared each other ideas, there were successful woman speakers among the speakers was her friend who is an author of the book: picture perfect, and of course I was there selling a few accessories! I mean what’s a Vision Board Party w/o a lil shopping… lol

*** Here are the pic's from the Vision Party ***
Picture Heavy



There was so much stuff that I wanted to incorporate on my Vision Board that I didn’t get a chance to fully complete my board on the day of the party. I plan on completing my board tonight and I’m also strongly thinking about doing a Vision Book which  Imperfect Concepts put in my head as well. This was my 1st time hearing about the Vision Book & it sounds like such an awesome idea!

BTW, be sure and check out Imperfect Concepts  They offer some high end piece online for a great price and if you shop now you can save 15% by using coupon code: HOLIDAY! Why buy RETAIL when you can purchase  RESALE!

Well I’m sure you all are busy getting ready for your NYE plans for tonight no one is blogging but lil ole me!!!!
Lastly, I’m NOT big on New Years Resolutions but I do embrace change and pray that I become a better: Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Niece, Friend and just a BETTER ME!!!!

~ Change begins with ME ~

Note to Self: Write the vision and make it plain because without a vision, the people will perish! With that being said I have no plans on perishing and plan to LIVE!!!!!

Living my VISION in 2012!!!!!

Let the countdown begin…

Whatever your plans are please be SAFE!!!! I want to see and hear from everyone that I am in contact with today in the New Year!!!!!

~Cheers to a peaceful and prosperous New Year ~

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. This is a great post and very inspiring. Me and my girls, meaning my children just went out last week and got some boards. I am working on my new vision board for 2012 and thought my girls should do one too! One is fifteen and the other is twenty. We've been having mad fun with it too. Your new years eve plans sound fantastic. I'm not much into partying on new years eve, but churchin' is what I'll be doing as well. Happy new year to you and continued blessings for 2012!!!

  2. Do it swell in 2012!

    Many successes to you Lynn.

  3. Great post. Vision boards are amazing and serve as daily reminders of what we want to accomplish. Wishing you all the best in 2012!!

  4. That is an awesome idea! I will deifnitely have to get one done. You have a Prosperous, Productive and PERFECT year! Happy New Year chickadee! =o)


  5. I wish you much success and blessings in the New Year. Happy New Years

  6. Happy New year, dear friend.
    Do keep in touch.

  7. Great idea! Im gonna have to get me a visionary board for sure! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  8. Happy New year Lynn!!! Your New Years sounds like fun I prayed in the new Year with some of my best gal pals it was amazing!!!! I am so thankful for all that God is doing in my life and yours =) Your vision board sounds like fun! Have a safe fun time in 'Bama

  9. Wishing you a happy new year!!


  10. very inspiring post! i love the vision board party; i am in the process of creating a few. i am such a visual person so i am sure this will help me continue to reach my goals. i wish you well in 2012 and keep up the great work on the blog!!


  11. U r so on point...write the vision, make it plain! I completed a vision book a few years ago. It is sooo much fun (I initially started via a women's group - Mending Ribs - and then I completed another one on my own). Michael's had these really cute mini scrapbook kits for like $1-2 (it included the mini book and scrapbook awesome deal, really cute), so I purchased several. My daughter saw my working on mine and decided she wanted to create one as well. It really is great 'floor plan' for your future! Happy New Year!

  12. Hey love,

    I am glad I could inspire you with the vision book and having a fun relaxed night. I am excited to see how your boards turned out.

  13. So true...and over here -Change Begins With ME!
    I have been wanting to do a vision board. Maybe now is the time.

    I have tagged you. The rules are on my page. Participate of you like :o).

  14. Happy New Year Lynn! I don't think I've said that to you yet this year. Just dropping by your blogspot and love how you have been movin and groovin! Loved this post! Very inspirational and motivating. Was this the EntrepreneuHER event? Looks like it, I was registered to go and had to change my mind at the last minute. If it isn't, you should really check them out...they are on facebook.

    Tootles Chica!!!

  15. This is Avonette by the way, didn't realize my profile name was my nickname... :)