Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Purple Ribbon

The color of choice today is: PURPLE
 I found out about this movement via Inez & knew I had to support the cause to help spread the word that abuse is NOT love by committing to wear purple today. Check out my PURPLE RIBBON FLOW...

I paired up this purple & black shirt with a few purple accessories. I even threw on some purple eye shadow for a added touch!  (Yep, I was playing in my daughters make-up again) lol

I definitely approve & support this cause... I know someone personally who was affected by Domestic Violence and I thank GOD that they were able to get out
of that situation because LOVE shouldn't hurt!

I even made a cool little charm bracelet just to show how much I support the cause!!!!

Bracelet w/ the beads & charms I ordered from eBay

If you look closely you will see that the charms read: made with love

It's a known FACT that Domestic Violence causes far more pain than the visible marks of bruises and scars. It is devastating to be abused by someone that you love and think loves you in return. So, if you or anyone else that you know are in this situation I encourage you that this is NOT LOVE... it's a crime!!!!

My Purple Accessories that made the FIT complete

This was the only picture I was able to take outside before my camera went DEAD!
I apologize for all the other bad quality pic's as they were taken with my cell phone.

Note to You: Speak LIFE into your situation... look into the mirror & know that you are beautiful, lovable, and most of all worthy of nothing less than the best!

 God made human beings, as male and female, in his image and likeness… U R the greatest creation… love thyself 1st!!!!

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
1 in 3 families are affected by domestic violence. Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behaviors — physical, sexual, psychological, and economic coercion — used by one intimate partner against another (adult or adolescent) to gain, maintain, or regain power and control in the relationship. Batterers use of a range of tactics to frighten, terrorize, manipulate, hurt, humiliate, blame, often injure, and sometimes kill a current or former intimate partner.
If you are in danger, please call 911, your local hotline, or (in the U.S.) the National Domestic Violence Hotline: (800) 799-7233 or TTY (800) 787-3224.

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. I love it Lynn! Love that shirt and those booties!

    I'm glad your friend got out!! Wishes her the best!

    Thanks for participating!

  2. What a great message and reason to wear my favorite color! Love your hair so much too.

  3. Like I said on Inez's blog, this is such an important message. I love that blogging gives you a platform to spread the word about issues like this. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! I know someone out there needs to hear it.

    Love that bracelet and your hair is lookin' mighty fly, Miss Lady!

  4. Thank you for also sharing this message. I've been personally affected by Domestic Violence. I share my family's story in hopes that someone will walk away to save their own life and for kids if any are involved.

  5. Love that little bracelet you created! Such a smart idea.

  6. So stylish and so powerful!! I have several people in my life that are going/have gone through this situation and hurts to see it. One has to support these people and stand up for them and show some support.

    p.s. I can't get over your hair! It's so cool!!!
    Wishing you were in Fl too =)

  7. Cute Cute the purple acessories and those tights!

  8. Great cause! You look super cute girl! Seriously loving your hair! Kiah

  9. the purple looks great on you! such a fun and chic look!

  10. Love the outfit!! And thank you for sharing the message!
    xoxo asiahlynn

  11. This is such a great cause to wear purple and you're rocking this look doll.

    <3 Marina

  12. love your outfit!!! purple is really lovely!!! your outfit complemented you a lot... so nice that you wore purple to support the campaign against domestic violence.. you are a great person!!! we really should be aware of it and must know how to take care of each other just in case it would happen to us... enjoyed your blog..following you now..hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!!


  13. Purple is my favorite color! I love it on you! Such and adorable look :)

  14. I love your purple!

  15. What a fabulous cause Lynn! I love it. Those booties are so super cute and I need a pair of patterned tights ASAP!!!

  16. This post was LOVELY!!!! As a matter of fact, I never knew Ocotober was observed for this particular dilemma..I thought it was only a Breast Cancer month...but you've informed me. My next post of OOTD (outfits of the day) will be inspired by this. Thanks!
    Also BIG THANKS for checking out my Fashion Blog and following it! I did the same...this blog is lovely!
    Keep in touch.

  17. I love the bag! It matches your shirt perfectly.



  18. hey hun, I just discovered your blog, and really love it!!! You have a great style and are really inspiring. Definitely have a new follower and a fan! If you get a chance pop up by my page, maybe you would like it ;) xoxo

  19. i absolutely love and support the message behind this outfit. fashion for a cause...i'll go see if i have any purple...

  20. You look great and I'm loving those tights. oh, and I finally got around to my 'Kreativ Blogger' award post:

    Thanks again for my award and also for being one of my top supporters!!!