Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pin It Wednesday

Happy HuMp Day… Today I am joining Kita over at Say what u wanna for Pinterest Wednesday. I grabbed the pic’s from Pinterest but didn’t grab the source! *Shrugs*

Anywho, I notice Kita mention in her post that she cleaned up her boards… which that is something that I need to REALLY do as I was a TRUE PINNER HOARDER when I 1st joined Pinterest. So, I plan to take time and clean up my pinning boards in the next few weeks.

Quote ~ I feel that the word HATE is one of the most overrated words used to day but if we eliminate the word HATE we would have HAPPINESS!

Outfit ~ HA, HA! This outfit makes me laugh every time I see it… Skirts or Shorts, & Ugg Boots! BTW, I have actually worn shorts with Ugg Boots before and I can’t even explain to you WHY! lol

Something Odd ~ My daughter is NOT a cake person. I order her a BIG cookie from the Cookie Company every year for her Birthday. And, being that her Birthday is 2 weeks away I figured I could try to order her some of these cookies using her Instagram pictures. Kool Right???!!!!

St. Patty’s Day ~ I’m not a drinker so a Kid friendly Mocktail is a great way for me & the kiddies to celebrate this GREEN holiday!

I’m such a SUCKA for pictures and pretty things so this was right on point that Kita started Pin it Wednesday so if you are a PINNER join in on the FUN!

NOTE TO YOU: Let’s have fun discovering finds and sharing them by linking up… The Rules are simple: Choose a Quote, Outfit, Something for the upcoming Holiday & Something Odd then link up! J

~Until Next Time

Peace, Love, & Fashion Pinterest




  1. So are you saying I can't wear the boots with shorts....what if it's a skirt....can I wear it with capris....I have questions lmbo. Thanks for linking up