Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just Another Manicure Monday (on Tuesday)… Cocaine!

Well, it seems that my days are moving faster than my blog posts are… I’m so into the instant posting of IG that it may have me where I’ve neglected my blog. I want to apologize for that but I’m trying so hard to keep up with Facebook, Twitter, IG Blogging, Business and Life in general that sometimes it can get the BEST of ME!

At any rate… If you follow me on IG then you can REALLY stay in the loop of things. So, go ahead follow meeeee ---> LALynns

This week Mani I like to call: Crack; yup! In honor of my addiction to coffee & cocaine nail polish... All white… “Snow White”

 The downfall of having an all-white manicure is that it get dirty/dingy really fast. Do anyone have a suggestion on how to keep white manicures looking white?

MANICure Monday is a weekly nail polish/mani link-up that will be rotated between Lipgloss and Binky and yours truly: LA Lynn's 

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NOTE TO YOU: Are you a FAN of white nail polish??

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Peace, Love, Faith, & Fashion  Polish


  1. that white is perfection love it!

  2. I've wanted to do an all white mani for a long time! I also heard about the drawback and hope that someone has a viable suggestion!

  3. Love the white I am the type that would try to do dots or something on one of the fingers trying to be creative knowing that I am not

  4. I looooove white nails on dark skin. I'll be back to link up!

  5. Girl I feel ya on trying to keep up with all these different sites I have.....some days all of them get neglected just so I can rest my eyes!

    That snow white is so addictive. I have the look on my toes right now, lol. The only thing that keeps the dingy look at bay for me is a thick top coat. But eventually it gets worn down as well.