Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let’s Celebrate Cinco De Fashion!!!!

As the saying goes: “Favor Ain’t Fair” - It’s the same way when it comes to Fashion. Some folks are blessed with it and some or NOT! So, I have decided monthly that I will put the spotlight on someone who has been blessed with “Fashion Favor” and today will mark my 1st “Fashion Favor” blog post and since it’s Cinco De Mayo I will call it: “Cinco De Fashion”.

Fashion Favor Spotlight goes to: Gigi Sharpe - Personal Shopper & Owner/Founder of Sistas with Styles Empowerment Organization and Styles of Prosperity Boutique.
 I had the pleasure of attending Styles of Prosperity Sneak Peek on last Saturday April 30th at the “Sista’s House” and I must say it’s ever so FASHIONABLE!!!!
Fashion Favor Q&As:
When did you 1st discover your favor? About 5 years ago. I watched this house for 3yrs, knocked on the door and left notes. The owner stated that she was selling the house and was not interested. Then just this year the owner called me up and stated that she was ready to make a deal. So, I moved on it. Things may NOT happen in our timing but it will always happen in God’s timing.
What made you fast forward your favor and actually move on it? I begin to release some things in my life and closed doors and realized my true passion. I had worked at TJX for 18yrs. In merchandising as a Store Manager and I kept saying to myself “It has to be another way out”.
What has been the biggest hiccup? Trying to do everything all by myself. Finally Let Go & Let God.
Whats the most favorable part? Being able to see everything come to pass as I have imagine it and God sending people my way.
What encouraging words and/or advice would you offer the next Fashionista? 1st Seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all will be added.  When you trust GOD you can’t go wrong. Sacrifice something to get what you have been seeking.

Fashion Accessories
Sista Gigi doing her thang!

A look inside the Boutique


Another View
A sista w/ a great Spirit & Style
Gigi & I
"Sistas House"
For your shopping pleasure, photography, and elegant venue purposes please be sure to visit Sistas House at:
185 North Jeff Davis Fayetteville, GA 30214 & tell her I sent ya! J


  1. MMH... You know I absolutely LOVE your blog and it's just "MAJOR" that you took the time to stop by my blog & post a comment!!!! ~Thanks in so many ways