Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boho Style... OOTD

Wassup Bloggies???!!!! Last week was KRAZY!!!!! If I must say so myself… But I did have the pleasure of spending (1) one day out of the week with the Hubs. (I enjoyed every minute of it). We ventured out to the mall and had lunch which has become almost a daily routine for us. The most EXCITING part about lunch was we spotted a Outback Steakhouse. And, I tell ya I wasn’t even aware that Outback Steakhouse still existed!!!! I could have sworn all of ‘em had closed down. Anywho, we BUSTED a U-TURN in the middle of the street and made our way there.

*** Picture Heavy ***

The pictures were taken with my Android… I tried to “enlarge” them w/o taking the resolution/color away. Hopefully, it works

His - (Meaning Hubs)

Hers - (Meaning Mine)  

I know my steak may look burnt but TRUST it was cooked to PERFECTION!

I also, had to have the Spirit-FREE Cocktail
Country Style Wild Berry Lemonade... This will make you SLAP yo' MAMA!!!!  

Afterwards we headed over to Perimeter Mall & I can’t STAND that MALL cause you can go BROKE in 15mins FLAT ^^^________

Check out all the “Spring-ish Stuff” I spotted:
I’m so HYPED that swatches are back!!!!

Michael Kors (MK) Pretty in Pink handbags...

MK Shoe Collection

*** Top of the List ***
Bad AZZ MK Kicks!!!!

We even stopped by the APPLE store & played around on the iPad...
LA Lynn's Blog on the iPad

O yeahhhh... I only purchase a Summer dress from NYC Co. which I didn't even take a pic of... it will be featured on the blog soon.

I knew we would be out & about all day while the pollen count was at TRILLION!!!!! So, I wanted to dress VERY comfy for the day. I needed my sunnies and A BIG HAT to top off the FIT.

What I Wore:

Black Shirt: Old, Black Flats: Gifted, Hobo Skirt: Gifted  
Accessories: LA Lynn’s

Note To You: JOY cometh in the morning
The way you start does NOT determine the way you will END!!!!
*** Keep Pressing *** 

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. I love outbacks lemonade. Awww love the outfit looks like you are ready for spring. I want that ipad...that is all.

  2. That food got my stomach growling as I type this lol.. Love the MK shoes.. both pair are on the wishlist.. You look super cute and comfy in your maxi skirt.. love the pattern and colors...


  3. Girl, his fish looks so dern good! MK anything is the best! I love that skirt and your hair is so cute!

  4. I sooo need to check out your accessory shop!

  5. Mmmmm your food looks so delish I want to take a trip to Outback now... Btw been pining and yearning for those black white and tan MK kicks as well A dream shoe for sure! Love your outfit pics That skirt is phenomenal!

  6. I love that skirt!! Very cute!!

    How do you like your steak? Well done? May I suggest trying it "medium". LOL!


  7. I love the entire look...you did that, especially the pic in the grass!

  8. Hi Lynn! Love this look, the skirt is so pretty and I love the sun in the background! Some awesome finds during your shopping excursion and that steak sure looks yum! Thank you for visiting and also following, i've done the same and hope to see you again soon!

  9. Hey boo! Your pics look great! We have plenty of Outbacks down here in the Sunshine state. But I do know those Bennigan's went ghost! Anyhew, I love your skirt. That rich blue is lovely and the print is too cute!

    BTW, I found out that you can download apps on the Ipad that will allow you to view sites that are operated by Adobe. But I didn't verify this with the folks at Apple so don't quote me on this.


  10. You look great. Perfect 'fit' for hanging out with hubs :). I am loving all things MK.
    ...yes, the pollen is torture...sneezing/itchy eyse/all of that!

  11. The food looks yummy and I love your skirt!

  12. The food looks awesome!! Your outfit looks too cute!!! Love that skirt hunny. Oh and I just purchased my Ipad and I loveeee it. You should definitely look into getting one :)


  13. Efie you look so cute and comfy. I love your necklace too!

  14. you look so happy and cute! Love the skirt :)