Monday, March 5, 2012

SISTAR Spotlight

Hey, Hey, Hey Bloggies... It's been over a week since my last post. I have been EXTREMELY busy with this thing called life and with the shoppe. Also, our house was STRUCK by lightning over the weekend so we are without TV's, internet, the Microwave, and few outlets and electricity is NOT working in my downstairs area but "WE SURVIVED" the storm & I'm STILL here & blessed to be able to write this post!

 At any rate, I participated in the #ASBchat on twitter hosted by Atlanta Style Bloggers last week and I feel that a Guest Blog Post is very beneficial so if any of my readers are interested in doing a Guest Blog Post please, please, please feel free to email me or send me a DM via twitter – I would be more than happy to share my blog!!!!

 Today, I would like to put the SPOTLIGHT on my SISTAR Friend Sophia "SoSo" who has an LA-MAZING hobby of designing, baking, and decorating cakes & cupcakes which she has turned her hobby into  her business called: "Soo Soo Tasty Cakes"

By the way, you can tell we MUST be friend because I sent that chica some questions to answer and she failed to answer them and just responded with her BIO!!!! (Tehehehe)   
~We can never follow rules!!!! ^_^
Here's a little background behind Soo Soo Tasty Cakes:
 Hello my name is Sophia SoSo Starnes the Cake Artist.
I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and currently attending Ashford University to complete my Dual Degrees BA of Art in Business Administration and Masters’ in Entrepreneurship. I call myself the Cake Artist because I love baking, fashion and Art; when you put them all together it’s called Cake Art. I begin baking at the young age of 12 with my Grandmother. So I decided to open my on-line bakery after leaving the Public School System as a Special Needs Teacher. We create and design cakes for all occasions and deliver in Atlanta and Alabama state line.  Please visit us at

Here are a FEW many of Soo Soo Tasty Cake Designs:

There were sooo many more designs I wanted to share with you all... But I would have been ALL Day & NIGHT!!!!

Note To You: Remember Blogging should be FUN!!!! Let's continue to have Fashionable Fun & support one another!!!! ~Don't forget if you are interested in Guest Blogging... PLEASE feel free to contact me!
Also, if you are in the ATL - be sure to check out my *SISTAR* "SoSo" of Soo Soo Tasty Cakes!!!!
Be sure to LIKE her Facebook Page: Soo Soo Tasty 
Okkkk... I gotta go I'm on borrowed time; using someone else computer!!!! @_@
I will catch up on the blogs I follow throughout the week... Also, I follow the one's back that I have NOT had a chance to follow back!
Peace, Love, & Fashion


  1. I love it. Will be calling her soon for my sons birthday party I am thinking a lego cake.

  2. Lynn thank you much for the love:) I love the Bio. . . .Tehehe. Lol

  3. so glad you and your fam are ok!!! Def missed you in the blog world but life has a way of slowing us down. Love the cakes - she is so talented!!!

  4. OMG... I need a cake.. that AKA one.. yass


  5. Wow Wow Wow! What amazing artistry! I would surely use her if I lived in Atlanta.

  6. Wonderful cakes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Love the one with the shoes. Brilliant stuff.

  7. Fantastic cakes! wish she lived closer!

  8. First, I am glad that you and your family are safe and things were not worse. With that said, I have recently taken up baking so, I love this post. Too bad I don't live in ATL but, when I visit I will definitely have to check out her spot.

  9. AMAZING cakes! Love Love Love!

    XO Kayla

  10. Such talent!!!! These cakes are too freggin' cute!

  11. Omg that fat girl in me is singing her praises!!!! These look soo supa tasty indeed. I gotta check out more on the site.

    Girl I'm glad lightening didn't strike you or ur family members!!! Let the lord name be praised. I'm sure you guys will be back connected in a jiffy. Sending prayers ur way hunni!

  12. Let me first say that I'm happy you and your family are ok. I know we did have a bad storm but it didn't really hit us like it did other places in Georgia.

    2nd...I will be calling Soo Soo Tasty. My daughter's birthday is coming up and she wants a specific cake made. I was calling all around and did find one place.

    So thank you for this feature!

  13. wow love all the cake yummy

  14. Wow....great talent....I will be calling!