Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Feature...


Happy Friday Fabulous Friends!!!!

Today’s blog post will consist of another Teen Style Feature!!!!
I call it: The Chronicles of Randi

Actually, she is a pre-teen but without further ado I would like to introduce to you:

"Little Ms. Randi"

Randi fashion sense is sooo chic & classy that this pre-teen style game is on 10!!!!
Y’all know I truly dig any female that can ROCK a bowtie and Randi does it effortlessly!

Beauty & Brains - I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!

I swear she’s an old soul in a little person’s body…
she’s listens to Jill Scott!!!! *Clap, Clap*

Oooo & did I mention she can bake too!

Randi is an intelligent, ambitious, cheerful, fun-loving, and VERY sociable girl. She is an Active Beta Club Member, AKA Nu Lambda Omega Emerging Young Leader, Cheerleader, Dancer & Actress. She loves to cook, play her Nintendo Wii, and Go Shopping with Mom....she LOVES fashion.

o    Randi looks up to her Parents and is highly inspired by Betsy Johnson (fashion, of course) =]

Randi nails it with the manicure!

I mean REALLY how can you NOT love this kid???!!!  
Please show some LOVE & Give it up for Little Miss Randi

Shhhh… Randi don’t even know she’s being featured on my blog today ~ SURPRISE, SURPRISE!
It was an absolute pleasure featuring Randi as my Teen Style ~ Friday Feature

NOTE TO YOU: BIG things come in small packages... Fashion should be FUN… Whatever you decide to wear have FUN doing it – We can learn a lot from Teen Style!

Speaking of teens shout out to my Baby Girl today is her Birthday!!!!!
She’s a SWEET 15!!!!   

My Baby when she was a Baby!

Cheers to the Weekend!

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. Omg where are you finding these young ladies loving the style.

  2. ok, seriously, why are all the kids you know exceptionally cute and fashionable?! love her style!

  3. This lil girl is a cutey with much style! I would shop her closet!

  4. What style already!!!! She's a cutie!

  5. Wow! Wish I was that stylish at ten. She is so cute.


  6. Randi is the cutest. Happy belated birthday to your 15 year old...the fun begins now. :)

  7. Very stylish little girl. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  8. She is Fab!! Beauty and Brains..gotta love it!

  9. too cute!!! she's adorable...and smart. LOVE it! happy belated to you baby girl :-)


  10. That's definitely a styling young lady! I can definitely see Betsy Johnson as her style inspiration!

  11. Oh my word this little fire cracker is too cute! I love her style and she is rocking each look! btw - got my necklace and LOVE! Thanks! Kiah

  12. Randi is absolutely adorable. Her outfits are very much age appropriate and I love how her personality just shines through her pictures.

    -Miss Daja

  13. Ms. Randi is too cute!! I love her style and the fact that shes a good girl, doing the right things in her young life to be successful in her future!!

    Editor & Chic

  14. Awwwww...she is such a cute ball! Work it babe! Loving her style and cute bow tie too :)

    Nice post :)


  15. What a super fab cutie pie!!! Loving her chic style!

    Oh yea, and I'm so stealing that "THANK GOD I'M FABULOUS" from you, LOL!

  16. Sweetie u are so sweet! Can we follow each other? Kisses from Romania!