Monday, April 16, 2012

WIG Debut & OOTD

Happy Monday Folks!!!!
I hope everyone week has started off to a great start!
 Yesterday, was 'Ladies Day Out' and the Ladies and I had the pleasure of going to Tyler Perry play: Madea Gets A Job 

I give the PLAY 5 out 5 *STARS* Yassss... it was just that GOOD!!!!
Let me just say it was LOL Funny and very inspirational! The story line was exceptional and just may be the BEST Tyler Perry Play I've seen thus far. So, if you haven't seen this one yet I highly recommend you GO SEE IT!

Nikki & I

Charrell & I
Mari & I

Mari & I - Head & Shoulder Close-up shot! lol

The Ladies: looking FLY!

What I Wore:
Wig# 3 - WINNER!!!!
Jumper: Pink Sky Boutique
Hanbag: Michael Kors via Macy's
Shoes: Jessica Simpson via Macy's
Accessories: LA Lynn’s 

These are my new babies & let me just tell you I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!!
They are sooo comfortable!!!!

Note To You: My friends are some of the craziest folks that I know but then again why else would they put up with me... CRAZY knows CRAZY right???!!!!
When was the last time you hung out with your friends???!!!
Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. Correction: The shoes were purchased at Dillard's

  2. Love that outfit and you said the best now his plays are hands down the best but if you give this a 5 stars it must be good.

  3. Lovely outfit. nice frnds too. love d shoes so much kip rocking swits.

  4. I like how the wig doesn't look like a wig on you. Keep this one. Its beauty I'm happy you enjoyed the play. I'm in need of a ladies night out.

  5. you look fab! i love the jumpsuit and the hair is great on you!!


  6. Did you say jumper? I never would have likes. I am also in love with your shoes and Charrell's bag :).
    You all look fab and looks like you had a fab night.
    #3 was my pick too; looks great!

    1. Ok, I obviously missed the shots with hands in pockets...that was my clue...on the jumper. HA!

  7. You go GIRL.... the jumper is BADD and so is the shoes


  8. All of you ladies looked GORGE! Your jumpsuit was rockin and those shoes are sweet.

    The wig looks good on you.

  9. nice idea.. thanks for sharing...

  10. i like your shoes :):) i'm following you, visit my blog if you want .)

  11. I need the shoes ASAP, I'll take the bag too. Oh I can't wear the jump suit but I will take it and since I am losing weight I'll work my way into it!! LOL

    The wig looks really good on you Ms. Lynn, great choice!!

    Carsedra of:

  12. That jumpsuit is too fab! I originally thought it was a pants and top combo! Fab color-blocking choice! You look great and I love the hair!

  13. Ms. are looking extra cute! I love the whole look!! I've had my eyes on the leopard print J. Simpson's like that, I think you done twisted my arm to cop those. I love them on you!


  14. I thought that was a top and blouse. Wow had me fooled. Love the shoes.

  15. Loving the jumpsuit it's so clever, it took me a few minutes to figure it out =) You and your friends all look so lovely!!!! I'm so glad you got wig #3 it's my fave and it looks so good on you.

  16. Oh this jumpsuit look is super cute! I thought it was a separate shirt and pant combo at first :) I also need your friends cut out sleeve top. LOL!

  17. LOVE that romper!!! Those shoes are the business!

  18. cute look and I love the hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Oh my! I am loving your new shoes! What a fun night out with your girls! :)

  20. Girl...give me that jumper! How cute!

    It's good you had a nice girls night out. I can't get into plays so I will probably never be going to one.

  21. I adore Tyler Perry!!! The other day I just watched "I can do bad all by myself"...hilarious...can't wait to see Madea gets a Job.
    Wonderful outfit! I am luvin this jumper and the color blocking colors...just gorgeous...glad you had fun with your girls!!!

  22. Great wig choice! This outfit is da bomb!!!! I love it and the shoes are perfect with it.

  23. Cute jumpsuit!! LOVE the shoes & the wig choice! Get'em gurl!!

  24. the jumpsuit is lovely and that mustard yellow compliments your skin tone very well!

  25. You look great from head to toe! ;) Those earrings are seriously fierce, though.

  26. That top is really cute with the pants

  27. That jumpsuit is HOT!!! You look great, loving the sis is a Atlanta blogger too you might know her ;) I need to come down there and check out the blogger scene XOXO


  28. I have those shoes in pink and I agree...they are so comfy!

  29. I have those shoes in pink and I agree...they are so comfy!