Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Friend Feature

Happy Friday Fashionista’s & Fabulous Friends!!!!

Today I am featuring one of my Alumni Friends… Tameka Nakia  

The one thing Fashionista’s absolutely cannot live without is: SHOESSSSSS!!!!!!
So, after seeing Tamika ‘Shoe Game’ I knew that I wanted to feature her on my blog and I was really excited that she took me upon my offer.

In Tameka words….

Describe your style: I consider my style to be classic with a touch of modern.
I like to mix vintage with an updated piece.

Where do you shop: I shop in vintage boutiques, Dillards, Target(yes Target... its great for Tees), Banana Republic and online.

What’s your Show Game total: I own around 50 pair of shoes! (small closet)

Here's a sneak peek inside Tameka's Shoe Game: 

Yep, and she knows how to switch it up and ROCK tennis shoes when necessary!

Tell me and my readers a little more about yourself: I love the natural look. Your clothes, jewelry and shoes should be an
extension of you. They should never take away from your best asset,
"your smile". I try to keep timeless pieces that I can use no matter
what the latest trends are. For example, a classic Gucci purse,
vintage watch, leg extending heels and diamond studs will always rock
a white Tee and jeans!

Yup, she knows how to ACCESSORIZE 2!!!!

And, there you have it… In the life & style closet of Tameka Nakia

NOTE TO YOU: You don’t have to have a blog to have STYLE; You just have to WEAR IT!

Cheers to a Wonderful Weekend!

Peace, Love, & Fashion


Favorite Designers: My favorite designers are Michael Kors, Gianni Bini, and Sam Eldeman.


  1. Loving her poses!! I might have to "borrow" some of those!! Cute shoes too (and you know I love me some tennies)! Thanks for introducing us to your stylish friend!! =D

  2. She is working it!! Nice shoe collection, stylish friend indeed!!

    Oh and I got your message on twitter (a little late LOL) but I did respond!! :-D

    Carsedra of:

  3. She sure is working it and I love her style very much! That white dress is my favorite one!

  4. She's definitely fierce!! Great feature doll.

    <3 Marina

  5. Shoe envy - that is what I am experiencing right now. She knows how to wear them too.