Thursday, May 10, 2012

Southern Girls ROCK Pearls... OOTD

Ole Happy Day Blog Buddies!!!!! I’m dropping by for a really, really quick post… If you follow me on Twitter then you may have saw that I had a ranting sessions today about folks supporting other folks! For the LIFE of me I just don’t understand WHY people will not support others. But, I won’t even go there on this post! Any who… Everyone knows that I absolutely LOVE PEARLS! (In my Phaedra voice)

 I own soooo many pearls and wanted to see if I could have some fun wearing a few pieces together.

So, I went straight to GOOGLE for my a lil inspiration!

Tah-Dah!!!! This is the picture that captured my heart!

If you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram than I’m sure you saw this picture of me wearing PEARLS!

Instagram Image

This is a REALLY old outfit that I continue to hold on too…  

I have lost a few pounds over the since I 1st purchased this out & HATE that bulging BELT LOOK! Uggh... :-/

Speaking of Pearls… I would like to Thank Nic over at Nic's Picks for collaborating on a Mother's Day Giveaway. The winner was Brittany from, Midweek Escape. 
Special thanks to everyone who entered the Giveaway and if you LOVE Pearls as much as I do: Please be sure to check out my online shoppe:
click here ---> LA Lynn's Items are added weekly and PEARLS are ALWAYS on the SITE!

Note To You: You MUST be SUPPORTIVE in order to get SUPPORT!!!!

If I don’t update before your weekend starts… HAVE A SAFE & FUN Weekend!

~Until next time

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. Lynn,

    I love all the pearl layering. It looks amazing on you.

    Thank you for being supportive of my blog and reminding me I am not forgotten:)


  2. Pearl-Nation...looks great. Safe & Fun weekend to you as well!

  3. Pearls are so classy. I love them. You look great girl! :)


  4. Love the look have a happy mothers day.

  5. wow gorgeous pearls love them !!!

  6. Lovely, pearl are so lady like.

  7. Very pretty and classy, I think pearls bring out my inner michelle obama ;)

  8. Beautiful pic!!i like your outfit, very particularly and chic!
    Pass to me I have a new post… I’m waiting your opinion.. and follow me, I follow you too! <3
    Hugs from Italy

  9. Verry very very classic look! I love it! I agree with you whole heartedly! Supporting one another is a must and I support you sista girl...that is why I can't wait to get what you sending me...hint hint hint..LOL.

    Oh and to answer your question...I did get the JS's just haven't had a moment to rock them.


  10. I just found your blog and I think it is amazing.I am following you now,under name Lilie Marlen,but I don't use any photos so I will be last one on your follower list.I will be honored if you come visit my blog and follow it if you like it Have a nice day

  11. Pearls are so classy. I love how you layered different sizes...super chic indeed!

  12. I love love love the Pearls! So classic, so perfect.

  13. Gorgeous and love rocking pearls myself too.!!!

    <3 Marina

  14. Lynn you look fabulous in those pearls!!! Its so fun to wear them. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  15. Love love love those pearls on you, the layering is great. Now following through GFC.

    BTW, love SJP and get a lot of inspiration from her.

    Have a great day

  16. Now you're making me want some pearls! I only have a pair of earrings and a single pearl on a silver chain. I could use some layers like this!