Tuesday, December 18, 2012

MANICure Monday on Wednesday!

Soooo... the word on the street is I'm HELLA LATE getting my MANICure Monday post up!!!!! 
But WAITTTTT!!!!! I got well enuff reason... I was in the BAHAMAS SHAWTY!!!!! Like for real for real... I planned a scheduled post but it went down hill once I started packing and prepaing for my much needed vacay! 
So, here I am on HuMp Day pumping out a MANICure Monday post. I'm such a good sport... *Pats self on back* 
Oldie but Goodie Polish... Kiss & RED IDK belongs to my oldest daughter
At any rate, I was sooo inspired by Alisha of Coily Locks Christmas nails that I had to give it a try!!!! So, it's literally after MIDNIGHT right now & I find myself doing my nails and low & behold Mini Me want her nails done too. *WHEW* 
~ Don't y'all just LOVE being MOMMIE!!!!! ~ 
Pun Intended... 

Anddd... She wants to lay down while I'm trying to polish her nails. Hmmm...

Mini Me Nails 

Mommy Nails 

Mini Me & Mommy Nails 

Viola... Merry Christmas from my nails to yours!!!!

This is the 1st time in HISTORY that I have EVER wore red nail polish; I guess it's a 1st time for EVERYTHING... what y'all think???? 

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Note to You: I still can't believe Christmas is a week away... Maybe my nails will remind me everyday!!!! Tehehehe.... 

~Until Next Time

Peace, Love, & Fashion Manicure




  1. Lol this turned out cute!


    1. Lol!!!! It's better than I thought... That lil girl of mine kept moving so hers was a lil shaky!!!! :-)

  2. You were in the Bahamas!!! I'm soooo hating on you right now, lol. I hope you enjoyed yourself hunni ;-)

    Love the nails....Christmas shopping is a bust for me this year. I told my niece and nephews to just chillax. We headed out of town for a mini vacay so I will just have to take them shopping. Guess I'll wear my Santa Claus hat that day, LOL!

    1. Ooooo... I forgot you don't have IG!!!! Yes ma'am... I was in Bahamas enjoying the SUNSHINE!!!!!

      I'm sure them babies know you are going to spoil them!!!! Thanks for the nail compliment!


  3. Really lovely Lynn.
    Thank you for your comments.
    I am so glad to know that you haven´t forgotten me.

  4. That Santa is too cute. I'm not usually one for red polish either, but it's Christmas so what better time right?

  5. Woot woot for the Bahamas!! That sounds like a GOOD vacay! And you and your Mini Me's nails both look really cute. Love it :)

  6. Y'all are killing me with this for real nail art. How cute and festive.