Monday, September 30, 2013

Just Another MANICure Monday... 3D Nail Art!

Happy Monday Loves… Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!
My weekend was FUN filled and if you follow me on Instagram you already know what I mean. Which I will be sharing more pics later this week.

1st let me just tell y’all that I came home to a box of Nail Polish MESS – the nail polishes exploded (from the heat) in my mailbox. This was my 1st time ordering nail polish off eBay and I’m highly disappointed! I have tried to contact the seller but haven’t heard anything back as of yet. Also, I was told that I would get 15 bottles of nail polish and only received 12 which only 4 bottles survived the shipping! From this experience along… I REALLY don’t think I will be ordering nail polish from them again.

To make-up for the disappoint I decided to play in my FALL nail polish colors

But low and behold it was time for a fill in so on Saturday I took a visit to the nail shop but before going to the nail shop to my SURPRISE I had a box waiting for me at my front door from GILT!

It was filled with Nail Polish Goodies… this made me feel much better since I just had that awful experience just the day before. GILT packaged the items very well and securely. So, I decided to go with one of the colors from my package.

I love the quality and color of the nail polish but I can't say that I love the 3D Nail Art... I'm not totally 100% sold on that!

Nail Color: Wicked Game by Deborah Lippman
 Sooo, I am the host of Just Another MANICure Monday this week and I will be holding it down the next few weeks until my girl Mimi gets back in the game… so, please be sure to link up weekly! I miss you all and your FABULOUS Mani’s!!!!

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NOTE TO YOU: Have you ever ordered nail polish in the mail? What was your experience? Also, don't forget link up & show off your MANI's!!!!

~Until Next Time

Peace, Love, & Fashion  Polish


  1. Hey girl just saw you on Looking good.

  2. Hey girl!! I'm not sure if I care about the 3D nails! LMAO

  3. You can file a complaint with the Ebay resolution center and if they can't get in contact with the seller they will refund you your money. I've had a few bad deals on Ebay, but since they really take their customer satisfaction seriously, I've always been able to recover my loss funds. Love the Wicked Game polish!

  4. I don't know about 3D nails.. Interesting

  5. Oh noooooo!!! My heart was BREAKING when I saw the picture of the destroyed polish! Getting things you order is SO EXCITING and it's the WORST when you open it up to see that everything is destroyed! And eff the seller for not getting back to you! GRR!!! However, the nail art decals are cool. They look like they'd catch on things, though, and I'm so clutzy that I'd probably run into something and they'd all fall off. Haha! Seriously digging the Deborah Lippman colour, though! It's a great plum for fall! Thanks for linking up! :)

  6. Oh my gosh :( That box is just so SAD...and infuriating :/ Love the purple + 3d nail art combo - very pretty.

  7. This is unfortunate. I've ordered nail polish from Zoya & had no issues but that's about it. That DL is thee bomb!